It’s Possible To Raise A Truly Bilingual Child

In many parts of the world, raising a child that speaks more than one language is the norm. In the United States, on the other hand, helping your child to grow up truly bilingual can be very challenging. Yet it is possible. The key is early and consistent exposure to both languages. In most cases children in the United States attend schools, watch television shows and live in communities where English is the language that is spoken primarily. But there are things parents can do to help their children become bilingual.

If the parent and some of the children’s other close relatives are not native English speakers, they should make sure to communicate with the child in their native language beginning when they are very young. They should also make sure there are lots of opportunities for the child to communicate with others that speak the language the parents want them to learn. A recent article in The New York Times talked about how foreign speaking care givers and others can help a child learn a second language(

For the child to grow up truly bilingual, people must continue to communicate with them in the second language throughout their lives. It also helps if they use media like radio, television, books and magazines in the second language as well. In ‘Raising a Bilingual Child’ by Barbara Zurer Pearson, the author gives step-by-step instructions and a host of valuable tips parents can use to help their child grow up bilingual. She also points out many of the benefits being bilingual offers. It’s just further confirmation that it is possible to raise a healthy, happy, bilingual child.

But parents shouldn’t be under any illusions. If you want your child to grow up bilingual, it’s going to take time and consistent effort.

Parenting In Central New Jersey Should Not Include Comparison

There are a number of issues being faced by parents in Central New Jersey. One of them is the comparison among kids.
This is typically with regard to material possessions. Parents come face-to-face with this reality when they see their kids lying. This is because they wish to gel in with their peer group. Hence they may lie about having a big house, a luxury car, or even expensive dresses.

It is important to know why kids lie and how they get these ideas. Parents in Central New Jersey and anywhere else in the world are giving their children everything that they could possibly want. They do not wish to deny them simply anything. This can be due to love for them, or to rid their conscience of guilt for not spending much time with them. Besides, parents are generous because they can afford it.

But over time, this spending on kids tends to get out of control. It is important to get to the background of it. The society we live in tends to reinforce that we are worth based on what we possess and not on who we are as a person.

This is why people try to portray more than what they actually have. This can lead to lying, deceit and so on. Kids want to show that they have more than what the others around them have. This is where parenting can play a major part.

Kids tend to emulate their parents. In case the parents are grounded, so will the kids be. Parents need to instill values in their kids. They need to tell the kids that people are more valuable than the things they possess. Once kids understand this concept, they would stop comparing themselves with others on the basis of what all they possess.

Open Class Rooms and No Class Rooms For Many New Jersey Schools

New Jersey education is hopeful for reform. Currently, education pay outs are based on a set amount per district. This equation does not factor in that some districts may be experiencing a student surge while others have smaller numbers. In some over crowded areas teachers are educating in rooms of 28 or more while the recommended student to teacher ratio is at 21.

Over crowded neighborhoods with not enough resources are having to resort to buildings that were previously used as montessori schools. Teachers are teaching in open spaces that are not divided by walls which can be highly distracting to other children learning. Additionally, gyms are being used as lunch rooms and libraries are being doubled as “classrooms” for english learning students. While some may argue that using the space for multi purposes is a smart idea, others will argue that there is a definite need for classroom walls.

With elections coming in November many New Jersey families are hopeful that a new governor will mean a new education reform plan. School districts with low enrollment are receiving the same as school districts with high enrollment and there is no factor in place for special needs children. Additionally, many substance abuse counselers and nurses have been laid back to make room for budget cuts. This leaves children who are already in need without more resources that they would normally depend on. The Superintendent, Mr. Tomazec, has said that the district will be getting some renovations to libraries that will ultimately create additional and much-needed classroom space.

The Triumph of CEO Troy McQuagge

Updated August 4th, 2017: Troy McQuagge CEO of US Health has won another award for his leadership and skills at the head of this insurance company.  Just last month Troy was the Gold Winner in the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards.  This award highlights his leadership, and ability to make intelligent decisions about where the company is moving forward.

Affordability of health care in the United States is a major problem that has been ongoing for some time but a lasting solution is imminent. This assertion is based on the revolutionary steps that have been initiated by several players in the health sector. Recently, the coveted One Planet Award was awarded to one of the most influential player in the healthcare insurance market CEO Troy McQuagge. This is a warm gesture at a time when the American people are immobilized by the almost unaffordable healthcare plans. The One Planet Award is a global initiative intended to recognize the efforts of businesses and individuals in their endeavors to make the world a better place.



The Award is an annual program that seeks to reward individuals and businesses around the world that have shown commitment to business professionalism and merit. Companies and individuals from all over the world are allowed to submit their nominations. The award captures all spheres including the public and private sector among other societal players regardless of the size of an institution. This award is convened in different classifications as a deliberate move to capture a wider scope. Such classifications include executives, teams, PR, and corporates among other clusters.



