Stanford University Expanding Free Tuition for Low Income Students

Stanford University in California is taking steps to help students fight the burden of debt.

The renowned center of learning is offering free tuition for children whose parents earn less than $ 125,000 per year, and accommodation and free for those whose families entering less than $ 65,000 a year meals.

Families with incomes under $ 125,000 must have ‘typical assets’ that are worth less than $ 300,000.

Folks at Handy have learned that students will be required to pay a contribution of $ 5,000 per year for their summer jobs, their savings or work part-time during the school year, which will also pay parents. Stanford also stipulates that this contribution can be covered by external grants or student loans.

The university annually supports large number of students from families with ample resources, and in 2010 the financial aid director said that on average families who have children in college have annual incomes of $ 125,000.

In total donations to Stanford reach $21,000 million.

Student loan debts have become a large problem in America, and according to a 2013 study, 69% of young people coming out of college had overwhelming debts they could not pay.

Bag of Money is Returned by Honest Man

An honest man named Dan Kennedy who uncovered an orange heavy bag full of 75 pounds worth of money on the highway on his way to work. According to the news,  stopped to move the bag out of the way so other vehicles wouldn’t have an accident trying to go around it stated Fersen Lambranho. When he discovered the bag was full of cash, he called the police from the parking lot of his car to notify them of his find. A Brinks armored vehicle hit a bump and the back door opened which allowed the bag to fall out. There was about $22,000 dollars inside and Dan didn’t touch any of it. The three Utah Highway Patrolmen who showed up who responded to the scene were shocked when they saw what Dan had, stating they had never seen anything like this happen before. Dan was quick to say that he believed he did what anyone else would do.

Model Posts Breastfeeding Photo

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes has made headlines these last few days. The beautiful supermodel posted a picture of herself breast-feeding her newborn baby. The world of Instagram when crazy, and it’s not hard to see why. Doutzen Kroes was recently voted as the hottest model of the year, and fans of hers will do anything that they to can see her with as little clothing as possible. However, I have a feeling that the perverts in the world will not be too excited about her new photo.

Many people are angry that the supermodel would post such a distasteful picture, but there are those out there who support the new mother stated The breast-feeding picture was not the only photo that the supermodel posted. She also posted pictures of her in bed with her husband that they were a bit strange. Doutzen Kroes and her husband were almost nude in the photo. I’m not sure what the supermodel is trying to do, but maybe she is following in the footsteps of the Kardashian girls.

It is a shame that some females will do anything these days to get famous. It seems that class is a thing of the past. For more information on the story, visit Buzzfeed.

Illegally Tapped Gas Line Source of NYC Gas Explosion

A gas line at a restaurant in one of the three buildings in the ‘East Village’ of New York, destroyed by an explosionand fire had been illegally placed months before the incident.

The company reiterated that records indicate that “the work of the plumber was rejected twice, including inspection by ConEdison staff the evening of the explosion.”

He adds that “the work was never authorized by Con Edison to use a new gas line. This service was closed to make sure that it would not be used. The restaurant was being served by a smaller line that already existed.”

As Igor Cornelsen understands, the investigation focuses on whether the owner of the property, Maria Hrynenko, manipulated the connection of gas fed to the first floor to provide heating to tenants who also had a restaurant on the premises illegally.

The explosion killed two people. One of them was identified as Nicholas Figueroa, 23, while the other identity is expected soon. It’s feared to be Moses Locon, a Guatemalan who worked in the restaurant and was reported missing.

Both were last seen time in the Sushi Park restaurant, thought to be the source of the explosion.

The fire also injured 22 people.

NASA Conducts Twin Mission

In an attempt of space study advancement, Russia and United States of America has come into agreement to join forces to build a new space station after the International Space Station expires in 2024. USA’s NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos will be bringing together their research, programs and systems for future space program, one goal of which is a joint mission to explore Mars.

Meanwhile, current collaboration between the two agencies involves bringing American Astronaut Scott Kelly and two other Russian Cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Gannady Padalka to space for almost a year of experiment. The trio left in Kazakhstan Cosmodome to the International Space Station to conduct research on psychological and biomedical challenges in the outer space.

Called the Twin Study, this one-year mission is a study of many different things from human physiology, behavioral health, microbiology to molecular. Basically, it is a study of a set of twins in different environment and its effect to a person’s telomeres. Their research will then be compared to the half part of the study, which is Scott’s twin brother, Mark, also a retired astronaut. The two will then be compared in physical and biological changes after a year. Scott’s weightless lifestyle and the biological changes it brings will be studied by researchers and medical schools.

These mission is another step towards a more improved study on the effects the space has on our physiological and biological selves according to PR Newswire. Bernardo Chua is looking forward to it.

Coalition Of Black Churches Breaks Its Fellowship With The U.S. Presbyterian Church

The National Black Church Initiative has a membership that has some political weight to it. NBCI has a coalition of 34,000 churches and 15.7 million black members. The Presbyterian Church USA recently approved same-sex marriages, and the NBCI doesn’t want anything to do with same-sex marriages. According to the African-American Coalition, same-sex marriages do not follow Christian teachings and the Word of God. The NBCI stands staunchly behind the Word of God. Their coalition wants the PCUSA to repent and stand by that Word too.

