The Costly Necessity of Epi Pens

This afternoon, a friend dropped her three girls off for me to watch. One of the girls has a severe nut allergy and my friend handed me a little pouch with cute pictures and the cartoon word “Allergy,” on the outside.

I peeked inside and was so impressed with the amount of organization– everything was labeled. The back up epi pen was clearly marked. A pre-measured dosage of Benadryl was included. Instructions on what to do should the need arise, were included and laminated. I love organization and this pouch exemplified it; however, before I could voice my praise, I was struck with the fact that this pouch was vitally important to her little girl’s well being. Had she neglected to leave out any of the items– especially the Epi pen– it would mean the difference between life and death for her little girl.

My friend walked me through the steps on how to use the epi pen. Sadly, my husband is deathly allergic to bees and has two of his own tucked away, so I was familiar with what to do. Thankfully, he has never needed it and neither has my friend’s little girl. However, whether they are used or not, they still have to be replaced yearly as their effectiveness diminishes over time.

My husband can not control getting stung by a bee. My friend can not be there every moment of every day to make sure a nut never comes near her friend. The company that manufactures these life saving medical marvels can control it’s costs.

As reported in the NY Times, the company that produces and sells these pens is releasing a generic pen at a lower cost. However, the generic pens made by the same company selling the name brand pens, is still 300 dollars.

Why can’t they just lower the price of their original product? They have no competitors that are offering a similar product, hence an introduction of a generic item typically. They will still control the monopoly of their product and they control both the cost of the original and the generic. Neither is a cost saving benefit to the people who desperately depend on them.

Despite the fact that Mylan, the company that produces Epi pens, blames others for the cost increase, they are the ones who stand the most to gain from supplying a life saving Epi pen at an increased cost.

When you have a life threatening allergy, you can not escape it or the daily threat it opposes to you or your loved one. Now, you also can not control the fact that the cost is skyrocketing on an item that you desperately need. It seems that is exactly what Mylan is banking on.

Old Navy’s Sexist Ghostbusters Clothing

In light of the recent remake of the classic film Ghostbusters, retailer Old Navy has released t-shirts for toddlers, both boys and girls. Unfortunately, the products are negatively gendered.

The toddler boys’ section features gray tees with the classic Ghostbusters logo on the front. The girls’ section, though, only sells pink tees with the classic logo, but also text that reads “Ghostbuster in Training.” Both products claim to be marketed toward toddlers in general, but the sexism is clear as the shirts are split into gendered sections on Old Navy’s website. This is an unfortunate setback considering the film was all about empowering women with its all-female cast. With the internet’s backlash against the casting and the Twitter attacks on Leslie Jones, you would have thought the new Ghostbusters had taken enough guff without retailers getting in on it.

This is not the only evidence of sexism in Old Navy’s products. There is no Ghostbusters apparel for adult women, but there are products for adult men. Similarly, Thomas the Tank Engine gear is only sold in the “boys” section, while Frozen products are placed in the “girls” section. Old Navy has also embraced outdated gender stereotypes with a toddler shirt that says “Boys Will Be Boys.” Retailers really shouldn’t be encouraging young boys to think they can act however they please just because of their gender.

Luckily, Old Navy does have a few products that empower young girls. For example, tees emblazoned with the phrases “Girl Power” and “Strong Girls = Strong World” are available on the retailer’s site. The girls section also features a shirt that says “Born Leader,” while the equivalent in the boys section just says “Future Leader.” The toddler girls section also contains normal looking shirts featuring Batman, Superman, Captain America, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it seems the Ghostbusters incident may have been an unusual misstep for Old Navy.

Marketing Assistance with Nizan Guanaes

Marketing can be one of the most difficult things you do as a business owner, but it can also be one of the most important things you do in order to bring in a steady flow of clientele. If you have been struggling with both marketing and advertising, it is about time that you hired a professional team to work with you to ensure that everything is being done in an efficient manner. Make sure that you contact the local company that you know you can work with on a routine basis for all of your marketing needs.

One of the best companies out there for marketing and advertising is known as the ABC group. The ABC group has a co-founder known as Nizan Guanaes who has a lot of experience and knowledge in this particular field. This is what makes him a wonderful candidate when it comes to helping businesses of all types and sizes with their marketing needs. You can also find Nizan Guanaes on social media sites in order to learn more about him and his experience in this field before you make the decision that you would like to hire and work with him.

There has never been a better time for you to hire Nizan Guanaes and his company now that you know how important marketing can be for your business. If you do not market and advertise properly, you will not be able to bring in the flow of clients that are going to help to keep your business afloat. This is the time that you need to take to contact Nizan Guanaes and his firm to see what he’s able to do for you. This is a professional you can trust and who you will know will do his very best when it comes to all of your marketing needs.

Babies Don’t Stay In The Nursery Any Longer

If you’ve ever had a baby or you know someone who has had a baby, then you know that there is a nursery in the hospital where the baby is often kept at night or where nurses provide care when the mother needs to rest. There are some hospitals that are electing to get rid of nurseries. It’s a baby friendly initiative that staff members are looking at so that parents can spend as much time as possible with the newborn.

