Nitin Khanna Has Happily Embraced His Family’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Nitin Khanna has accumulated an impressive reputation over his professional career. This career has included his involvement in the founding of several highly successful businesses. The native of India comes from a family with a strong entrepreneurial ethic. His father was also a high ranking official within the Indian army. He was born in the region known as Himachal Pradesh. Nitin continued to follow in his family’s tradition of entrepreneurship when he relocated to the United States at the age of 17. From there, he enrolled at Purdue University and studied industrial engineering. Upon graduating from Purdue, Nitin Khanna went on to enter into his professional life. His first stop along his journey was at International Paper. Nitin Khanna worked with the firm as a Manufacturing Engineer until leaving the firm in 1994. His next stop along the way saw him in the role of Senior Consultant with the firm know as Oracle. Nitin remained in this capacity until 1998. The following year, he founded his first company and immediately started to make a major impact on the world of business.

The company Nitin founded was known as Saber Software and he created the organization alongside his brother. This business played a major role in Nitin establishing himself as an entrepreneur of distinction and the firm soon garnered a major contract to produce software to use in the United States election process. The success that Nitin Khanna experienced at Saber Software was truly impressive as he built it into a company that brought in $300 million annually and employed over 1500 workers. When he sold the firm in 2007, he brought in an impressive $460 million.

Shortly after Nitin Khanna sold Saber Software, he went onto creating Mergertech in 2009. he continues to be heavily involved in the growth and business model at this mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. Nitin Khanna has put together an outstanding team of professionals at Mergertech that has a deep level of expertise in the mergers and acquisitions industry. The Mergergech team utilizes this expertise in order to prove elite services to its clients in helping them to find the ideal partnering situations.

Nitin Khanna has also been a forward-thinking individual in the realm of cannabis entrepreneurship. He is the founder of a cannabis solutions firm known as CuraCannabis Solutions and he headed the firm up as its CEO until he sold it in 2018. The work he did in this field was a part of his effort to become one of the leading entrepreneurs within the burgeoning cannabis industry of the United States. This has seen him involved with a number of cannabis products including CBD oil.

These various fields that Nitin Khanna has excelled in have all helped him in cultivating his impressive reputation in the world of entrepreneurship. He continues to approach his professional life with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. With this in mind, Nitin Khanna looks forward to a bright future at Mergertech along with his other important business ventures.

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