New Jersey Ranks Dead Last in Campaign Against Smoking

What appears to have become a pattern, the state of New Jersey for the 5th straight year will spend exactly zero dollars in the effort to stop smoking. This means there is zero money spent on making commercials to stop kids from smoking, or zero dollars spent on programs designed to help smokers kick their habit.


Ranking Last is a Bad Thing

Make no mistake about it, in this particular effort, last is not a good thing. According to the Tobacco Free Kids Campaign, New Jersey ranks dead last in efforts to help curb or stop smoking in the state. That means no commercials aimed at teenagers showing the deadly effects of smoking, no aggressive promotion of programs to help smokers finally kick the habit, no effort at all to reduce the number of people dying in the state each year from lung disease associated with smoking.


The Big Contradiction

One of the reasons the state of new jersey is getting so much attention on their lack of efforts to help curb smoking, they still have their hand out accepting $944.5 million in revenues and taxes from the big tobacco companies. It appears the state knows a good thing when it sees it, and curbing the smokers would only kill the gravy train of cash being pumped somewhere into the system. Until the money is audited and every dollar accounted for, this appears to have no end in sight.


According to New Jersey state health department officials, the state does have smoking prevention programs, but they are currently being funded by the federal government. So where is all that $944 million dollars being spent, no one appears to have a clear answer. Those looking for answers argue that the state of New Jersey all all its public officials are both putting people’s lives at risk while at the same time putting the burden on the taxpayer by refusing to adequately fund cigarette prevention programs which are designed to save health care dollars.


New Jersey spent millions upon millions of dollars recently in the BridgeGate trial, which appeared to be nothing more than a waste of time for taxpayers and only the lawyers seemed to be the ones who benefited. Until New Jersey takes a more proactive approach with smoking campaigns, it will continue to funnel in revenues at an alarming rate.


The Role of Keith Mann in the Growth and Development of Dynamic Search Partners


With over 15 years in executive search services industry, Keith Mann has gained experience and capability to run a search firm. He worked for Dynamic Executive Search as the Managing Director. During his tenure, Keith managed to recruit various global financial service companies. He served the position for ten years before starting Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of DSP.

About Dynamic Search Partners

Dynamic Search Services was established to provide exclusive services to alternative investment firms. Keith has served as the head of the company since its establishment. He is in charge of overall company strategy. He also helps the company’s clients in hiring marketing, investment, and internal strategy teams and building new platforms to help in company growth. DSP serves over 200 clients annually. Usually, these customers are from USA and Europe. Keith has played a great role in the growth and expansion of the company.

How Dynamic Search Partners Came To Existence

By having a clear understanding of industry, Keith Mann was able to see that there was a need for executive search service in the industry. There was no other company offering such a service; it was an opportunity that Keith was willing to strike. Keith grew up in New York where he got chances to interact with lots of executives. Additionally, he was able to learn from them and get to know what they needed and what they did not. The founding of DSP is down to these and more reasons.


In an interview with, Keith Mann stated that one of the things that have led to the rapid growth of their company is the application of technology in all fields. The use of technology has helped create better relations with customers. It also saves the company lot of time. In the past, the company growth was slow, and since they embraced technology, things have turned out to be different. They have had more time to find solutions for investment than before, and they have time to deal with problems rather than just for working.


What is Drawing Celebrities and Successful Individuals to Kabbalah?

Many people have become aware that numerous Hollywood superstars are Kabbalah followers. Kabbalah has been gaining popularity in the last two decades. As a result, more high profile individuals are consistently drawn into its way of life.

This may prompt many people to ask what Kabbalah is. Kabbalah was first introduced to USA and the world out of the Jewish community by Rav Yehuda who opened the first center in Los Angeles. Kabbalah’s definition is “that which is received” and is the knowledge passed to the people through its teaching that gives people the wisdom to deal with life

To receive the wisdom, one has to open his or her heart to new ways and be accommodative of others. When Rav Yehuda began the center, his aim was to offer a center of knowledge for the Jews that were living in US.

