Exploring The Tarallucci E Vino And NYC Restaurants Ideal For Events

Planning an event goes a long way and may include the kind of venue one chooses. Although there might be many options to choose from, getting an exact venue that would match with a certain type of event is a task that can prove daunting especially if one is located in a region where there are limited facilities for events. In New York City, there are many restaurants that are rated five and ideal for private events of any kind.

The only challenging part is when one tries to choose one from the many available venues in the region. Each is built to complement a certain type of event and there are venues that can be customized for additional features and guests. The choice one makes for a venue determines by a large margin the mood that will prevail during the event. Below are several restaurants rated well and approved for hosting events of any kind.

Lafayette Grands Café and Bakery
The Lafayette offers three meals in the beautifully furnished brasserie space. The servings are offered on copper pots that hung in the kitchen area. There are also horse-shoe shaped booths that offer a spacious area for guests. The fresh look in the bakery and the great aroma is a sight many will admire. From the floor to the dining set, everything is designed to offer guests the best experience and to allow them the freedom to choose how they would like their meals served. For off-line holiday parties, guests can choose the wine cave that is reserved for private events.

The Red Farm Restaurant
Get to experience the wonderful preparation by Chef Joe Ng in the second floor area of the West Village. The menu is solely focused on greenmarket products and well prepared fish that is accompanied by dim sum. From this selection, one can also integrate shrimp dumplings that are as delicious as they appear and to add they are Instagram worthy. There is also an option for guests to request a custom menu that may also be ideal for special events.

Tarallucci E Vino
The Tarallucci E Vino has been rated top of the chart for offering some of the best venues for events and the menus are offered by renowned chefs like Riccardo Bilotta, who has been offering special menus prepared with a touch of traditional Italian cuisine as well as modern techniques that would excite anyone.

Also at the Tarallucci E Vino is the Mezzanine, which is a well-designed space that can hold as many as 30 guests for a gathering, or 80 people in a cocktail party. The venue is sophisticated and warm to allow every guest feel at home. It is also furnished with a lounge area and a bar with custom brick tables.

The wine cellar is a state-of-the-art addition that enhances the look of the venue and makes it possible for guests to access what they would like. Additionally, Tarallucci E Vino offers off-site catering; this includes menus customized to match with the event based on advice given by their professional chefs.

New Jersey Mom’s Parenting Rant Goes Viral

In recent days, one New Jersey mother’s parenting video rant has gone viral. Thousands of parents have praised this mother’s parenting advise as she announced proudly that she does not believe in being friends with her children. In the youtube video, which has received over 200,000 hits, the mother reveals that all of her three children were currently angry with her and she was perfectly happy with that. The mother’s decision to call out a familiar parenting style which calls for parents to be best friends with their children was seen as extremely brazen move and clearly resounded with parents all over the world.

In this review of the video which was published by the Huffington Post, the writer described a few of the reasons that people responded so well to the video blog post. During the video rant, the mother stated that her priority was to be a mother to her children and the mold them into decent adults. She explained that her job does not include ensuring that they are happy 100 percent of the time or giving in to their every desire. The mother explained that a parent’s role is incredibly important in the development of a child. If parents are too focused on being friends with their children, the child can lose the sense of what its like to have a parent.

In the video, the mother explains that she is the authority in her children’s life. She further explains that if she were to attempt to become friends with her children, she would risk blurring the lines for them regarding her authority. She referred to the fact that parents who attempt to be friends with their children often try to reverse roles when its time to discipline the children. At the point where discipline is necessary, the parent who has built a primary relationship of friendship with the child, as opposed to a parent-child relationship, often struggles to establish authority with the child. The mother stated that these blurred relationship lines would not occur within her immediate family because she is able to love her children in a way that still allows her to be an authoritative figure in her lives. She believes that developing a friendship with children without an authoritative relationship diminishes a child’s development.

The Success of Madison Street Capital

*UPDATE* August 25th, 2016

Transaction announced – Madison Street Capital now serves as advisor to the Dowco Group. Dowco Group has acquired Acuna & Asociados. Follow this link to learn more.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has spread globally, creating initiatives to invest along the way. Every single client that is interested in using Madison Street Capital, receives a unique and personal experience that always contributes to the excellent service that is offered. Madison Street Capital understands the fact that every single client requires a careful analysis that also includes personalized recommendations towards investment plans for the future.

