Why Learn Kabbalah

The organization was established in 1922 in Jerusalem by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Its aim was to spread the news of Kabbalah. With the useful teaching and dedicated members, the organization has grown to gain a world –class appreciation. Currently, the Kabbalah wisdom is spread covering more than 40 cities in all the continents. The organization so far has seen their goals achieved of spreading the knowledge across globe. Rav and the followers of Kabbalah believe that with the current rise in the level of terror attacks and bad vices in the society, it’s only the Kabbalah Centre of teaching that can make the world a better place to live. The teachings once implemented are meant to ensure that there is global peace. According to the teachings, one could evade death if he wholesome obeyed the instructions of the Kabbalah.

The center is a big believer that we were created as achievers. The perception of life is what makes the differences between different persons. They believe that there is only one way to ensure you can trigger your capabilities and it’s only through implementing the Kabbalah teachings. The attributes connected to kabbalah wisdom are honest, transparency that makes life an enjoyment to live.

The best thing about learning Kabbalah is the flexibility of their classes. One always has the choice to decide where he wants his classes. That is he may opt for live classes in one of their centers or through online platform. It makes it possible for all to have the understanding of the knowledge at their flexible time.

They moreover have the best approach to learning where they in co-operate both the theory and practical classes to ensure that the knowledge is understood. Theoretically, they have online classes, classrooms, books and video tapes. There are also volunteering classes where the learner applies the teachings in his day’s activity. Moreover, in helping the community at various needs the students understand the impact the skills bestowed to them can change the society as a whole.

In ensuring there is quick understanding of wisdom the center constantly have the meet up seminars, museums that bring persons together and thus exchanging their knowledge and understanding.

Ohio Wedding Photo Location from George Street Photos and Videos

If you have chosen a date for your wedding, then it is time to start thinking about wedding photo locations. This is especially true in Cincinnati and Cleveland because Ohio’s weather can be very unpredictable. Here are some locations that you might want to consider.


The pavilion at Mount Echo Park is beautiful any time of year, and the roof means that photos can be taken at this location year round without getting wet. The beautiful arches and columns make beautiful wedding photos. The observation deck at Carew Tower allows the city’s skyline to be captured as the background making beautiful wedding photos if a couple has a strong attachment to the city.


One of the most iconic buildings in Cleveland is The Arcade. It first opened in 1890 as the country’s first indoor shopping center. The Hale Farm and Village offers amazing possibilities. If the weather cooperates, this location offers amazing scenery too.

Regardless of where you are in Ohio, one decision is immensely easy. Have George Street Photos and Video Locations take your wedding pictures. Their journalistic style is sure to please even the most discriminating couple.

New Jersey’s Baby Boxes to Reduce Motility rate

There is an innovative program that is aimed at increasing the mortality rates and give a chance to the new parent and their babies to get some sleep, this program will be available in New Jersey.



The company behind the project said that it had established a partnership with the state’s Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board to supply the sustainable cardboard boxes that contain essential items that are meant for the infants and large enough to function as a bed for an initial couple of months of the baby’s life.



The New Jersey will become the first U.S state to offer a universal baby box initiative for its citizens. Through the support from the U.S Centers for Disease Control, the state will see that the project succeed. During this year the project is expected to provide 105, 000 baby boxes.



The main purpose of the program is to reduce the U.S infant motility rate that is at all time high at the rate of 6.5 death for every 1000 birth. The main causes of the high infant motility rate are the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. U.S ranks 23rd in the world and is behind most developed countries. The majority of the infant death that were encountered last year were as a result of sleep complications a characteristic of the SIDS, this was 93% of the death.



The utilization of boxes has been associated with enhanced health results for the infants and reduction rate of SIDS. This concept has been borrowed from the Finland 80 years ago, where the infant motility rate is at lowest at 1.3 death per 1000 births, the lowest in the world. The health officials in New Jersey are working hard to ensure that the new mothers in the state receive baby boxes. They are also making efforts to give the boxes to the newborns a safer place to sleep and enlighten couples to the betters of parenting techniques. To receive the boxes the new parent will have to complete a three stage process. The boxes will come with diapers, breast pads, and a onesie as well as nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers. The first step will be to register one the company’s website, then they must review the curriculum on the newborn and finally take a short quiz. The parent can choose to pick up the box or request for delivery at home.