Little did he know that several decades later, Kabbalah centers would have spread out throughout the world and the teachings spread out far beyond his thoughts through the books and several media tools.

Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Madonna, among other well-known people throughout the world, have been linked to Kabbalah after making their support for the practice public. Ashton Kutcher even took time off and traveled to Israel to attend the burial of a Rav. These supporters of Kabbalah are known for wearing red strings on their hands.

A former FBI agent, who is a follower of Kabbalah, says that it helped him find himself and get the answers he has been seeking about life. Don Ellis runs a law practice and a company that specializes in the provision of bodyguards.

Don says that he tried teaching on different religions and forms of worship, but none of them seemed to work out for him until one day he tried a series of Kabbalah teachings from a CD. He claims that he has never looked back. Since there are no Kabbalah centers in his neighborhood, he relies on media devices to follow the teachings.

The Kabbalah centers serve people from all walks of life. Their staff is also culturally diverse to help appeal to people from different parts of the world.

New Jersey Parking App all the Rage

If you have ever tried to find a parking spot at the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey, you know it can be a battle of wills. The mall has over 10,000 parking spaces for shoppers, and during the holiday you could spend hours trying to find just one. This week the mall has unveiled a new My Park parking app that is going to make shopping and parking that much easier for residents.


Why the Need for a Parking App?

With many shoppers this month double-parking, parking on the grass, or blocking in other shoppers, the mall has released the new parking app to try and lessen the congestion at the mall. Although the mall currently has valet parking available, some shoppers love the convenience of being able to control things themselves and not have to wait for their car to be retrieved by staff. The new parking spaces that work with the app are located on the second level of the parking garage, and it will cost only $10 to be able to park there for up to four hours. The parking spaces allow shoppers easy access to the mall entrance without having to waste time looking for a spot and then the long walk to the entrance of the mall.


How the New Parking App Works

The MyPark parking app at the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall works very easily. You access the app, you choose your parking space, you pay, and then when your car approaches the designated spot, the gate lowers, allowing the driver to easily take that spot. Once the shopper has left the spot, the gate will return to the upright position as it waits for the next guest to arrive. Currently there are only 33 spaces available for use with the app, so during this preliminary testing phase more can be assigned if needed.


Shoppers can reserve a spot six months in advance or pull up to the spot and pay on the fly. The yellow barriers in each spot keep other drivers from accessing the space and are designed to make shopping easier for some while freeing up some parking through out the rest of the mall parking areas.


New Jersey Lawmakers Give Governor Christie Book Deal Greenlight

Just when you thought that the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, couldn’t frustrate citizens of the state any more, he goes ahead and does something that completely takes things to a new level. The governor is trying to give a bill the fast-track right before the holidays while people are focused on taking off from work and spending time with family and friends. The bill would allow the governor to receive compensation for a book he has written while in office.


The Growing Frustrations in New Jersey

When the governor announced he was pushing a bill through the Senate and Democrat-led New Jersey Assembly, no one could have imagined it would get a 8-0 approval to advance. The law states that the governor can not cash in on a book deal while in office, but that was before this governor decided to change the rules of the game. New Jersey residents are already tired of the games and the lies from this governor, who has not only raised property taxes for residents to some of the highest in the country, but just piled a new gas tax on residents that would make it even more challenging to live in this state. The governor has an agenda and does not appear concerned anymore his approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low.


The Devil in the Details

To understand why so many residents are beyond frustrated, the rules clearly state someone in public office can’t benefit financially from a book deal, and the governor specifically can not draw more than his $175,000 salary. Governor Chris Christie decided to sweeten the pot for his fellow public servants by adding into the bill that judges and other legislative staff will get raises too. These raises are only going to burden the tax load on an already stretched thin taxpayer, and critics to the bill feel this is nothing more that providing another helping hand to political elites.


The bill will basically end the requirement the governor draws only $175,000 in salary, while also raising to $140,000 appropriations for 120 lawmakers to pay staff. The governor is determined by recent actions to do things his way, evident in his continued frustrations with residents who will not approve gambling outside of Atlantic City.


