Oncotarget Offers Insight on New Cancer Therapies and Treatment


For decades now, cancer has been the leading medical problem. The most unnerving fact about the disease is its ability to replicate in the body’s immunity without being detected in the earlier stages. Because of the challenges cancer poses to humanity, scientists and researchers have invested in medical research to curb the disease. Scientific research presently provides best solutions for fighting diseases like cancer. Through science, physicians can access various data and therapies for cancer treatment. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar


Science continues to contribute to the research and dissemination of information related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Through the same research, Oncotarget was established. It is a medical peer review journal published on a weekly basis with the aim of educating the society on treatment and therapies for cancer. The core mission of Oncotarget objective is sharing and providing information on cancer and other life-threatening diseases across the world.

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With the global drive focused on creating a disease-free society, many institutions and researchers have been adopting Oncotarget as a strategy towards this cause. Being a scientific journal, Oncotarget has made valuable gains marked by the health articles published in it. Recently, the Journal featured an article on the health hazards of smoking e-cigarettes. Unlike the common belief that these cigarettes are healthy, the article highlighted its risk factors. E-cigarettes have adverse negative effects to the gums.

Cervical Cancer

Additionally, Oncotarget published research on a new type of cervical cancer. It highlighted the side effects of cancer drugs as causing weight loss. The new findings are essential tools in battling cancer as well as providing an innovative platform for the e-cigarette research. The results also indicate that scientific research can disseminate information on common misconceptions related to common knowledge.


Being an open source scientific journal, Oncotarget plays a vital role in disseminating information to researchers, scientists, community, and donors. Through its weekly publications, Oncotarget can reach many people in the society. It, therefore, means that the journal, under the leadership of prominent scientists like Mikhail Blagosklonny, has widened its scope of publication from oncology to various fields like pharmacology and aging. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.