This year, CEO Troy McQuagge bagged the Award for his outstanding efforts in the health sector. He is the current president of USHEALTH and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Since he joined the USHEATLTH Group in 2010, he has propelled the company in notable ways. Before him, USHEALTH’s captive distribution agency was rather inefficient therefore it did not meet the expectations of many. Soon after he took over, he began the process of bringing back the company to the purpose under which it was formed. McQuagge started off with the smart effort of reequipping USHEALTH’S Advisors a move that bore him notable admirations across the cooperate world.



Evidently, McQuagge has an irrefutable passion for his job. It took him only 4 years to rise and become the company’s president in 2014 and this was purely on merit. Under his unmatched leadership, the company has grown in both effectiveness and competitiveness beating other healthcare insurance companies in the market. In his speech at the Award ceremony, he alluded to the company’s commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem. His creative nature has helped the company to develop innovative health insurance covers that have earned him his current success.

Rick Smith Serves Well As CEO Of Securus

There are many people who will find that they need the services provided by Securus, and they will have Rick Smith to thank for the help that he provides. He has asked the company to update itself several times over, and he knows that there are many people who are relying on the services that Securus provides. This article explains how Rick has asked the company to grow, and he is showing that this firm has a way of giving all inmates and their families the best calling services they need.

#1: The Video Calls

The video calls that are offered by the Securus brand are facilitated by the video cameras that have been placed in the jails around the country. These jails have partnered with Rick Smith Securus, and they provide a camera that allows the inmates to see their families and vice versa. Someone who calls may use the video feature on their computer or phone, and they will see a clear picture of the people they love.

#2: Replacing Visitations

There are many visitations that must be done over the phone because the people who want to visit simply cannot get to the jails. There are many people who wish to start a visitation on their phone or computer. These families are free to sit around a phone or tablet as they place their call, and they are using technology that Rick wanted to see as a part of the company’s lineup.

#3: Voice Recognition

There is a voice recognition program that Rick ordered for the company, and he wants to see it put in-use in as many places as possible. He knows that there are a number of people who are hoping to find someone on a phone call because they are searching for criminals, and they will be surprised to find that Securus will search for them. This is a service that helps law enforcement, and it only searches for certain voices without infringing on the privacy of anyone who is making a call.

#4: The Company Is Growing

The company is growing quite a lot under Rick, and it is will continue to grow for many years to come because he has been quite proactive in the way that it grow. They want to have as many partner jails as possible, and Rick wants to show the public that they have options for prison calling that are far better than normal.There are many people using Securus because of the way the company has been constructed, and it helps them find the people they want to talk to in many jails around the country. This is a service that helps all people who need to reach loved ones.

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Recent News on Parenting Trends in Central New Jersey

New Jersey is the top State in America with the highest number of millennial aged18 to 24 still living at home with their parents. The figure stands at 47 % of all the young adults in the state as at 2015. Only a third of this group could comfortably live independently of their relatives whereas the majority would prefer to live with their parents than their spouses.

Reasons given

So many explanations have been given explaining this trend, the leading one being that young people marry late in their lives due to their pursuit of a university degree. Census data reveals that New Jersey dragged behind in wage growth, a strong indication as to the cause of the highest number of millennial preferring to stay at home. With unemployment rates according to the Bureau of Statistics in the country standing at 4.8 %, the figure in New Jersey stood at 5 %. The data suggest more youth will opt to stay at home due to harsh economic conditions. Most of the recent college graduates are strapped with debts, the average debt load as at 2014 for a single graduate standing at $28,000. The data is a generation of the Institute for College Access and Success.

Gender divides at work places

The gender imbalance at work places played a crucial role in exacerbating this situation of parenting in states like New Jersey. Pew Research Center showed that women are more likely to live with a spouse or a partner. More senior citizens were found to live alone since their relatives had passed away or had moved to nursing homes. Counties that joined the list as having the most dependent millennial included Hunterdon, Passaic and Sussex, each standing at 55 %. The situation would not be very encouraging, in the economic sense, since most of them will not have the capability of buying homes and starting new families.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s Foundation Makes Civil Rights Cases Better

The Frontera Fund is an organization that is able to help people with the issues that they are having and with the experiences that they have when they are in different situations. For Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to be able to create this foundation, they had to make sure that they were doing things the right way and they actually had to go through their own civil rights case so that they would be able to try different things for people who were in different situations. The men didn’t want to have to do that but they did it so that they could help other people.


When Larkin and Lacey worked on their own website, they were reporters. They were doing different things to show people the problems in the world. As reporters, they were along the lines of activists and that was something that set them apart from other reporters. They had to make sure that they were doing things the right way and that they were going to be able to show people different things that were corrupt in different areas. The men didn’t care what was going on or what they had to do, they knew that they had to expose corruption in different areas.


One of the biggest things was right in their own hometown. This was the corruption that was going on in their sheriff’s department and with the people who were a part of it. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey knew that the sheriff was doing things that were illegal but they didn’t have any idea how far those ideas stretched. While the men suspected it was something that had to do with immigrants, they were unable to prove it until they started looking at the different situations in their sheriff’s office.


For Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to be able to do this, they had to make sure that they were going to be able to try different things and do more in their business. They were huge supporters of immigration rights and of the things that were going on in their own situations. They were also fond of helping people who were unable to do much to help themselves. Because of this, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey wanted to expose the sheriff’s office and the things that the sheriff was doing. They wanted to make sure that people were being treated fairly.

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When the truth came out, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested for the things that they were publishing about the sheriff’s office. The office arrested them illegally and that made it hard for the men to fight the issues that were going on in each of these situations. It was also something that made it nearly impossible for the men to continue with the things that they were doing. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested but they used their experience to fight the charges and they were awarded a settlement that they then used to start the Frontera Fund.


Patty Rocklage excellent skills in psychotherapy

Patty Rocklage is a renowned licensed psychotherapist who bases her work in Massachusetts. She performs family and marriage therapies and counseling. She holds unique styles and extensive experience in her service. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase

She has been doing this task for more than two decades now. Through her efficient work, she has earned reputation in the whole world. She handles her clients with humor and makes them build their confidence as she listens to them keenly and taking notes on how and where to help them.

Patty Rocklage counsel families, couples, and individuals who have psychological disorders such as stress and depression. She restores relationships and makes people feel relieved from their mental burdens and become new beings through her psychology session.

Patty Rocklage has an excellent educational background. She received a degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California. In her profession she has gained tremendous skills in teaching, counseling, speaking in public, team building coaching and mentoring.

She uses her skills to meet the needs of her customers to better their lives as they thrive through life challenges.

Patty Rocklage has a great personality and strong focus which gives her drive to the therapy industry. Patty is more social to her clients who bring them close to her, making it possible to reflect on the solutions part of their problems. Her listening skill paves the way for her clients to speak out their problems as she gives them lasting solutions. Patty is committed to putting a low profile about her customer`s information. She does not share the therapy information with the third party.

As a psychotherapist, she has a good track record with excellent experience in handling couples, personal and families’ cases that might make their lives hard.

Many of her clients always come back for support, lessons, advises and mentorship or even refer their friends and family members to Rocklage because of her effectiveness in therapy industry.

Patty Rocklage is philanthropically helping with the Sudanese Education Fund. The fund is aimed at making the Sudanese people more productive to the world.

Through restoring financial, educational and employment problems of the people of Southern Sudanese who resides in Massachusetts.

Touch-A-Truck Event in New Jersey

It is no surprise that kids love trucks and an annual event in Gloucester County near Central New Jersey takes advantage of this interest to teach and educate families and children. The event is known as the Touch-A-Truck and More and will be running for the fourth consecutive year, but this time with new features to help to

Touch-A-Truck and More will take place on August 12th at the Gloucester County 4-H Fair Grounds which are located at 275 Bridgeton Pike (Route 77), Mullica Hill. It runs from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon and will occur during rain or shine. The event charges by the carload and it costs $5 per car, so be sure to pack the kids in tight.

At the event there will be games, educational tables, children’s events, and even a petting zoo. Children’s games and events include bubble balls that children can interact with, face painting options, craft tables, magicians to play with children, and various art activities to teach and entertain. Of course, there will also be a wide range of trucks and other vehicles that children can climb on and explore. Include in the mix are trucks, firetrucks, and even race cars. Monster trucks, big rigs, and tow trucks will all be part of the exhibition. Food and drinks will also be available for purchase at the site.

Home Depot will be partially sponsoring the event and will have craft tables set up to teach children and, of course, to interact with parents as well.

The proceeds from the event will go to the Heart of South Jersey an organization that provides life skills and assistance to those in need.

Touch-a-Truck has proved to be a lasting institution in Gloucester County and will provide a great, affordable, and educational opportunity for the entire community.

Extended Use of Cell Phones hurting Parenting

Parents are spending more time that necessary connected to their electronic devices, a recent study has shown. According to the study, parents are spending more than nine hours a day with various screen media devices and out of this, seven hours and forty-three minutes are spent on screen media. Only an hour and some thirty-nine minutes are used for work,
The study conducted by Common Sense Media surveyed 1,786 parents country wide. Watching the TV, reading both print and electronic books, using digital devices in different things, using social media, playing games and generally browsing through websites are the activities that Common Sense Media put in covered in the study.
The study further observed that 54% of parents said screen time does not impact on the behavior of their children.
It further showed that those parents decrease the harmful impact that screen time has on them when their children use these devices. The research highlights face-face communication, emotional connection and well-being, physical activity, school performance, relationships and the ability to focus as areas most impacted by lengthy screen connections.
The report comes amid continued emphasis by medical and mental health professionals persistently calling on parents and the general public to be wary of the effects of extended connections on devices.
As more options to remain connected become available, parents are advised to find fun and meaningful time away from their beloved devices, in order to enhance relationships with their children. Kids said that when their parents become distracted by lengthy use of cell phones, they lack their attention, an observation that many fathers and mothers agreed on
A survey by AVG Technologies conducted in June 2016 concurred with the Common Sense Survey, noting that 32 percent of children felt unimportant when parents got distracted by devices. The AVT Technologies survey was conducted on more than 4,000 children aged between eight to thirteen years in Australia, Canada, Brazil, The United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States