New News on Plane Crash Rises

Unfortunately, over the past few years, it seems as though plane crashes have become a common theme in the news. As was reported before, a plane crashed into a river in Tapei, Taiwan just minutes after take off. Originally, it was known that the TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 clipped a bridge and a taxi before finally ending up into the shallow Keelung River. Reports of the death toll and other information was not exactly clear when the plane crashed earlier this year. Recently, more news and information on this tragic accident have surfaced.

It has now been confirmed that only 15 people survived the crash, which is just devastating news for Sender. That is fifteen of the 58 total people that were onboard Flight GE235. The entire flight crew was killed in the accident. Recent reports released by the Aviation Safety Council announce that minutes after take-off, the plane’s right engine lost its power. In response to the alarm signaling power failure, the captain pulled back on the throttle and mistakenly turned off power to engine number 1. The type of plane he was flying is designed to be flown with one engine, so in theory, the problem should have been avoidable. There were also reports released that this same pilot failed a flight simulation less than a year prior for the same reason this plane crashed. He displayed a lack of knowledge on how to handle engine failure after take-off.

The Benefits Of Omega-3 Consumption During Pregnancy

Every year, extensive research is done on the many ways to stay healthy during pregnancy. Ensuring that a woman has a healthy pregnancy doesn’t just benefit the woman, it benefits the child and could possibly reduce the cost of medical related expenses. According to this article, studies are showing that Omega-3 consumption during pregnancy provides many benefits to both mom and baby.

The benefits of Omega-3 are well-known and it is one of the most popularly consumed vitamins available. An Omega-3 is a fatty acid that improves overall health. There are two types of Omega-3s, both with their own health benefits.

The first type of Omega-3 is called docosahexaenoic acid. CamaraBarbacena said that this fatty acid is most commonly called DHA. It is known for supporting the central nervous system.

The second type of Omega-3 is called eicosapentaenoic acid and is commonly referred to as EPA. EPA is known for improving immunity and heart health.

Both types of Omega-3 provide numerous health benefits to a woman throughout gestation. Omega-3 can help to lower blood pressure, improve kidney health and reduce inflammation and allergic responses. A specific amount, when consumed daily, can also lower the risk of cancer, help with mood swings and prevent depression.

In addition to the many benefits for mom, consumption of Omega-3 throughout pregnancy provides many benefits for the fetus as well. Omega-3 consumption has been linked to less premature births, aids in the baby’s eye and brain development and helps increase baby’s birth weight.

The Camara Ban Has Been Lifted

Have you ever gone inside the white house? Do you remember having to put all electronics that could take photos and post them to social media away? This 40-year old ban has now been lifted thanks to Michelle Obama. Cameras and photos will now be permitted inside the white house and during public tours. In a statement, the white house said that the people who have visited the white house can now “keep those memories for a lifetime”.

Though cameras are now allowed, camera sticks or “selfie sticks” will not be allowed inside the white house this was announced on LinkedIn. This restriction remains due to safety reasons. Other things that are still not allowed in the white house are live streaming videos, talking on the cell phone, or texting.

The white house even went further with their statement by showing pictures of the two white house dogs. These dogs are among the many that enjoy the tour when people come. The white house encourages visitors to now share their experience at the white house. This is done putting any of your desired pictures from the tour and adding #WhiteHouseTour to the post.

Michelle lifted the ban recently as a way to show the public that the leader of the United States does not hide anything. He is an open book that wants everyone to know how honest he is. I am sure that there will be many new white house posts on social media from now on.

Jeb Bush to Release 33 Years of Tax Returns

In a move that is likely to be a throw down to Hillary Clinton on the issue of transparency, where is vulnerable to attacks, Jeb Bush will release 33 years of tax returns. The previous record was held by Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole when he ran for the GOP nomination back in 1996. Dole went on to win the nomination, but lost handily to Bill Clinton. In Bush’s case, he is releasing the unprecedented number of tax forms to underscore his transparency. In short, he has nothing to hide.

The move is strategic because 33 years of tax returns goes back to the year 1981. If Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party’s establishment candidate, were to follow suit, her tax returns would cover her years at the Rose Law Firm wherein she later faced scrutiny for the White Water real estate scandal. In addition, the tax returns would shed a lot of light on her income sources from her family foundation, which is the subject of a book alleging likely misconduct with the money. James Dondero thinks it is highly unlikely Mrs. Clinton will do a similar action.

Current polls show that Bush is the consistent leader of the big pack of GOP candidates. He has a strong conservative record, but faces weariness from an electorate that has already elected his father and big brother as president. He also released 280,000 emails from his time as Florida Governor. No single instance of impropriety has been discovered among the emails. By contrast, Clinton is embroiled controversy with the House Subcommittee on Benghazi over her refusal to release all relevant emails.

Martha Stewart Sells for $353 Million, Experts Note the Companies Devaluation

Martha Stewart has certainly bounced back from her jailbird days. The home and lifestyle guru has sold her company for a staggering $353 million, according to sources.

According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, Stewart who rose to fame in the 1990s has built a multi-million dollar empire, including a home furnishings line, magazine and a plethora of other products and services. She also famously was sentenced to jail time in the early 2000s for insider trading and other financial crimes.

Stewart served out her sentence and quickly got back to rebuilding her empire, and it clearly has paid off. The company was sold to Sequential Brands Group.

While the sale number is a big one, experts advise that it shows a deterioration in Stewart’s brand. According to financial records, Martha Stewart’s company was valued at nearly $2 billion when it went public in 1999. The bargain basement price that the company was sold for shows a steep decline in its performance.

