In the quest for human and migrant rights

Human rights have always been a sensitive issue especially to governments in oppressive regimes that cannot stand the thought of being criticized or corrected. These regimes are always infringing on the rights of its citizens in one way or another which leads to an outcry at some point by the same citizens.

In other democratic regimes, there are also cases of violations which are at times affected by those tasked with protecting them. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important to have groups and individuals who continuously engage in the defending of these hard-earned rights without fear or favor.

The organizations also require strong financial and legal backing for them to be in a position to achieve their everyday goals as well as long-term goals.

The following organizations are examples of the most vocal out there.

ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project

The ACLU was founded in the year 1987 they are widely recognized and respected for their dedication in the fight for human rights and equality. The organization has been very instrumental in the fight for migrant rights they fight to ensure that every immigrant in the United States is treated with dignity and respect regardless of their migrant status. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The discrimination of immigrants is one of the biggest struggles that face the country at the moment and here is where the ACLU comes in.

They work with thousands of migrants and help them go through the legal channels to b granted legal status in the country and can thus be able to work and live in the country with the fear of law enforcement coming for them for being in the country illegally.

They have achieved a lot over the years and they continue to lobby both the state and national governments to come up with better laws that govern the immigration policy of the country.

The Frontera fund

This is a fund that was started in Arizona by two journalists and founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The duo started the Frontera fund as a result of the infringement of their own rights by the county sheriff. The sheriff had been long known for constant violation of rights of civilians and the two through there media outlets had been critical of him.

This led to their arrest and detention before a court ruled that their arrests were illegal and they two received a settlement of over three million dollars. This money was used to start the Frontera Fund that today is very vocal in the fight for human rights.


Choosing FreedomLife Insurance: First Time Buyer Advice

Selecting just the right type of life insurance is surrounded with mystery for the average person. Certainly, life insurance is mandatory for a working spouse that earns the money that financially supports the family. They might spend a tremendous amount of time worrying over their choice with major insurance company’s like Freedom Life insurance or their Insurance Broker. This information should help to narrow down the choices and select the right life insurance.

Should You Select Term Life Insurance?

First, when an individual buys term life insurance with a major insurance company like Freedom Life Insurance, they should realize that term life insurance does not increase in cash value. It is a benefit that is paid to survivors upon the policy holder’s death, if they die within the specified term of the policy. Term insurance is the right insurance for a single adult or married individual that is on a tight budget because the premium payments are lower than whole life or permanent insurance. Consult a Freedom Life Insurance agent about term insurance. It should be noted that some term insurance policies are renewable at a slightly higher premium.

Should You Select Permanent Life Insurance

First, it is important to realize that Permanent life insurance covers the policy holder for life. A permanent life insurance builds in cash value over the course of the policy. Part of the cash value could be borrowed during the course of the policy too. However, it is also a fact that permanent insurance premiums are much higher than term life insurance premiums. Those with a large family and bigger budget, should select this type of insurance plan.

Select The Right Insurance Company

Still, there is a lot of mystery and confusion concerning selecting just the right insurance company too. A dedicated insurance company like Freedom Life Insurance will sit down with their client and help them evaluate their situation and select the right type of insurance for their lifestyle, determining if term life insurance or permanent life insurance is the best option for them. They are dedicated to providing the right advice that will also save their client’s money in the long run. Visit:


Troy McQuagge Scopes the Coveted One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge has scoped the most coveted award in the professional arena, One Planet Awards. The award is highly valued by several key personalities and organizations in business field as well. To many people in these fields, the award is sure mark of excellence.

It recognizes the top performing executives, highly performing teams, new and super innovative products or services that maximizes the client needs, top performing organizations irrespective of their sizes. This way, an organization or an executive is ranked among their peers. As a Gold winner of this award, this therefore makes Troy an exceptional mark.

As the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy has worked his way up through sheer hard work and excellence. His education background goes way back from University of Florida. He is well recognized in the sales industry especially in insurance. He has exemplary experience in this field with over 30 years of marked career growth in this highly competitive industry.

Despite the high competition, Troy has managed to bring about growth in USHEALTH Group during his time at the company. In fact, he is well known for his creative move in re-structuring of USHEALTH Advisors, a move that saw him become the president and CEO of the group in 2014.

The company deals with provision of affordable health insurance covers to individual clients. These mainly comprises of people in self-employment and people operating their own business at a lower tier of the economy.

It is very difficult to meet the needs of clientele under this category especially since they vary from one person to another. In addition, the organization has to strike a balance between meeting the needs of this market at affordable rates and ensuring the company’s sustainability at the same time.