Imposing Vegan Diet on Children Could Mean a Jail Term For Italian Parents

A new draft legislation proposed by Italian parliamentarian Elvira Savino could mean trouble for parents who force their children to stick to a vegetarian diet. The bill proposes that parents responsible for children under the age of 16 years who show signs of malnutrition as a result of a restrictive diet should serve up to four years in Italian jails.

Savino, a member of Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Froza party said that her decision to introduce the draft was provoked by an increase in high-profile cases of subjective diets that have resulted to long-term illnesses in children in the country. In 2015, doctors in Milan reported a case of a one-year-old boy who was taken to the hospital with a weight of a three-month baby. Further inquiries revealed that the boy was fed on a vegan diet only. In the same year, a mother of a 12-year-old boy was ordered by an Italian court to stop feeding her child on a raw vegetable diet after his father filed a case that the diet was affecting the boy’s normal growth.

According to Savino, many parents without proper scientific or medical knowledge have a strong believe that vegan diet can help prevent health problems. They depend on the diet to an extent of denying their children crucial nutritional elements for healthy growth, which are absent in vegetables.

A vegan diet is devoid of meat, fish and poultry. People who adhere to this diet do not eat meat, eggs, milk or any other product that comes from animals. While the diet is good for many, it can be detrimental to children who need a balanced nutrient supply to grow and enjoy a healthy life. Vegetables contain vitamins as the main nutrients with limited essential nutrients like minerals and high-quality proteins. Depending exclusively on a diet characterized by vegetables could increase the level of toxicity in the body because the diet tends to impair the detoxification pathways of the liver and decrease the amount of digestive juices in the gut. Nutritionists encourage parents to counterbalance between vegetables and other foods for their kids.

If enacted into law, parents found guilty will serve jail sentences starting from one year up to four years. The jail term will be extended to seven years if a child dies because of the strict vegan diet.

PodcastOne Founder and Broadcasting Guru: Norman Pattiz


PodcastOne announced a new podcast that will go deep into the world of angels, alien encounters, demons, monsters, and all things paranormal. The podcast titled Beyond the Darkness will air on the WWE legend; Chris Jericho’s podcast network which broadcasts under PodcastOne.


Beyond the darkness will broadcast mind blowing conversations from personal experiences and leading researchers that will review and analyze everything from the great beyond. The show will be hosted by the renowned author and radio host, David Schrader and Tim Dennis who is in radio production and also doubles as an awesome host.


The hosts, Dave and Tim, are celebrities in the paranormal broadcast world. The choice to have them host the show was profound as they already have a huge following that believes and hang on every word they say regarding paranormal activities. This already provides leverage for the show in the widely followed Jericho Network.


PodcastOne.com, iTunes, and the Podcast one application will air all new episodes every Monday. The WWE star expressed his excitement in incorporating the new podcast to the Jericho Network.


Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne, praised Chris Jericho for working hard and diversifying his network beyond wrestling. Norman identified Chris Jericho as one of the valuable gems of the PodcastOne Network.


Norman Pattiz has achieved the highest level of excellence in the broadcasting industry. He previously founded Westwood One, a company committed to production and distribution of top notch programs. During his tenure, Westwood One was known to have the widest radio coverage of entertainment, news, and sports in the industry.


Norman then founded Courtside Entertainment Group before moving on to Podcast one. From its inception, PodcastOne has featured a large number of well-known brands and personalities. Norman has a policy of strategically implementing all the ideas, and he attributes this to his success.


Norman was selected to serve as a governor on the Broadcasting Board of USA by President Clinton in the year 2000. President Bush reappointed him in 2002.


Norman Pattiz has received several awards to honor his four decades of broadcasting excellence. He was awarded the Broadcaster of the year numerous times and has also received the Distinguished Education Service Award.


In 2009, Norman was recognized for the tremendous contributions he has made in the industry by being drafted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. The Library of American Broadcasting awarded Norman Pattiz the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

Follow him @norman_pattiz

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New Jersey Getting Controversial Power Lines

It appears that if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again in New Jersey. An attempt to have power lines installed decades ago was met with huge resistance to the point the entire plan was shelved. It appears that this year the state is once again moving forward with the installation of controversial power lines in Middleton New Jersey, but not if residents can help it.


