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No Joke GoBuyside: Disrupting the New York Financial Recruitment Sector

Financial Investment Recruitment

GoBuyside is a modern executive search company. The company focuses on working with hedge funds, private equity firms, advisory platforms, Fortune 500 organizations including investment managers across a wide spectrum of mandates and geographies. Influencing diligent approach and proprietary technology, the company has a competitive advantage both in viewing top-tier candidates and sourcing. The company has a team of professionals who are well experienced with educational credentials. This experience enables them to differentiate the company’s execution abilities that lead to the formation of deeper connections with the client it serves. Read this article at Nasdaq. There are 500 and above clients who trust GoBuyside with their needs of human capital. Moreover, the company’s talent network enlarges to 10,000 and above organizations as well as over 40 cities globally.

The founder of GoBuyside is Arjun Kapur. Arjun has widespread talent experience from successfully conducting on several of different and complicated engagements wrapping over 10 cities worldwide as well as 40 cities in America. Arjun holds bachelor’s degree in economics from Johns Hopkins University. He later received a Stanford’s Graduate School of Business master’s degree in business administration. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Inspirery.com.

According to Mr. Kapur, there was an obvious trend of higher competition for shortened hiring processes and talent both in hedge fund sector as well as private companies. He noticed this kind of trend while working in the finance sector that companies were competing when it came to hiring employees. Both employers and candidates lacked transparency as well as the profusion of asymmetric knowledge. This led him into coming up with the idea of a technologically enabled platform that could change the trends of traditional hiring. Moreover, the idea would aim at developing a network community that would help all companies across all industries. This idea was brought into realization through the creation of GoBuyside.com. Currently, GoBuyside is the biggest talent platform investing in professional across the United States.

Mr. Kapur believes that once one identifies an idea, they should do enough research about it. Once comfortable with the research, one can go forward to invest in the idea. Additionally, Mr. Kapur claims that listening to what the clients say is one major factor that leads to the success of any company. He constantly thinks about the businesses of his clients as well as current market situations. For instance, Mr. Kapur thinks about the potentials and opportunities of the businesses of his clients. Thus, this helps him and the company to understand how best to position themselves in offering the best services to these companies.

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