With Troy McQuagge’ guidance and innovativeness, the Insurance Holding Company has managed to use its resources to bring to market high value insurance products. Attaining a distinctive competitive edge in the industry has seen the profitability of the company rise over time.

One key thing that Troy has insisted on at every stage of product delivery is quality customer service. He understands the value of relationship management as a key tool to retaining clients and ensuring growth of an organization.

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US Health Advisors Provide Innovative Health Plans

US Health Advisors have displayed a knack for the development of innovative, personalized health-care plans that reflect the reality of today’s complex market. Their unique products enable families, individuals, and small-business owners to acquire health insurance that meets their needs and their budget. They have a wide range of experience in working with these groups and have served more than 15 million customers.

The Better Business Bureau is a venerable institution that many individuals turn to for knowledge and advice when seeking services or other products. US Health Advisors have secured their highest rating of A+ with their products and quality customer service. Another compelling reason for the veracity of this rating is the fact that it was achieved by customer input. This rating has been in place since 2013 which indicates a successful track record.

US Health Advisors is also an excellent place to work as they offer substantial compensation for top performers. Their innovative compensation plans can lead to a six-figure income for those who have the talent and initiative. They also offer an attainable bonus program that isn’t based on wild expectations. Agents who are able to regularly submit business can enjoy a bonus over and above their regular compensation.

Agents can also be assured of high-quality corporate support which helps them provide timely information to customers or prospective customers. Quick responses to questions regarding policies and claims are important and US Health Advisors have the resources in place to admirably accomplish these ends. Timely communications keep every agent in the loop and up to date with all new developments and make their jobs easier.

US Health Advisors is a growing company for many good reasons and their Sales Agents are a big part of this. Their quality of service and extensive experience that they draw upon set them apart in this industry and gives great assurance to their customers.

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USHEALTH Group Inc – Have all Your Insurance Issues Covered

Insurance is very crucial to everyone because of the uncertainties that we face in our daily endeavors. We can’t decide when or not to have. Accidents or fall ill. This doesn’t mean that the situation is out of control. We can choose to stay prepared to overcome the accidents when they occur. This is why we need insurance covers.

Many prestigious companies have gone bankrupt trying to get past an accident. This may lead to closed down of a business and subsequently leaving many people unemployed. Other families have gone bankrupt trying to pay medical bills of their loved ones. An insurance cover could have avoided all these scenarios.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is there to ensure that you do not go through such ugly incidences. They have been in this line of work since time immemorial. This has given them an added advantage of having sufficient time to study the behavior of the consumer. With this knowledge, they can satisfy their consumers.

USHEALTH Group Inc. gives you very innovative insurance plans on specified illnesses, accidents, disabilities, business and many others.

The group ensures that it covers all the member clients. This is by enlarging their portfolio according to the needs of their customers. They understand that all their clients have different needs. This is depending on their occupation, line of work and genetics. Different customers have different needs. They, therefore, understand that one portfolio cannot fit all their customers. This is why over the last 50 years they have been offering customized services. This is one of the factors that differentiate USHEALTH Group Inc. from the large pool of insurance companies.

The USHEALTH Group Inc. understands that all their clients have different earnings. Some of the low-income earners may not be able to invest in plans that take long duration to give benefits. They have invented some plans that take a small time to bear fruits.

Despite the willingness to get insurance covers, sometimes it may not be easy to decide on the kind of cover to take. The USHEALTH Group Inc. understands this, and this is why they have the USHEALTH Advisors Group. This is a group that is well trained and are well equipped with the professional knowledge of insurance.

The USHEALTH Advisors are patient and understanding. They listen and reason with you and make sure you make the right decision.

Many people have mentioned as one of the factors which they signed up with the firm permanently.

Final Verdict

The USHEALTH Group Inc. has been in the market for many years. This means that they have the experience of handling their clients.

They give you innovative plans and save you from the extra costs and frustration that comes along with accidents. Learn more:


How Does Don Ressler Run JustFab And Fabletics?

December 3rd, 2017 Update:
Don Ressler’s innovation through TechStyle was the focus of a YourBeautyCraze article. The feature highlighted what Don himself has done as the co-CEO of TechStyle to make the brand more relevant, but also to ensure that the customer remains the number one focus in product development. TechStyle doesn’t so much design new trends, as service what customers will want from new products.