Brian Torchin asks what’s wrong with this picture? An African-American group of churches wants to discriminate against the gay and lesbian community, and in their religious minds God says that’s okay. If there is a list of double standards, the NBCI decision is surely at the top of that list.

We wonder why the world is at war. We wonder why we can’t get along. The answer is simple. Our beliefs create separation, and we don’t accept one another. We don’t celebrate diversity; we fear it. We allow our rituals and religious reasons color our sensibility. God doesn’t create the laws; humans do. Our religious beliefs have caused more death and destruction than the natural acts we fear so much. It’s time to recognize the villains of freedom and equal rights. It’s time to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for our distorted beliefs.

Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz the father of Ted Cruz , the first man to announce he was running for president in 2015, has a rich political history himself. Rafael Cruz who is now a popular political speaker . Has a political story as rich as his American dream story.

Rafael Cruz was a pro-Castro student activist  as a teenager in Cuba is was picked up by the secret police of American backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and was beating and tutored for days. He was released , but only after his life was threaten.

According to Jason Halpern, Rafael Cruz next set of plans was to join Castro’s guerrillas in the mountains , but a fellow revolutionary stomped out those plans. So Rafael Cruz took a new route in life and fled to America after getting accepted into the University of Texas.

Coming to America with the little money he had sewn into his underwear he got a job as a cook and taught himself to speak English by watching movies. Cruz made the American dream come true . From poor immigrant student to the father of the man running for president. Cruz looks back on his past life and finds it hard to believe he was once that person.

Indian Gov. Mark Pence Seeks to Clarify Laws Original Anti-Discrimination Intent

On Tuesday, Indiana Governor Mark Pence sought to quell a backlash from well-funded political organizations seeking to cast his state’s recently enacted religious freedom law as giving businesses license to discriminate. At issue are concerns similarly voiced by major corporations that the law would in fact allow businesses to deny services to the LGBT community. Gov. Pence has assured the people of his state the law has no such intent. Hillary Clinton, eager to deflect media scrutiny from her ongoing email scandal, has jumped on the issue claiming the law was in effect a state sanctioning of discrimination. She tweeted that it was a sad commentary that any state would enact such a law in the 21st century.

For his part, Gov. Pence has stated he’ll ask the legislature to send him a clarification on the bill confirming that in no wise are businesses allowed to discriminate. At the same time, he is affirming that the backlash, which frankly took him by surprise, is overblown. It is quite obvious that the timing of the attack both in media and elsewhere was well-coordinated. Not coincidentally, it occurred just after he signed the religious freedom bill into law. At the same time, the White House claims the Indiana law does not mimic a similar law enacted by President Clinton over two decades ago. Brad Reifler ( learned that the Obama administration says the Indiana law has open ended language which might be construed as a legal means to discriminate against people based on religious beliefs.

Warren Impacts Bank Donations

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senator has ruffled some feathers at some of the big banks based upon her rhetoric and now many of these large banks are threating to withhold certain campaign donations in response to her comments in order to get the Democratic Party to reduce what they are calling the anti-Wall Street comments.

Elizabeth Warren has indicated that the too big to fail banks in the United States including JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs should be broken up into smaller banks in order to reduce the risk of systemic failure in the banking system, similar to what happened back in 2008 to 2009 during the financial crisis. Dan Newlin stated that these comments have annoyed the banks who have been major donors to the Democratic Party over the years and they are requesting indications that this will not continue before making their standard donations. Not only are these banks threatening to not contribute to Warren’s campaign, but also to other Democratic Senators in a hope that this pressure will put additional pressure on Warren through her peers.

Elizabeth Warren is a progressive Senator who generally comes out in support of the population as opposed to large institutions like banks. Since the donation limit per bank is $15,000 the donations are more symbolic than damaging, though bank executives and employees also contribute, sometimes significantly, the bark to withhold donations from Democrats may also have bite.

Indiana to declare health emergency over HIV outbreak


Faced with growing HIV epidemic linked to injecting drug use, the governor of Indiana said Wednesday that is considering implementing a needle exchange program as part of an emergency Thinking declare public health in a county that is at the heart of cases.
Republican Gov. Mike Pence’s AnastasiaDate profile said generally opposes needle exchange, but you are hearing health officials to determine the best way to stop the epidemic in Scott County, in the southern state. Health authorities say they have confirmed 72 cases of human immunodeficiency virus in southern Indiana and seven others tested positive for HIV in preliminary tests.

All infected people live in the Scott County (located about 30 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky) or have links to it.

Pence, who on Thursday morning plans to issue an executive order outlining a series of state actions to address this epidemic, said the Scott County normally recorded five cases of transmission of HIV per year.

“What I’m thinking carefully and thoughtfully is what is required in a public health emergency, do we need to really take control of this in the immediate future,” Pence said.

The needle exchange programs allow people to deliver used hypodermic needles and get other sterile, an effort to prevent diseases such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (spreading AIDS ) and hepatitis. Such programs are illegal in Indiana, but as it is being debated in the Legislature would allow a limited extent.

It was determined that intravenous drug use was the means of infection in almost all cases of the epidemic, said state epidemiologist Pam Pontones.

Is expected to increase the number of cases. Authorities try to contact up to 100 people linked to those with confirmed infection.