Most mothers want to have their baby close by them while in the room. They can spend those precious first few hours and days with the baby, learning how to breastfeed, change the diaper and simply provide the care that the baby needs while bonding. Hospitals across the country are now making the suggestion that unless there is an emergency or medical care is needed, then the baby should stay in the room with the mother. This maneuver is to encourage mothers to bond with the baby and to learn to breastfeed, which is sometimes a healthier option than giving formula.

There are 355 hospitals in the country that have started this practice, and the initiative is taking off to a good start. There are plans to be over 500 in the United States by the end of next year. Keeping the baby with the mother is the ideal environment as it’s healthier for both the mother and the baby. The mother is able to get into a routine of caring for the baby like she would at home and possibly get the baby on a sleep schedule before leaving the hospital. There are many parents who think highly of this new idea, and there are some who feel that the mother needs privacy to rest, especially at night. Some women do go through several hours of labor with no sleep, and it’s understandable that they want to rest before going home. Mothers should have the option of keeping the baby in the room around the clock or not.

Exploring Panama With Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Panama is one of the world’s most impressive cities, but Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa believes the region is not getting the plaudits it should for its evolution into a modern, technologically advanced city. Businessperson Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has been a resident of Panama since 2011 and hopes visitors from around the world will soon look to follow in his footsteps in exploring everything this historic area has to offer; Figueroa believes there is much more to see than simply the world famous canal that has become a major destination for visitors.

Figueroa explained how he himself likes to tour the city and gave away a few secrets about the areas of Panama he likes to spend his enjoyable, but limited free time in the city. One of the aspects of life in Panama that Figueroa on enjoys is heading into the city from the Tocumen International Airport and taking in the beauty of the constantly changing cityscape that has evolved during the years he has been living and working in Panama; the growth of glass and metal skyscrapers has changed the way people see Panama and given the location a similar look to some of the most luxurious cities in the world.

When Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa first made his way to Panama he took up an executive position with a single company, but this has now grown for Figueroa to include his executive positions with five different organizations in Panama. The success Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has achieved as a business leader has allowed him the opportunity to look to give something back to the community of Panama, and does so by looking to assist the young people of Panama in achieving their potential.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa believes every visitor should look to get the most out of the cultural aspects of Panama, including the galleries of the DiabloRosso area. Despite the impressive changes being made to Panama Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa believes each and every visitor should spend some time enjoying the wonder that is the Panama Canal; the 20 minute drive to the Canal from the center of the city leads to an experience that each and every visitor will remember.

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Outrage Over Common Core Testing

The buzz over the past couple schools years has been the curriculum. That trend seems to hold strong to this school years also. According to an online Wall Street Journal article Parents and educators are expressing outrage and are pensive about the new state tests starting in March.

These new online tests are a reflection of Common core; a dirty word for most educators. The standards are tougher for what students are supposed to learn and Parents are anxious about how these tests will make their kids feel. The key arguments against these tests include things such as the tests using up too much class time, the tests will be too hard, the tests will negatively impact students’ self-esteem, and the tests will waste taxpayer money.

Being a father of two children dealing with the same situation, I can empathize with the New Jersey parents. The class material has noticeably changed since I was in school to the point where I have to teach myself this stuff before I can help my kids with their work. A simple subtraction problem has evolved into some sort of half-page monster that makes no sense. It reminds me of the adage, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. My kids are still in elementary school, I can only imagine how much the curriculum has changed for high school students. Being a parent, it is our responsibility to help our children succeed in school. I don’t know how we will be able to help them if the curriculum keeps changing into this morphed complexity that isn’t even necessary. In the real world, if you take 20 minutes to figure out one subtraction problem you aren’t going to have a successful career.

I sympathize with the parents of New Jersey. It is good to see that 45 people signed up to speak their mind in the meeting discussed in the article. I hope the people in charge of coming up with the curriculum realize the folly of their ways and bring things back to the old school way. It’s so much easier that this substitution method our kids are learning today.

Make It Makari De Suisse For The Whitest and Brightest Complexion People Will Envy

There are excellent skin care companies, and then there are all the rest, especially when it comes to providing advanced formulas for dark skin tones and ethnic complexions.

You would think the choices would be huge for our beautiful category of skin care, because so many women and men fight hyper-pigmentation issues often. We want a whiter, glowing and evenly balanced complexion, but all we seem to be offered are suspect formulas with dangerous bleaching agents.

That’s why Makari De Suisse stands high above the competition, securing its spot as the world’s leader in safe, quick and effective skin lightening and brightening products. Makari could easily add hydroquinone to their rich and pampering formulas, but they don’t believe in possibly harming one’s health.

Instead, the brand has developed a global following based on their pure skin lightening treatments. Organiclarine is one such ingredient that is present in many of their products. It’s a safe, non-medicated substance that successfully lightens the complexion or spots and patches of the body that show discoloration. It’s a powerful ingredient that halts excessive pigment formation and helps you reach the ideal balance and whiter tone.