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 for the purpose of becoming one of the top middle market investment firms. The goal of this firm is to provide unique as well as individualized services that include corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, as well as financial opinions for companies that are middle-market companies. Madison Street Capital offers these services worldwide as the company has office locations in several different continents including North America, Africa, as well as Asia. The key to Madison Street Capital’s success is to combine to global with the local.

Madison Street Capital is open to all businesses, whether they we public or private enterprises. The versatility that is demonstrated through Madison Street Capital continues to drive this company towards more and more success. This firm’s values are centered at the core of every business transaction and every advice session. The goal is to offer leadership, integrity, as well as excellence to provide a personable and quality experience to each and every customer.

The key to Madison Street Capital’s success is the unique experience that every client receives. Those at Madison Street Capital sit down with the client with the intent on analyzing and deciding the best path to take or the best advice to give based upon an initial reading of the client and the company. Madison Street Capital representatives take the time to fully understand the client’s exact needs for the purpose of obtaining the best match for the buyers and the sellers in the investment world. Through reading the client, Madison Street Capital is able to create capitalization structures that optimize the potential of every single client at Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital has provided high quality financial advice to hundreds of different industries. The experience gained from this makes Madison Street Capital the best choice when looking for a sound investment firm for advice. The globalized view will not only make profits grow on a national scale, but will also grow on an international scale.

Bernardo Chua Motivates Retail Customers and Distributors with New Rewards Program

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Organo Gold has released a new app on the Google Play and Android store, devoted to OG Expo.  Bernardo Chua has ensured this new app will be a one stop resource for information about Organo Gold, recent events, and news. Not to mention the perfect resource for those already involved in Organo Gold’s rewards program.

The holiday season in December 2015 came with good news for retail customers and independent distributors at Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua announced Organo′s new rewards program, Preferred Customer early in the month on The Official Organo Blog site. He considers the program a “strategic business tool″ or model to expand businesses and provide diversification. The locations eligible to participate are in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The new preferred customer program provides four important benefits; savings, specials, quality customer service, and support system.

Members of the preferred customer rewards program are required to join the monthly auto-ship program. It is a requirement to receive the 25 percent discount and save on all orders placed during any particular month. The savings are advantages for retail customers and independent distributors. Retail customers may experience an increase in net income. Distributors may see increased sales and volume distributed to retail customers.

The new rewards program will give retail customers exclusive rights to specials and promotions of Organo Gold goods. Promotional products are offered to registered members only. Present and new retail customers can register online on the Organo website. The program also includes a group of representatives who provide assistance and exceptional services. Other rewards of the program are support systems, including the preferred customer hotline and service department.

Bernardo Chua, Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold produces gourmet coffees and teas using ganoderma. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom used in Asian countries, such as Japan and China. Throughout history, the mushrooms were used to relieve certain medical symptoms. In the new millennia, Chua discovered other usage of ganoderma in hot chocolate, green tea, and other beverages. He didn’t stop with beverage products and eventually combined the special ingredient into health care and supplemental goods.

Philippian born, CrunchBase shows that Bernardo Chua started Organo in his home country during the year of 2008. Organo Gold was recognized as the 55th international largest direct selling company by 2013, marketing its products through independent distribution. Chua was honored in Philippine for being an outstanding global entrepreneur as CEO and Founder of the Company.

In January 2015, Bernardo and two members of the team received the Dangal ng Bayan Award and two People’s Choice Awards. The name Organo Gold and Bernardo Chua are notable in over 40 countries worldwide. Everybody has heard the speeches, but the success of Bernardo is seen in his dedication to expand his businesses by forming motivational incentives for valued customers. Information about the preferred customer program was wonderful news for retail customers during the holiday month.

An Inside Look At Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah And Autism Rocks

UPDATE: August 25th, 2016

Sanjay Shah has announced that an Autism Rocks Festival will take place to support the charity, and to raise awareness and donations for autism research. Details and dates for the festival are linked below.

Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah and is a company focused on financial services and management located in the United Kingdom with offices in both London and Dubai. Though Sanjay Shah Denmark is now retired, he focuses mostly on his Autism Rocks projects. Even still, the company continues its success by following the business structure laidd down by Sanjay.

Sanjay Shah started out doing accounting work before starting up his own company, but found he didn’t like sitting around all day long behind a desk. During the economic crisis that took place during 2008, Shah found himself without a job, which inspired him to rent a small office himself. This was the beginning of Shah’s success, as this was the birth place of his company Solo Capital, which has become a large success since it was first started up in 2011. The company was started and has its headquarters in London.