JCP&L has plans on installing 230,000 volt towers through several central Jersey towns, and residents were given the chance to comment before the plans moved forward. The plan includes installing these 200 foot high towers from Red Bank to Aberdeen, a stretch if approximately ten miles. These high-voltage power lines are supposed to help increase efficiency at the power company, but many residents have concerns about safety with this outdated infrastructure.


The project has been renamed the Monmouth County Reliability Plan, and JCP&L is looking to install a 230,000-volt power line along the northern coast of the county. According to representatives for the electric company, the proposal would upgrade service to residents throughout the area. Looking back a couple decades ago, a similar plan was brought to the table and faced extremely heavy opposition. The residents at the meeting have serious concerns that the technology is outdated and it will puts their lives at risk.


This transmission project is being revived again by the electric company because they feel it will benefit all the residents along the 10 mile span. The power line will be supported by poles that range from 110 – 210 feet high, and will be placed every 50 feet in a 10 mile stretch from Red Bank to Aberdeen. The poles will be installed along New Jersey Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line. Officials for JCP&L say the new line will improve reliable energy supply and allow the company to quickly respond to serious power demands.


The project however is meeting strong opposition from Residents Against Giant Energy (RAGE), a grass roots organization that is considered to be a watchdog for residents against large corporations simply having their way in the community. The organization is claiming that the electric company is basically experimenting with the power lines, and that it poses health and safety risks to local residents. The group also says the new project degrades the environment and local historic sites.


County Freeholder in Hot Water Over Comment

While the women’s march was supposed to bring attention to concerns about the new president and his approach to women in general, one New Jersey freeholder turned the attention in a new direction. County Freeholder John Carman is in hot water because his comment about the event really struck a sour note with the people in the march. The county freeholder in hot water over comment concerning those women in the march has now gotten nationwide attention.


Freeholder John Carman posted on his Facebook page the day of the women’s march asking is those ladies would be home in time to cook dinner. While this might have been an odd attempt at humor, considering what the focus of the march in Washington was for, it was not taken lightly. In fact, many in attention who came from New Jersey voiced their concerns that this is exactly the reason they were marching in the first place. These comments have no place in today’s society, especially from elected officials.


Although the march in Washington was to bring attention to the comments of Donald Trump on women, this New Jersey Freeholder only confirmed that comments like this are too easily being dismissed as male banter and not being seen for what they really are. Making an insensitive comment about women getting back home so they could make dinner is similar to how decades ago men who refer to women as being barefoot and pregnant back at home.


When reach for comment, Freeholder John Carman said that he did make the comment but it was taken completely out of context. Although looking back now he says the comment was in bad taste and a bad choice of words, he reiterates it was a joke and he was only trying to make sure that everyone was back home safe in time for dinner. His wife was also reached for comment, and she said that her husband is completely respectful towards women and that this is just his silly sense of humor, she was not offended and thinks others should not be either.


The reason the comment has gotten nationwide coverage is because it was posted as the march in Washington was taking place. One resident of New Jersey held up a box of macaroni and cheese at the press conference and told Carman to cook his own dinner.


José Borghi is Confident about the Current Economic Condition

José Borghi, the founder, and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe agency, a prominent advertising firm, is confident about the current economic condition. Though there are reports confirming that the Brazilian GDP will contract this year, he believes that there are still opportunities to tackle by the advertising firms. Jose Borghi thinks that current economic condition shouldn’t be a cause to worry. He says that similar types of fluctuations are reported previously as well, and Brazilian advertising industry doesn’t want to be worried due to the recent developments.

Jose Borghi says that it is important to stay focused to get the desired results. It is always good to take an extra effort and get the solution or result during the crisis time. The marketing departments should work on creative strategies that are mitigating the effects of the economic downturn. All it needs is decisive actions to bring the result that is aimed. He further advises that marketing is not just limited to presenting and promoting the product, but it is also involved in actively taking part each stage of the product or service.

