Just Do You: A Must Read For All Parents

If you’re like most parents, you’ve read at least one book or article on parenting. Some parents get stuck in always referring back to what “the experts” in parenting are saying, always choosing the judgment of these strangers to that of themselves. That’s crazy, and here’s one reason why, according to a recently published Huffington Post piece.

I am grateful for how I was parented, even though everyone who ever knew my parents criticized them for how they parented me. Sure, they could have given me healthier foods, made me exercise, and made me develop habits of hygiene earlier on in life, but what parent gets everything right on the first try? My parents, for all of their inexperience, realized it was important to give me room to grow, which let me explore worlds I may not have been able to if my parents didn’t let me.

I may not have discovered certain authors and higher levels of reading ability, may not have spent so much time writing and developing that skill, and may not have spent so much time talking -and learning how to overcome the most common fear of all: public speaking. These are all skills in myself I don’t know if I would have learned had my parents not parented the way they saw fit and cut out everyone trying to tell them what to do.

I turned out pretty well. So, do the best you can. Experts aren’t always the experts.

Changing How You Parent: This Week’s Must Read

Have you ever thought about changing how you parent? If not, and especially if you have, read this week’s must read. Has your child ever acted up in a way that has made you wonder how that kind of behavior could be possible from something you are raising?

Yeah, that’s a feeling every parent has, and it’s okay to have those feelings as well. Being a parent isn’t about being perfect, and your children are okay for your well-intentioned parenting mistakes, so realize that there’s room for growth and then commit to changing how you parent.

When I get mad at my child, I would sometimes talk loudly to him and then storm out of the room, never really expressing my true emotions but also never really blowing up at him either. I thought I was teaching him emotional restraint, but I was really teaching him how to conceal his true emotions and sweep them under the rug. That is a terrible way to deal with emotions and I want my child to grow up to be an emotional solid man, so I had to change how we interacted, a huge component of my parenting. We started talking to each other more when we were mad, and we listened to each other. We were honest, and there were so many safe spaces for both of us to express ourselves.

Ultimately, making changes positively impacted the health of my child, and I’d do it over again if I had to.

Will Clay Siegall Be the Man Who Cures Cancer?

Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall may be the man who ushers in the drug we’ve all been waiting for, the elusive and long-awaited cure for cancer. He spent his entire adult life pursuing that goal. He earned an undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland, followed by a Ph. D. in genetics from George Washington University. He spent several years working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute before going to work for the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health. In 1998, he co-founded Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics is best known for its cancer drug ADCETRIS, which, simply put, allows doctors to target cancer cells directly, leaving healthy cells alone. This is a significant step in cancer treatment because it reduces the horrible side effects of traditional cancer treatments. In the coming months and years, Seattle Genetics expects the FDA to approve ADCETRIS for labeling and use against an expanded number of cancer types.

The success of Seattle Genetics is not all Clay Siegall has going for him. In 2013 he was appointed to the Mirna Therapeutics Board of Directors. Mirna Therapeutics works with micro RNA (miRNA), which are sequences of nucleotides that interact with messenger RNA to regulate gene expression. Mirna Therapeutics has discovered that disregulated miRNA play a role in cancer formation, and that replacing down regulated miRNA with health miRNA has a positive effect on cancerous tumors. Mirna Therapeutics has a host of pharmaceuticals with high potential waiting to be presented to and approved by the FDA, and Clay Siegall is going to be right there lending his knowledge and experience to the process.

There are few men today who have been at the forefront of cancer research the way Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall has been. By lending his leadership and experience in so many places where it is needed, Mr. Siegall could very well be the man who finally brings the world a cure for cancer.



Shark Forces Swimmers Out Of Ocean

Several swimmers were ordered out of the ocean while they were at a New Jersey Beach. This is becoming an event that takes place too often. It seems like there are sharks that swim along the shores every day. This leads to an increase in shark bites as the animals are looking for food. When you see a shark’s fin, it’s best to get out of the water, but there are times when the animals will swim underneath the water, and you can’t see them until they are clamping down on a foot or an arm.