November 10th, 2017 Update:
Great article just came out with some of Don Ressler’s top tips for building brand awareness. As somebody who has worked on several different brands at this point, he’s definitely an authority on that subject. Read that post on Patch: Don Ressler Recommends 7 Methods of Building Brand Awareness

August 13th, 2017 Update:
Don Ressler has a new feature story on Norcal News, about his marketing strategy at Fabletics. While only time will tell how successful this new platform just might be, it’s interesting to see where Don is taking his company, and how they continue to use cutting edge technology to their advantage.

June 13th, 2017 Update:
Don Ressler has a new interview up at Don gets candid about his inspiration for forming Fabletics, what led to his partnership with Kate Hudson, and how he’s come through the hardships to create a globally successful brand with co-founder Adam Goldenberg. Read the full interview on

May 28th, 2017 Update:
A great new article came out about Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, about their work with Techstyle. A great read if you want to know more about how the fusion between technology and fashion is changing things for the better. Including making new designs and looks way more affordable to people of all different backgrounds. Definitely something to think about, and something worth checking out.

February 1st, 2017 Update:
Entrepreneur just released an article last month about Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s renewed commitment to their partnership with Kate Hudson. Their company, Fabletics has some big plans for 2017, as they continue to change what activewear means to the modern exerciser.

Don Ressler is the CEO at both JustFab and Fabletics, and he has been able to take these two fashion brands to the top with his own brand of leadership. He is actually the co-CEO at JustFab with his partner Adam Goldenberg, and he is helping Fabletics grow its brand by opening stores around the country. He believes in making sure that every woman has access to the clothes they might want to wear, and he also believes that women should be able to get shipments in the mail if that is what they want.

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that started online, but now it is moving into a retail store brand because of Don Ressler’s help. He is leading the company that is actually the vision of Kate Hudson, and he wants to make sure that he can get the brand into as many homes as he can just by allowing women to shop the brand in their local shopping malls on

It also matters because there are a lot of women who use JustFab because they do not have any time to shop. They would not go to a store because they have subscribed online to the JustFab catalog. They are getting something in the mail that was picked by Ressler and his team, and he wants to make sure that all women get something they would not have bought otherwise. It means a lot to him to help women shop, and that is why he is pushing for an expanded version of JustFab.

Don Ressler is a force in the fashion world because he is in control of two major fashion brands. He is going to help make sure JustFab gets bigger, and he will bring Fabletics to store. His business acumen along with the vision of fashion icons makes him the perfect choice to run these businesses. Don Ressler will continue lead each company in the direction they are supposed to go because he understands that they are both different and unique. He knows how to help both companies go in the right direction, and he wants to be sure each one is healthy.

Is addiction to Social Media Real?

In the social media world, many people are experience personality changes because of some sort of online phenomenon. Whether the topic is online bullying or people developing online personality complexes, there is no denying that social media has changed us. One thing we can’t deny we all do; we watch our own instagram stories. Why do people do this, when we know what we’ve done today? It is narcissism, or is it insecurities forcing us to check and make sure we actually did look instagram ready? Why are these videos and picture so important anyway, when the images expire after only 24 hours?

As it turns out, using instagram is actually part of a social media addiction trigger. According to Nir Eyal, author of How to Build Habit Forming Products, all addictions come with four main steps. These steps are trigger, action, reward, and investment. The trigger for instagram would be the notifications, a little pop up letting you know that you need to check an app. The action would be actually checking through your notifications, scrolling through friends photos to add comments or hearts, or even reading through the messages in the direct inbox. The reward, is increased friends or followers because of hash tags you’ve used. The investment is knowing that your instagram page is now completely modeled off of your likes and interests.

How does this addiction relate to users checking their own stories after they’ve been posted? It’s similar to a final check of the product. We’ve completed our product, which is the story in this case, and now we’ve come back to make sure that it is up to par with the image we are trying to sell or the facade our instagram is portraying. After all, we can’t very well send out a product without first checking it for quality purposes.

Igor Cornelsen’s Three Practical Tips for Investing in Brazil

Although investing is a risk in itself, investors can reduce the amount of risk they assume when they channel their hard earned cash towards a project by sourcing advice from seasoned investors. Numerous investment opportunities are available in the U.S, but adventurous investors never shy off from exploring the potentials of foreign markets. Igor Cornelsen, the founder of Bainbridge Investments Inc., is interested in risk-taking investors who are looking for long-term investment strategies for the Brazil’s market. He is a South American native specifically Brazil although he currently spends most of his time in the U.S.

Cornelsen’s investment tips for Brazil are essential yet straightforward. He urges foreign investors to create a good rapport with the locals. It is only through getting in touch with the locals that investors can benefit from the business acumen of Brazilians who are thought to be naturally business-minded. What’s more, Brazilians are among the most hospitable people in the world who do not shy away from talking to foreigners.