Makari formulas all share advanced science in luxurious plant-based and caviar extract formulas. Your skin texture will change from rough to clear and smooth, and your tone will even and lighten and deliver a gorgeous radiance.
Makari’s Exclusive Toning Cream and Soap are the perfect two-punch for achieving flawless, spotless skin. Both have maximum amounts of Organiclarine to start the whitening process off. The soap contains amazing exfoliation power. This double whitener has been designed for use on the face only. Apply the products once or twice per day, three times a week for best results.

Another Makari favorite comes from their Extreme Serum with Carrot and Argan Oil line. This one is made for the body only and contains Organiclarine along with vitamins C and E for the finest in clear skin with ideal whitening. Argan and carrot oil together also help to lighten and moisturize the skin.

Make it Makari when you’re looking for brighter, evenly toned skin.

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Spying On Teens On The Computer

Most teenagers get on the computer or on a phone at some point during the day to go on social media sites or to look at other sites that are online. There are also more parents who are paying close attention to what their teens are doing when they are on the internet. This is something every parent of a teen should do until the child turns 18. The parent is responsible for what the teen does, and if the teen does something to get in trouble online, then the parent should be responsible for not making sure better choices were made. There is such a thing as blocking a website so that teens are not allowed to visit it until they are older or show that they are mature enough to handle the content that is presented. If teens are unable to follow the rules set forth by the parent, then the device should be taken away.

There are many parents who might feel guilty about spying on their children, but if it means making sure the children are safe, then it’s worth spying. Over 60% of parents have admitted to spying on their teens while they are online. They will go to social media sites to look at pictures and read posts or look through the history on the device to see what websites have been visited. Some parents have grounded their children from a cellphone or computer after finding inappropriate content. About 40% of parents know the password to their child’s phone or computer. This is an important safety aspect as parents need to know how to unlock the device to make sure there is nothing hidden.

If more parents take the time to check in on their children while they are online, then a lot of the activity that takes place might not happen. There might not be as many kidnappings or teen pregnancies. Parents might not see an increase in violence among teens or bullying that occurs with some teens if parents would pay attention to what teens do online.

Parenting in New Jersey Made Easier

Parenting is the core responsibility of bringing up children. Although challenging, parenting is necessary for the determination of a child’s character. At times, parents face work related or personal challenges barring them from exercising good parenting skills on their kids. That is why at New Jersey, the Center for Family Services partners with various companies and agencies to assist employees and family members in parenting. Centre for Family Services, through Employee Assistance Program, has qualified parenting staff to help families in dealing with issues like:

Referral Description Intro
The program offers employed parents and children counseling sessions. The courses are necessary for solving parenting issues while making them happy in the end.

Referral Description Details
The Employee Assistance Program encourages employees, and their families acquire resources directed to solving issues hence happy families.

Baby’s Best Start Program
The nine-week program incorporates parents and family members on Saturdays between 10am-2pm for children to acquire the best start up. The sessions are facilitated in English and Spanish. On completing the program, the staff monitors the babies by visiting or making monthly calls. Baby’s Best Start provides the following services:

• Referral Description Introduction
They give children the perfect start through incorporating qualified staff. The open referral program welcomes all parents and families.
• Eligibility
The Baby Best program is open to all families in Gloucester County and Camden. For you to make a reference, mail or fax Parent Resource Center Referral Form.

Funded by New Jersey Department of Children and Families, TAFCAR (Treatment Alternatives for Children at Risk) offers in-home quality education and counseling services to prevent children from neglect and abuse. Therefore, it encourages stable families. Parents acquire lessons on how to communicate with their children while solving issues. They also offer lessons on how to manage their children’s behavior. Referrals from the community, church, schools and human service agencies are accepted after the DCP&P referrals.…/parenting

SASS (Self-Assurance Self-Sufficiency) Program
The SASS program was founded to assist families in developing a high level of self-assurance and self-security. Through the program, parents learn the sense of instilling discipline in their kids. SASS instills unity by creating healthier families for communities. SASS supports families in becoming self-sufficient by providing linkages to treatment resources. A healthy family is a happy family. Family Success Centers are community-based and family-centered established to provide family support on parenting and guidance.

I Filled Our New Development With Lovely Families

Nexbank is a bank in Dallas that I trust, and I also work through them a lot because I am a real estate agent in Dallas. The homes that I sell are often bought with the money that is provided by Nexbank in their loans, and I think that it is very important for people like me to get to know the programs that are offered at Nexbank. They are in the middle of a massive affordable home program that is helping all these people buy their homes outright not long after I show them the homes.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

The homes that I sell are in a good price range, and they are all purchased by people who go to Nexbank on my recommendation. They come back with pre approval letters pretty soon, and then I get to show them how they can move into their homes when the sale closes. I have done this with a lot of people who were in need, and I have been wondering for a long time why we would do anything else. Every client is paying less every month, and they are getting the home they want.

I filled up an entire new development with people who were going to Nexbank for their loans, and we have a nice place to live that I actually bought a home in. I fell in love with this community, and I got to know a lot of the people I was selling to. I bought the model home using the same program that everyone else used at Nexbank, and we are all living in homes that are far more affordable than they ever were before. This has completely changed the way that I view home ownership, and it has helped me improve my performance as a real estate agent.

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