The shark was spotted along the coast of Deal. When lifeguards saw the animal, they immediately told swimmers to come on shore. It was spotted about 100 yards off the shore, which is close for some sharks to swim. There have been a few sharks that have ended up on land, not able to get back into the ocean unless there is someone willing to help give them a push. After about an hour, lifeguards let swimmers back in the ocean because there was no sign of it being in the water. The shark was seen swimming north along Long Beach. Lifeguards did the right thing in getting people out of the water as soon as the shark was spotted as there could have been an injury reported instead.

New Jersey Businesses Embrace Texting as Means of Communicating with Clients

Most businesses in New Jersey utilize email to keep in touch with their customers, but a big number of them are beginning to depend on texting. According to Michele Siekerka, who is the New Jersey Business and Industry Association’s president, companies and businesses are coming up with new strategies for connecting with their customers. She claimed that email might be fast and reliable, but testing is convenient and faster.

Texting has gained an instant popularity indicating that businesses are ready to embrace innovations. Use of text as a means of communicating with clients is a reflection of creativity of various stakeholders in the business world. Texting allows the clients to react to the message from their company with immediate effect. Siekerka is convinced that new and more efficient communication tools will be deployed in the New Jersey market in the near future. Published on Business Insider

Modified communication style

According to Siekerka, businesses are sending out texts composed in such way that they appear as if they are helping clients with something. Most of them look as if they are responding to customer’s request or questions. The current communication styles are compelling customers to think and reply to the messages. Shoppers are receiving messages from pharmaceutical companies informing them that they can pick up their prescription. Most clients are finding this communication style to be convenient. However, companies are faced with a challenge of composing legitimate messages. Siekerka is expecting the use of messaging to expand. She advises businesses to test the efficiency of texting as a communication tool before using it to communicate with clients.

New Jersey Central Train Station Sold

As just reported in an article by the Times Leader, New Jersey Central train station in Wilkes-Barre has been purchased by George Albert on behalf of Market Square Properties Development LLC. The Wyoming-based development company bought the train station for $1.2 million. The sale of the New Jersey Central train station base been confirmed by the executive director of the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority, Andrew Reilly. This sale has been in the works since August 2015. The property was originally built in 1868.

The train station and its 6 acre lot was purchased by the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority for $5.8 million in April 2006. There were complications with their attempt to renovate the train station property because of funding issues. Even though the New Jersey Central train station was on the market since 2014, there was only interest from one firm, Market Square Properties.

Market Square Properties intends to develop the New Jersey Central train station and keep the train station as the focal point of the entire property. There are plans to build it out for a restaurant or bank to take over the main part of the property. The current plans are to keep the historic look of the train station the same. In addition, the proposed strip mall will be completely renovated and hopefully full of a wide variety of retailers. Some of the existing tenants plan to remain in the space. There is also talk of a grocery store being built out on the property.

Airport Food Revolution

Trips to the airport are daunting; back-tracking how much time you need to make it through the snaking lines and overcrowded terminals. The one thing you always forget is to eat. Now you have to decide what kind of mid-level food you’re going to subject yourself to before you board a flight. Well, at least one part of that process is changing, and surprisingly it’s the food.

New York-based OTG Management has been changing what you see in Airports. If you haven’t been to one of the 10 of 30 major airports they dominate, they are responsible for putting IPads on tables. This process expedites your orders so you can make your flight and eat a delicious well-prepared meal. They have recently set their sites on Newark Liberty International Airport in Central New Jersey. A 120 million dollar investment has given two restaurants set on changing what you eat: Daily and Little Purse. Little Purse is a small dumpling and noodle restaurant while Daily has a new menu to enjoy every day.