He further says that marketing department is very crucial for any company as it can give a warning about the instability of the economy or company. Also, he asks companies not to cut down the marketing budget as it may permanently bring down the brand value and reputation of the firm. He says that the marketing should be focused on long-term goals. His long years of experience in different ad agencies including his own firm has helped him to come up with action plans to address various challenges including economic crisis.

Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente and completed his graduation from PUC-Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda before starting his advertising career. He first joined the ad agency Standart Ogilvy in 1989. Later he worked with different agencies including DM9 / DDB, FCB, Talent and Léo Burnett, etc., before founding Mullen Lowe agency.


Record Numbers of Flu Cases in New Jersey, Impacting State’s Children, Should Alert Parents of the Need to Vac

Old Man Winter is living up to his irascible reputation, so far this year, at least for residents of New Jersey. Besides having to face a recent and nasty deluging Nor’easter, Garden-Staters have been treated to a notably higher than average incidence of flu cases.


Recent statistics from the state’s Department of Health show a total of more than 1500 reported flu-cases. These statistics specifically reflect those cases brought to the attention of the department, beginning in early October, proceeding up to the first week of January. Numbers from the same period of last year were markedly lower, totaling less than 300.


While flu outbreaks are never good, this year’s should be of particular concern to parents, as a high number of the flu-affected appear to be school-age children. A whopping 75% of counties, throughout the state, are noting a higher than usual absentee-rating. In the lead are Cumberland, Salem, Warren and Atlantic Counties. Dr. David Namerow, the founder of Pediatric Care Associates, with branches located throughout the state, affirms the findings, stating; “we’ve had a bunch of kids with flu…fever, chills, headache, cough.” Doctors also concur that the 2017 manifestation of the flu, H3N2, has been making its targets more ill than earlier variants.


The silver lining, amidst the sobering statistics? Doctors continue to advocate vaccinating as the number one way to avoid the flu. In particular, vaccinations are recommended for vulnerable individuals, like children. This particularly applies to children that suffer from chronic illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes. These children are especially in need of the extra protection afforded by vaccinations.


The other important thing to remember is it’s not too late. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides guidelines for vaccinating children, noting that there are appropriate options for all ages. And, just like their adult counterparts, children should be vaccinated to protect them against the flu every year.


It’s a relatively sure bet that 2017’s New Jersey flu epidemic isn’t leaving just yet. And while Old Man Winter continues to wage his worst, parents should be encouraging their children to wash their hands, cover their mouths when sneezing, or coughing, and most importantly, getting them vaccinated!

Severe Storms Batter Central Jersey Again

Sea Bright New jersey is no stranger to coastal flooding. They took a huge hit when Hurricane Sandy battered the Jersey Shore, and today a nor’easter is causing its share of trouble for local residents. As high tide hit in the middle of the night, the water rose quickly and flooded out many main roads. Today residents of central Jersey are waking to see severe storms batter the Jersey Shore again.


In addition to the flooding, these strong storm system brought with it dangerous winds that took down power lines and left many without electricity. The Jersey Shore has seen its share of destruction with coastal storms, and the frequency seems to be picking up. The Hurricane Sandy from year ago may have brought central Jersey to its knees, and each subsequent storm of any size just seems to compound issues in those weakened areas.


Roads flooded quickly, especially Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, where several drivers were caught off-guard and their vehicles came to stops right in the middle of the roads. The rising waters seemed to push these cars like toys from one side of the road to the other, making it a very dangerous situation for other drivers with bigger vehicles. Tow trucks have been dispatched to clear the roads to avoid a dangerous situation.


Manasquan Inlet and Brielle Road also saw their share of flooding. The beaches continued to take a pounding over the last two days, and major beach erosion has destroyed efforts to replenish the sand over the past few years. In hours, the storm erased years of replenish efforts, especially in Avon New Jersey. This storm that began in the south and resulted in dozens of deaths in Georgia, finally arrived with a bang in New Jersey and pummeled the coat with torrential downpours and hurricane force winds that have not let up for two days.


The storm arrived just in time for high tides, and most coastal towns were immediately under water again. State officials have warned residents to steer clear of the roadways no matter how much water appears to be in their path. Strong winds can knock power lines into standing water and turn a dangerous situation into a deadly situation in the blink of an eye.