New Jersey Physician Helps To Open Postpartum Clinic

A prominent New Jersey physician, Donna Peterson, has been discussed recently for her participation in the opening of one of New York City’s first medical facilities devoted to the treatment of postpartum depression in new mothers. The Motherhood Center of New York has been developed in the city and leaders have announced plans to expand the center to New Jersey, Newark, New Rochelle, and Greenwich by the early part of 2018. Representatives from the center expressed their enthusiasm at providing medical treatment for a highly underserved portion of New York state’s population.


In a recent interview about the medical facility, Donna Peterson shared information about the kinds of patients the center will serve, her motivation for becoming a facilitator of the project, and how she hopes the center will help women struggling with postpartum depression. In addition to serving mothers who are specifically diagnosed with postpartum depression, the Motherhood Center of New York will work to treat mothers who are clinically diagnosed with anxiety and mood disorders, postpartum psychosis, and obsessive compulsive disorder commonly associated with postpartum depression. Peterson stated that there are many conditions that new mothers face alone that can actually be easily treated through the medical industry. Her enthusiasm in the development of the Motherhood Center helped the center’s founders to obtain the funding they needed to actually launch the facility in the heart of New York City. Now that the center is open and operating, Peterson is excited to help residents of the tristate area to recognize the signs and causes of postpartum illness. According to Peterson, this early detection and recognition of postpartum illness can actually work to save thousands of lives, including those of the infants and minors that are cared for by mothers.


The Motherhood Center offers several programs to mothers and families struggling with postpartum illness, including inpatient counseling programs that allow patients to walk through a step-by-step program that strengthens and supports them before they return to normal day to day life. Through daily participation in these programs, several patients have been revitalized and given the life tools necessary to combat postpartum illnesses on a practical level. Donna Peterson is a practicing physician in the New Jersey healthcare system and is currently dividing her professional time between a private practice in New Jersey and the Motherhood Center in New York.