Both require full-time chefs and menus to help the traveler get a break from the hustle and bustle and relax. This new concept is giving the Newark Airport a fresh new taste for its customers, and OTG hopes to expand as soon as possible.

So if you’re ready to eat a good meal at Newark Liberty International Airport, make sure to check out Daily and Little Purse.

Startup Delivers Supplies to New Jersey by Drone

Up and coming startup Flirtey recently completed an unprecedented drone delivery of medical supplies to the New Jersey coast. The startup, which intends to make drone deliveries an everyday part of our daily lives, was demonstrating the potential applications of drone delivery. The ability to deliver medicine by drone can help ensure that much needed supplies can be delivered to difficult to reach zones – like refugee camps or understaffed medical centers. Included in Flirtey’s test delivery were insulin, purification tablets, and a first aid kit – demonstrating some of the potential utilities of drone deliveries.

Recent publicity for drones has been primarily negative, focusing on their military application and the reduced accountability implicit in using drones. However, drones are very clearly becoming a more regular feature of our delivery infrastructure. Indeed, government officials have begun to put into place measures to ensure the regulation of this growing industry.

Flirtey intends to use its drones for various applications. While the recent demonstration was geared towards the humanitarian potential of “ship to shore” drone deliveries, Flirtey is also keen to use drones for commercial processes. Whether this will be workable with new the new regulations created by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) remains to be seen. Nonetheless the co-founder of Flirtey, Matt Sweeney, remained confident. He noted that ““Ship to shore drone delivery fills a humanitarian need, but is also something that commercial shippers want. We think the next major step for the industry is to do commercial drone delivery to a customer’s home.” Amazon has already begun thinking about how to employ drones in normal delivery routes, but startups like Flirtey seem to be the furthest ahead in actual implementation.

New Jersey Looking to Improve State Finances


New Jersey is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Over the past couple of years, the state has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure to sustain its growth. There are a lot of people who are unhappy about the cost on these upgrades. For example, road repair throughout the state has put an additional $20 billion of debt on the balance sheet. Many residents are not pleased with the fiscal management of the state government. This will be an interesting point to watch over the next couple of years.

Paying Back Debt

Many state governments do not manage their fiscal policy wisely. Over the long term, debt restricts the cash flow of the state. Although infrastructure is important, there are many people who believe that the repairs are not necessary right now. Instead of spending billions of roads, many people contend that the state could have used the money to stimulate the economy. Over the past couple of years, many residents have voiced their concern with how the money is being handled.

Future Plans

New Jersey is a progressive state that is trying to change its ways. It became one of the first states to legalize gambling online, and this is expected to provide a boost to tax revenue in the state. This will help to offset the cost of the new road repairs, but it does not mean that the decision to repair the roads was a good one.

Fairway Has Collapsed

Back in July 2011, Fairway Markets opened a store on the Upper East Side. It was the New York-based grocery store chain’s eighth location, and customers were waiting in line when the doors opened to get their favorite grocery items. In 2014, Lake Grove, Long Island welcomed a Fairway Markets to their city–it was the 15th location for the grocery store chain.

Most people thought that Fairway Markets was going to expand the way that Whole Foods did, especially since the public’s desire for quality, gourmet foods has been steadily growing. But now, in 2016, it looks like the Lake Grove location will be the final new Fairway.

The grocery store is dealing with a $267 million debt, and the company is nearing bankruptcy. The stock for Fairway Markets was once $28 per share; now, the going price is about 30 cents. The financial collapse of the business happened extremely quickly, and a former buyer for the grocery store chain calls is “an injustice.”

A number of specialty grocery stores have become fierce competitors of Fairway, especially because the business has lost some of its character. There are no humorous laminated signs to advertise food products, and the flatbreads the store is known for aren’t displayed in tall stacks anymore. Many former employees and affiliates remain hopeful that Fairways Markets will make a comeback. However, industry experts say that the only way to save the grocery store is to close some of its locations.