Sanjay came to the United Kingdom from Kenya with his parents, and before getting involved in business and finances, Sanjay started out in the world of medicine, but found the field wasn’t for him. With office locations around Dubai and London, Shah found great success with Solo Capital and has since been able to retire at the age of 43. Even still, Shah works on different philanthropic projects, including Autism Rocks. This is an organization he started to spread awareness on the disease because his son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4.

After his son was diagnosed, Shah realized that the amount of awareness was the lowest it has ever been. He also didn’t like the treatment people with autism were getting from what he saw. Autism Rocks, which acts as a live charity performing concerts, was founded in 2014 and has since raised more than $600,000 through organized concerts. Shah was able to get some major music celebrities to help out with Autism Rocks and raise money for research as well, such as Prince, Michael Bublè, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Snoop Dogg. They are able spread awareness and raise funds for autism through many private concerts.


Find out more about Sanjay Shah:


Sam Tabar: A Shining Financial and Legal Mind

Update: August 24th, 2016
Through his Thumbtack profile, Sam Tabar continues to provide legal advice to those in need. Sam is still a registered member of the New York Bar, and continues to operate as an attorney in the state. Mr. Tabar was also recently appointed the CFO of Awearable Apparel, a clothing company operating in the state of New York.

Sam Tabar is now a veteran financial strategist and lawyer, he began his post-secondary education at Oxford University earning himself a Bachelors of Arts with honors. His education continued with the famous Columbia Law School. Tabar set himself up for success by working tirelessly through grueling assignments, long hours studying, and state exams. His first step into his new career began when he accepted an associate position with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom LLP, located in New York. Sam Tabar has worked for four major firms over the years since his first legal job. He has learned and grown with each position. Moving on he has applied, and currently utilizes, the legal and financial strategies he knows well in an effort to be a better-rounded lawyer and financial strategist.

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Providing sound legal, financial, and investment advice to clients is common for Tabar and About.me shows he’s had a long career providing this, his time spent working for Merrill Lynch provided him with a plethora of knowledge and experience in addition to his stellar education. He has worked with hedge funds with two of his previous positions, Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors and also at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Working with such high amounts of money is a difficult job that not many are equipped to take on, yet Sam Tabar does so with ease. He works to protect every single one of his clients investments legally and by delving into each account in order to properly analyze the best next steps to take. Accounts that are not managed well tend to lose money or remain stagnant. Tabar works to ensure that each account he works with is invested properly, proving a solid return, and safe from major losses. It can easily be said that Sam Tabar is an up and comer who will surely be successful wherever he goes.  Currently he’s the CEO of FullCycle Fund.

Clay Seagall’s Skills and Experience to be Incorporated in Mirna Therapeutics

Recently Clay Siegall, the co-founder, Chief Executive Office, President and Chairman of Board of Directors at Seattle Genetics, was appointed as an outside director to the Board of Mirna Therapeutics. The therapeutic company, which specializes in the commercialization of microRNA therapeutics, executed this appointment due to Dr. Clay Siegall’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry and his impressive achievement in establishing a successful oncology company. Dr. Paul Lammers, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Mirna Therapeutics, believes that Dr. Siegall’s appointment will be beneficial to his company in aiding the advancement of microRNA-based Therapeutics.
The therapeutic company has been for a while involved in the miRNA field, which is a crucial aspect in the research of cancer. Dr. Siegall states that he is more than prepared to join the team at Mirna, which has a strong pipeline of product candidates, which shares his long time ambition to help millions of patients the world over who are in desperate need. Theses miRNAs, which are 20-25 nucleotides long, interact with messenger RNAs thereby affecting the gene expression. Over 1400 miRNAs are encoded in the human genome and unlike siRNAs which are not. The miRNAs compose of an estimate of 2% of all mammalian genes.
Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, which has over the years maintained as a leader in various antibody-based therapies, under his impressive leadership and monitoring. These treatments are enhanced to meet the medical needs of cancer patients from all over the world. The first commercial product released by Dr. Siegall’s company was ADCETRIS, which gained immense recognition with the public and was approved in August 2011. Besides, the company has also initiated a couple of strategic collaborations with major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in oncology.
His impressive educational background can be traced to the University of Maryland, where he pursued Bachelors in Zoology. Dr. Siegall then went further on his studies to attain a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Aside from his corporate achievement with Seattle Genetics, he has also served in Alder Biopharmaceutical as part of the Board of Directors, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. In addition to holding 15 patents, Dr. Siegall is also an author of over 70 publications.