Some argue that the home furnishings queen’s stint in prison lowered the brand’s cache, but others argue that Stewart has fallen out of favor as social media sites, like Pinterest and YouTube cash in on the millennial crafter demographic.

Beat the Odds

Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, told reporters that he has stage 3 cancer in his lymph nodes. Hogan’s family who stood beside him during the news conference where he released this information. The mayor discovered a lump in his throat before going on a trip to Asia in early June. While he was away doctors were working quickly to diagnose his disease in order to give him a prognosis upon returning to the United States. Doctors told him that his cancer was an aggressive one. It had spread incredibly quick to his abdomen region and his spine.

Igor Cornelsen suggests that Hogan told his supporters that he is going to use the same energy and determination that he has relied on to serve the great people of Maryland in order to fight off this disease. It is incredibly unfortunate that Hogan has to fight this disease during the early stages of him being newly elected to office. His doctors estimate that the process to reduce his symptoms will take no more than 18 weeks. Hogan has numerous cabinet members who will take care of his official office duties while he is away.

Reporters noted that Hogan was extremely optimistic in the outcome of the process. Even with such an extensive treatment doctors believed that Hogan has a strong chance of success in beating the cancer. He even joked about losing his beautiful grey locks as a side effect from the disease. Hogan isn’t just looking to beat the disease, but become a stronger and more resilient governor at the end of this journey.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee All About?

What is Bulletproof coffee? It’s not just coffee, but contains certain ingredients to make it more healthy. By adding these ingredients to a regular cup of coffee, it removes cravings, promotes weight loss, and helps increase the brain’s functionality. Dave Asprey is the man behind this idea. When he visited Nepal and Tibet he was given yak-butter tea which was rejuvenating! Back at home, he tried to recreate that tea, but had no luck. He tried it with coffee and had great success. After some testing, he found that drinking what he then called Bulletproof coffee this way made him healthier. He then envisioned this beverage as a breakfast alternative that would help prevent unhealthy eating, and give mental clarity.

The recipe for bulletproof Coffee includes a low-toxin coffee (organic, pure, etc.), 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter, and 1-2 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride oil. The low-toxin coffee has no mold in it, so it tastes less bitter and gives bulletproof coffee a better flavor. The fat in the butter gives the body calories to sustain energy and curb the craving for food. The triglyceride oil, for example coconut oil, provides nutrients to the brain for better functionality.

Bulletproof Coffee is used by many different kinds of people including athletes, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Celebrities are even talking about bulletproof coffee on late night interview shows. It is simple to make this drink while traveling. The ingredients, plus a grinder, Aeropress coffee brewer, and a battery operated milk frothier, are the only things needed to brew a cup anytime and anywhere.

There are a variety of Bulletproof-branded products available at the online store. Low-toxin coffee, medium-chain triglyceride oil, sleep mats, sensors to test a heart-rate, and a “Focus Brain Trainer” senor headband are available to purchase. Visit the new Bulletproof Coffee café in Santa Monica, California, and try a healthy cup of brew or visit them on Facebook for more details.

Trump Might Get Trumped During Presidential Race

Donald Trump recently announced that he is running for President in 2016. However, there are reports that he doesn’t have a lot of money, Sam Tabar said that there are some issues that he is for that some people in the country might not agree with. When he made the announcement that he is running, there could have been a few actors in the audience who were paid to cheer for Trump.

This shows just how much the man wants to put on an act in order to get into the White House. There are reports that people were paid $50 to clap and cheer for him. If someone has to pay for support, then that person likely won’t get the support needed during the race. This seems like a tactic to try to get the attention away from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as they are also running for President on the Democratic side.

Eliminating Income Taxes For The First $50,000 Annually

Republican candidate Rand Paul yesterday evening elaborated about his tax plan proposal in an opinion editorial published in The Wall Street Journal. His plan would radically change the U. S. tax code.

He wants to eliminate income taxes on the first $50,000 earned by a family of four. He would also retain the earned income credit, a measure which James Dondero points out, assists low income Americans.

His plan envisions slashing the federal income taxes paid by corporations and private citizens alike to a flat 14.5%, allowing deductions for only two items: mortgages and charitable contributions.

Additionally, he seeks to eliminate payroll taxes. He indicated he would still fund Social Security and Medicare, using business taxes, which would fund these programs before entering general tax revenues. Estate and gift taxes, and taxes on dividends, interest, rents and capital gains would end.

Rand Paul believes his tax measure would result in an economic growth of 1% per year. It would also reduce the federal government’s revenues by $2 trillion over the course of a decade.

He noted that in his view the tax code “has grown so corrupt, complicated, intrusive and anti-growth that I’ve concluded the system isn’t fixable.” Instead, he believes his new measure would “blow up the tax code and start over.”

He also wrote that he would as President produce a balanced budget, even with massive budget deficits and reduced tax revenues.

Dad’s Teaching Methods

In recent news, a young girl that was publicly shamed and humiliated by her father committed suicide by jumping stated Multi Vu. Her father had shaved her head and made fun of her on a video which he posted to the internet. The father’s video went viral and many rightfully questioned his parenting techniques. Public shaming has become all too common and the resulting effects of it are devastating to the victims who often don’t think they can face anyone afterwards. After Arsenio Mcleod watched a parental shaming video, he decided to make his own with his child. He began the video like other shaming parents have, but just as he is about to shave the child’s hair, he stopped and began talking to parents from the camera about how wrong it is to humiliate your children this way. His video is profound because he demonstrates how to positively remind your child to not give up when things get hard. We need more parents like him to set standards that it is not alright to humiliate as a form of discipline.