Not Your Mother’s Lip Balm

But now it is.

I was out with my daughter on a particularly sunny, fall day and my lips were feeling dry. She must have had the same thought I did, because as I uncapped my Chapstick, she broke out the oddest shaped lip balm I ever saw.

Everything about it, from its fashionable, eye-appealing design, to its tasty flavors was appealing, but what I realized later was what changed my lip balm buying activities forever. I did not think about reapplying it. I knew the most important feature was how good it is for my lips. Evolution of Smooth (EOS lip balm) packs their lip balm with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. My lips felt nourished and soft for hours.

When I went to the eBay online store to purchase my own, I realized how comparable it was in price to the other brands. The added bonus is that Evolution of Smooth ( lip balm is a good-for-you conversation starter. The unique design is acknowledged almost every time I take it out of my purse. Now that I’m hooked, I learned that the active protection spheres are great for a day at the beach or protecting your lips during a good work out. The shimmer smooth spheres are great for a night out (especially if you’re looking for kissable lips.)

If I’ve peaked your curiosity, which I hope I did, and you’re not in the market for a sphere shaped lip balm, you can also purchase traditional organic sticks. Take a look at the website for the products offered, but they can be easily found in your local drug store.