Oisin Hanrahan Helped Make The Handy Revolution

Handy is a company that lives up to its name. The company makes it handy to book those who are handy with a number of skills. In particular, Handy aids in booking persons who can help with home cleaning and maintenance work. Over time, it is likely Handy will be help customers with booking professionals in other service areas as well. The bookings may be done over the computer or through a smartphone app.

Customers and freelancers both have the co-founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, to thank. Hanrahan came up with the idea for Handy after a short stint in real estate. While traveling through London, he discovered the value of the (then new) concept of on-demand booking. At the time, he saw how travel and transportation services employed on-demand systems to set up rides. Over the years, Hanrahan and his Harvard friend played with the notion of combining home service professionals with on-demand booking programs.

The end result was Handy, although Handy is still a work in progress. And what a nice piece of work Handy is turning out to be. Handy has become a multi-national company worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

A lot of the focus of the company’s success is placed on the customers. They are the ones paying for top-notch service which, in turn, delivers revenues to company accounts. The freelancers who work through Handy deserve a lot of credit. And these freelancers are absolutely thrilled with the help Handy provides to them. Finding well-paying jobs is not easy. Handy makes being booked for a job at a fair price effortless. The app does all the scheduling and payment work.

Handy only deals with the best of the best freelancers. Those who talents rise to such levels absolutely are deserved of good paying jobs they receive.

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