New Jersey Parking App all the Rage

If you have ever tried to find a parking spot at the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey, you know it can be a battle of wills. The mall has over 10,000 parking spaces for shoppers, and during the holiday you could spend hours trying to find just one. This week the mall has unveiled a new My Park parking app that is going to make shopping and parking that much easier for residents.


Why the Need for a Parking App?

With many shoppers this month double-parking, parking on the grass, or blocking in other shoppers, the mall has released the new parking app to try and lessen the congestion at the mall. Although the mall currently has valet parking available, some shoppers love the convenience of being able to control things themselves and not have to wait for their car to be retrieved by staff. The new parking spaces that work with the app are located on the second level of the parking garage, and it will cost only $10 to be able to park there for up to four hours. The parking spaces allow shoppers easy access to the mall entrance without having to waste time looking for a spot and then the long walk to the entrance of the mall.


How the New Parking App Works

The MyPark parking app at the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall works very easily. You access the app, you choose your parking space, you pay, and then when your car approaches the designated spot, the gate lowers, allowing the driver to easily take that spot. Once the shopper has left the spot, the gate will return to the upright position as it waits for the next guest to arrive. Currently there are only 33 spaces available for use with the app, so during this preliminary testing phase more can be assigned if needed.


Shoppers can reserve a spot six months in advance or pull up to the spot and pay on the fly. The yellow barriers in each spot keep other drivers from accessing the space and are designed to make shopping easier for some while freeing up some parking through out the rest of the mall parking areas.