Like many other countries, Igor Cornelsen notes that Brazil’s currency control measures are strict. There are numerous banks where foreigners can exchange their currencies for the Brazilian Real. However, it is the currency exchange rate that Cornelsen’s emphasis lies on; he acknowledges that Brazil has varying exchange rates depending on the type of transaction. While this may seem complicated, he assures foreigners that research into Brazil’s currency law that they stand to benefit from their efforts.

According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil’s regulations of the business environment are many, and they warrant an investor to research them thoroughly. Investors conversant with the country’s business legislations can adhere to the necessary ones while saving time by not paying attention to unnecessary legislation.

Bainbridge Investment’s sole purpose is to help investors to gain an insight into Brazil’s economic landscape which can get treacherous at times. The firm is located in the Bahamas. Igor’s understanding of the Brazilian economic environment arises from his career with leading Brazil’s financial institutions. However, he currently focuses on investments purely having quit his job. While he is not engrossed in business, he enjoys golfing.

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An in depth look at OneLogin

OneLogin is an Access management provider based organization. The organization essentially sells to established businesses and candidates interested in securing user access to devices that are used on a regular basis. Therefore, OneLogin can help organizations significantly cut down on the amount of time IT personnel has to spend utilizing off-boarding techniques to keep their systems functioning in a productive and secure manner.

OneLogin will also help an organization increase productivity levels as a whole. The amount of time spent signing on and off a program or web site can also be reduced. OneLogin has created high tech tool kits that will automatically make user devices as well as apps more secure and full proof.

OneLogin uses various Cloud based applications to achieve the security and dependability that businesses strive for within a busy and ever changing environment. The company was created eight years ago by two men who sought other ways to improve security measures as well as increase productivity levels within a hectic corporate environment. OneLogin had an objective, the objective was to find a solution to security concerns as well as productivity issues.

*Corporate Officers:/ Information background:

Brad Brooks is currently the CEO of OneLogin. Brad Brooks has extensive experience handling transaction management issues as well as working with network infrastructures. In addition, Mr. Brooks has excellent leadership quality and has great loyalty toward his employees.

Brad Brooks graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in computer science. In addition, he made the decision to continue his education at the Kellogg School of Management. Mr. Brooks is a valuable asset to OneLogin.

OneLogin has an attractive product line which includes an up to date and complete Cloud Directory, Mobile Identity, LDAP, Desktop Authentication, Single sign on process and much more. In addition, the company now offers Web Access Management (WAM).

OneLogin services a number of industries including industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, financial services as well as higher education institutions. The company also provides SAML Tool kits to their clients. In addition, the single sign on process that OneLogin offers is compatible with G-Suite, as well as Office-365.

The company has developed a high-tech application which can be used for multi-factor authentication. This high-tech application will run efficiently on most Android devices. The Desktop authentication application will effectively run on most newer MAC Computer systems.

OneLogin has developed one of the most reliable security based systems. The security system sends all confidential data through SIEM and SUMO Logic. In addition, the company’s browser extensions will work efficiently with Firefox and Google Chrome.

OneLogin has worked closely with the European Union exchanging and testing new applications and information packages that may be used in future product upgrades and development.

The Rich and the Famous Use This Parenting Lesson to Empower Their Children

Different people have a different way of parenting, but it has been seen that there is a particular parenting lesson that rich and famous people commonly use to empower their kids. Amongst these rich and famous people include the likes of Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, and Warren Buffett. Even though these people have achieved a lot during their life and inspired millions of others in the field of finance, technology, peace, and social welfare, it is quite sure that it is their children who would be carrying forward their family traditions and legacy. And, it is primarily because of the parenting styles of their parents.

One of the first parenting mantras that all these three parents use is to teach their kids to value who they are. Michelle Obama says that she learned from her parents that the kids love to express themselves and that they should be given the space to do so without restrictions. Also, she mentioned that the parents must provide the due importance to the kids when they express themselves and share their opinions. It should not be taken for granted as giving the importance to the voice of the kids makes them a good and competitive orator.

Warren Buffet said that he doesn’t hope to live his life through his children, which he believes many people are trying these days. He said that he has allowed his children to follow their passion and dreams and there is no pressure whatsoever to follow any specific footsteps of the parents. He meant that the path to fulfillment is unique for each and each parent must ensure that the kids of today’s generation have the liberty to do what they want as long as it is constructive and positive.

Bill Gate and his wife Melinda Gates believe that the family traditions and values of staying together, going to family trips along and ensuring equality between boys and girls have helped their children to be independent and built on principles that govern successful people.