New Treatment in New Jersey Involves Cracking a Baby’s Back

When babies are born they require a lot of attention and care as they are more fragile than grown humans. The way we touch other adults humans or wrestle around with older brothers could really damage a baby. In order for them to grow up properly, they need healthy foods and milk to reach full growth and strong bones. It is also important for them to get plenty of sleep and exercise.


The spinal cord is a very important body part to protect. It is vital to movement and balance. Severe damage to the spinal cord can be life-threatening. A baby is going to have to be nurtured in that area.


As we grow older and our backbones becomes crooked or damaged, a doctor or chiropractor will be someone to turn to. They can usually help straighten out a human spinal cord and help patients feel comfortable moving around again.


A baby should not be getting the same kind of treatments as an adult. Methods that would be used on an adult can damage the baby’s spinal cord and maybe hurt their growth.


Recently there have been more American parents taking their young babies paediatric chiropractors to get their backs adjusted. Drs. Stuart and Theresa Warner have a lot of experience treating patients with back problems in the New Jersey area and claim that adjusting a newly born babies back will help cure colic, asthma, fever and ear infections. However, the NHS has not approved of these treatment methods and can not confirm that these problems with be cured.


Dr. Warner is pushing for all babies to get a readjusted back, but not all parents are on board. Especially because there is no evidence of good coming out of their treatments. It is almost a punishment. It can not possibly be pleasant for these young babies. There is also no assurance that it is safe. What if it is damaging the baby’s future growth or ability to walk?


In these procedures young kids will be laid down on their stomachs and a chiropractor will push down on the young child’s lower back. The age and length of the baby will determine the force used. Sometimes they will twist a child’s neck just slightly to loosen up a stiff back.