Raj is the former founder and CEO of Chopper Trading. When he was at the helm of the company, it was incredible to walk into the company’s offices. The people were friendly and smiling at each other, albeit the hustle and bustle of the trading floor were still present. If you asked any employee, the office felt more like a family gathering rather than a collection of professionals required to work together. The relationship was so strong among employees that they spent time off work together. You could find them at the gym together, or playing table tennis together. Mr. Fernando had created an atmosphere that was as stress-free as possible.

Accomplishing such employee rapport was not easy. He had to vet potential employees very carefully and put them under deep scrutiny. He did not focus primarily on skills and qualifications but instead concentrated on an individual’s capability to work with a team. An employee’s ability to create a palatable work atmosphere was paramount to their ability to make money for Chopper Trading. Capacity to get such employees was refined, and the process was put in place since inception.

Raj Fernando is such a man. Putting relationships between people before profits. After graduating Beloit College with a degree in Economics and History, he joined the Chicago Mercantile Exchange first as a volunteer and later as an employee. He worked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. He quit the Exchange to found Chopper Trading in 2002. By 2015, Chopper Trading had about 250 employees worldwide. He sold Chopper Trading to DRW (a larger trading firm) and started Scoutahead.com™ which is a company that offers information on how to increase corporate and personal growth and productivity to firms and professionals. Raj implements his unique style of management to his new company and with over 20 years’ experience in the Finance industry, the chances are that he will succeed.

The one thing that can match Raj’s desire to succeed in business is his philanthropy. Mr. Fernando is a generous man .He serves on the boards of many organizations including PAWS Chicago, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In 2011, he was named as the third highest contributor to the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama. He has worked with the William Clinton Foundation and has worked on Hillary Clinton’s advisory board to some extent. Raj is truly a phenomenal man.

Talk Fusion Pulls Down Second Major Award

The world of internet marketing has really changed the way that businesses operate. In the past decade or so we have seen companies explode into the next tier of success thanks to carefully crafted marketing campaigns that cater to the internet and, specifically, email marketing. Talk Fusion is an video/email marketing company that has been around since 2007. The company was founded by CEO Bob Reina and since then they’ve become one of the biggest success stories in the world at what they do. This year Talk Fusion was honored with the Product of the Year Award from Communications Solutions, their second such big media award of the 2016 season.

With Talk Fusion gaining even more and more of a high profile it is simple to see why CEO Bob Reina is opening up the doors to new customers with a 30 day free trial period. This free trial period is deep enough in details and wide enough in what it offers that new customers will be able to get an adequate taste for just what email video marketing can do for their bottom line. Let’s talk a little bit about what makes Talk Fusion so special and why it can give you the edge you need to succeed.

So, first off we need to talk about why this service is so needed. Back before the company was implemented in 2007 Reina had been looking for a service that offered the ability to embed videos into emails. Reina couldn’t find a service that fit his needs and so he was thus forced to turn to his own IT team to create the product himself. Reina had found out that videos were far more effective in converting leads into sales than just regular plain text and this was his solution.

Talk Fusion offers users a library of information on how to format professional marketing emails as well as the template to embed videos right into said emails. As long as you bring a professional video into the service you will get professional results out of it, thus helping your business exponentially.

This article recapped http://www.abcactionnews.com/morning-blend/talk-fusion

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De-Stress With a Little Baby Talk

Kathleen was finding pregnancy very stressful. She was almost 40 and had a demanding career as a writer and director. Food didn’t even taste good anymore. She researched ways of controlling stress, but nothing seemed to help.

Then Kathleen interviewed Dr. Moriah Thomason for a film. Using MRIs to scan developing fetus brains, Dr. Thomason had discovered that human brains are capable of emotional and abstract thinking very early. What’s more, the chemicals connected with the mother’s emotions enter into the baby’s brain through the placenta. So the developing child can feel the emotions of the mother.

Kathleen also discovered practitioners in Seattle who taught a method of reducing stress called Bindungsanalyse, or prenatal bonding. It’s a way for mother and baby to communicate before birth. First the mother relaxes, then thinks of soothing mental images and speaks to the baby in a nurturing way. When done throughout pregnancy, this is believed to lower stress for both the mother and the baby. Even some mothers who are scientists, and were skeptical, have found it helpful.

Bindungsanalyse was developed by Dr. Jeno Raffai in Hungary, and proponents say it makes labor easier and safer. It’s claimed that the method reduced Caesarian sections in Hungary from 30% of births to 6% birthpsychology.com.

For Kathleen, a little baby talk did give her a great deal of peace. She doesn’t know about the long run. But she says you have to do your best for your child.