Nick Vertucci details his success journey in a new book

Business Leader

Nick Vertucci is a successful business person in the United States. He is one of the people who can be depended upon to help aspiring entrepreneurs make the right decision on matters of investment. Vertucci is the kind of business leader who has learned from mistakes and the challenges that he has met on the way. His success journey did not come straight, in fact, it was tougher than he would have expected. He is happy to say that he learned the hard way.

Nick Vertucci did not start his business life in the real estate sector. He was in the technology sector where he had to leave after some time due to the challenges that were in the industry. The journey he has made in order to succeed as a real estate investor has been documented in a book he recently released known as the “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” This is a book that has brought a lot to light on how he managed to move from zero to a millionaire in a short time.

When Nick Vertucci was leaving the technology sector, he had lost everything he had. The crash had left him with nothing even to feed his family. He had to figure out how he would make his life better once more. The book he has written and which is already a best-seller in Amazon is one of the books that will leave readers with a good perspective on investment. He takes readers through his journey from the bottom to the top. He outlines the steps he took in order to make it in the industry.

Nick Vertucci tells readers how he overcame the fears he had about venturing into a new industry where he was not even experienced. The book is inspirational and will make everyone enlightened on how easy it is to make money in the real estate industry.