New Jersey Holiday Scams Target Eldery

The air is colder, the holiday lights are everywhere, Christmas deals are in full force, it must e that time of year again. Yes, time to scam the elderly in New Jersey out of their life savings by tricking them to kick up a little extra holiday love. People in New Jersey are being warned to speak to their elderly parents, friends, coworkers, and warn them about the latest holiday scam called the Grandparents Scam. Here is a little about how the scam is pulled off.


How the Scam Works

The scam is very clever at the core because it works on tugging at the heart-strings of the elderly. The scammer will call the elderly and pretend to be a grandchild, relying on the person not recognizing the voice on the phone. The person will say they love their grandparent, they are in trouble, and they need the elderly to please keep this a secret from the parents. Since they think they are talking to their favorite grandchild, they try to help out any way they can. Many times the caller will say they are in need of immediate funds to get out of jail, to get home from a foreign country, or to take care of a debt. The caller will try anything to get the elderly to break out that credit card.


New Jersey Grandma Scammed

This week an elderly woman in New Jersey was the target of the “grandparents Scam”, and it cost her over $12,000. The scammer convinced the grandmother that they were under arrest and that she needed to go around town to a few stores and load $12,000 on to different iTunes Gift Cards. The grandmother was then instructed to read off those numbers on the cards. The scammer drained the cards quickly before any report could be filed. The Asbury Park Press reported the story in their newspaper and issued a warning for the elderly on how to protect themselves against this popular scam.


Today, this scam has gotten so effective that Apple Stores are issuing warning to their customers about how the iTunes cards are now only available to pay for goods, not help relatives make bail. Due to the fact the callers are usually from outside the country, prosecution is all but impossible.


Tips to deal with child emotional agility

It is not always easy to watch your child when they are unhappy. It doesn’t matter why the child is sad, could be the popping of a balloon or loss of a pet but the main point is to brighten their face again as soon as possible. That is what most parents target to do. But does the immediate relief of the emotional agility help the child in the long run?

Below are three practical procedures a parent, a guardian or even a teacher can practice.

Feel their pain as well

As a parent, you need to fit in her emotional world and that way, you will avoid just pushing away the feeling with mere words. Such expressions like, do not be sad, “you should not be as angry, or it will go away soon, means you don’t understand how the child feels.

Recognize their emotion without concealing

You should be able to differentiate between stressful situations and disappointment or anger in your child’s behavior. It will help you to empathize with the child’s feelings rather than using display rules like most parents do to try to push the negative emotions away. Display rules are expressions such as; boys don’t cry! Or you are a big girl now! You are just telling your child that being emotional is wrong. But in the real sense, you are wrong yourself.

Watch the feeling go.

Help your child to understand that the feeling won’t last forever and it’s okay to be emotionally affected by some life experiences. Tell them you encountered such situations and how you overcame them (it doesn’t have to be real encounter). By this, you will be helping your child to notice that there is no bigger sadness that cannot be dealt with and thus it will come to pass. Assist your child in this phase in such a way that they will be able to handle similar situations in a better way in future. Also, make them know that with a similar experience they might not feel the same way they felt in their previous encounter.

“How kids steer their emotional world is very crucial to lifetime success,” psychologist Susan David said. Thus it is very sensitive how you handle your emotionally troubled child. You can also in your life be anxious, agitated, frustrated or even excited about anything, thus the need to recognize such, in others. Wants to Help Improve Health

Dherbs – Full Body Cleanse from Dherbs on Vimeo. is a company that was started in 2003 in Glendale, California. It is a company that believes clean living physically and mentally is the best way to live. With that in mind, it has produced many products to help with the goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Dherbs realizes that clean living has to start somewhere and most of us need a fresh start. That is why they have what is known as the ‘ Cleanse’. Our bodies take in a lot of toxins and dangerous agents as we go about our day, but with a cleansing there is a way to change and release those toxins that are making people physically and mentally sick.

Cleansing your body involves an all natural vegan diet and herbs to help pull out all the toxins. It involves lots of raw foods and herbs that work together to give every part of your body a fresh start. The process can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on how intense the cleansing needs to be. Once the full cleansing is completed, then your body is ready to start the journey to a healthier way of living, which believes will give you the best chance for a full life.

Some of the products that are offered as listed on Wikipedia, are things such as,

• Cleansing kit
• Bowel motion
• Zinc Formula
• Multi vitamins and minerals
• Fertility kit
• Herbs to help with energy

These products can either be found in capsule or liquid form. Due to there are no processed foods in anything makes their shelf live longer than the average product.
The company makes no claim that their products are a cure for any disease, but does know that having a chance at changing around your life can be done for an overall better and healthier lifestyle.

Our bodies have a natural way of telling us what we need and is naturally drawn to a simpler way of eating, if we would learn to listen. Dherbs understands this and is there to help with that process.

Update January 14th, 2017:
Look, I know we’re two weeks into the new year, but you can still work on that summer body. YOU STILL HAVE TIME! But you gotta start soon, so I found some centric tips that can help you begin your journey. These are extremely helpful, and are definitely worth going through if you find yourself confused about how to commit. Good Luck!

The Investment Banking Industry as Seen by Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a very complex world. There are several terms you have to familiarize yourself with to become a successful investor. If you have extra cash and want to gain interest, then it is important to place the cash in a savings account. You may also want to consider an investment bank in this case. There are experts in the investment bank industry that have spent many years making great investments for the clients. Most of the big investment firms you find today have the highest rate of returns known in any investment.

The challenging part is in choosing an investment firm that can work with you. You can start by looking at the reputation of investment banks in the industry today. An investment bank that has been around for many yours and has no serious legal issues should be the best. You may also want to check on the fees levied by the investment firm. In many cases, the bank is going to charge a particular amount for the profits they give you. The only thing you have to ensure is to work with a bank that charges the best rates.

One of the best investors in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. He is a highly skilled and professional investment banker known in the world. His story is one of great success. Even though Martin is currently based in Florida, he has had investments in different parts of the world. He is also an international star who has had more than twenty years of experience in the investment banking industry.

One thing is true about Martin; he is a highly creative person. The level of creativity you see in his office ensures that every customer has the best outlet for their investment. The company is not very much interested in stocks. However, when a great business idea that intrigues them comes up, the company seeks these investment choices. Martin has always been wise with his investments and thus has become highly successful. Making money with investment banking may seem like a long-term short. However, it should be taken with utmost care. A company like Martin’s should have the best investment choices for you.


Parenting within central New Jersey, or anywhere for that matter, can be both an internal struggle and a challenge as a whole. The secret lies in learning to overcome and face those challenges head on, be what they be. In Michelle’s Tea’s new novel book, which is called “Black Waves”….she discusses this.


Ms. Tea also discussed numerous factors in parenting which will affect the outcome and overall result of the seeds planted later on in life. Such factors do include but are certainly not limited to: setting and geographical information as it relates to upbringing and birth itself, demographics, age difference, social and gender barriers between parents & siblings themselves, and so much more. The proof truly lies in the pudding, as many say. Some ideas are not directly said or derived specifically throughout the novel piece, yet the message is very clear….and the point is there, whether through a subliminal message or through another form or audience consumer targeting. This author is very clear, and there is no doubt about that….or any room for confusion on that matter.



To whet some appetites in the room just a bit further, I add a quote from a rather interesting online news source:

“Midway through, Michelle leaves San Francisco for Los Angeles, with vague plans to write screenplays, connect with her brother and get sober, or at least cut back a bit. But instead of shifting to an earnest story of self-acceptance, the book breaks itself open.Multiple versions of events….” (, pg. 1, para. 5)

In this sense, one can see how the book is carried through….and what it says about the many unknown things within the minds of parents and families as a whole. They indeed go through many things internally on a regular daily basis, which is certainly not to be ignored here… is not in the article and in the book itself. Many fascinating topics as to the dark and exhausted minds of seasoned parents are covered as well, thinking which stimulates certain ideas which one will typically not find elsewhere. Yet they are interesting to note and consider on the whole, making for quite an interesting sub topic on parenting and family struggles within the big cities and those bigger suburb areas.