BRL Trust Investment

Expanding upon a current investment portfolio is a very good idea for anyone who wants to make their money grow faster and protect themselves, just in case one nation’s economy starts to fail. Using the services of BRL Trust can help improve the portfolio by moving money into the international market. This includes in the country of Brazil itself. The nation of Brazil has the the largest economy inside of South America and the sixth largest economy in the world. It trades a considerable amount with China, so where China goes Brazil typically goes. Regardless of this though, BRL Trust can point out valuable investment opportunities throughout the country and the rest of the world. It really just comes down to what the investor wants to invest in and how they want to expand upon their current portfolio.

BRL Trust is there to manage an individual or business’s financial portfolio. With this, it really comes down to how the investor wants the company to handle their finances. Some companies many just want BRL Trust to handle everything and do whatever the financial firm believes is the best way to grow the value of the portfolio. With this sort of an investment, it really leaves the firm open to doing just about whatever it want. On the other side of the spectrum, BRL Trust is able to manage the account by simply performing the trades and purchases the investor wants to do. The firm makes it easier for the investor to invest its money, but the investor itself has total control. It really just comes down to how the investor wants the firm to handle their money.  It also matters if they want to trust the reviews on Facebook.

Now, beyond just how the company manages the investor’s money, there are different methods for which the firm invests the money as well. It is able to invest in foreign currency as well as foreign properties. It also has an easier time investing inside of the nation of Brazil itself and for investing in China as there are fewer regulations between China and Brazil than what there is between China and the United States. All of this makes it extremely valuable to use the investment firm and to help grow the value of a person or business’s portfolio. There is no limit or size to investment, but it does make it possible to grow the business and to increase the total value of the investor’s portfolio on the international market. This link explains quite a bit more for people.

Benefits of Beneful

These days people are taking the quality of their food very seriously. They want food that is as close to being natural as possible, with as few manmade additives as possible. This health trend is spilling over into their pet’s lives too. Fortunately for those looking for a varied, quality dog food, there is a product called Beneful.

Beneful is a dog food introduced by the Nestle Purina corporation back in 2001. The Beneful dog food line includes dry dog food, wet dog food, and a variety of different flavored and shaped treats. Their line includes food for dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes. There are lines of food for growing puppies, older dogs, and dogs that need weight mamagement. The Beneful line also includes foods specifically for helping dogs develop soft, shiny coats, and for maintaining healthy, plaque free teeth.

Snacks are a big part of a dog’s life. They are used for rewarding good behavior and just simply showing dogs love. Purina realized treats, playing such a big part of a dog’s life, should be made of wholesome ingredients as well. So they developed a line of snacks made from the same nutritious ingredients as their dog food. These snacks come in many different shapes and flavors, and a couple of them are designed to help remove plaque and tarter, and freshen dog’s breath.

Beneful only uses healthy, wholesome ingredients, and they vary widely in each type of food. Each line has grains, meats, fruits and veggies to create a balanced, delicious food to keep dogs healthy and happy. The meat ingredients are chicken, beef, pork, lamb, salmon, and turkey. Oatmeal and many different types of rice are added as grains. The fruits include blueberries, apples, raspberries, avocados, and a few other fruits. As for veggies, one can find green beans, carrots, peas, and more healthy vegetables when reading through the ingredient list.

The ingredients vary through each kind of dog food and snack treats the Beneful line offers, which means the taste, texture and smell change as well. This makes for an interesting meal, every meal, and keeps dogs intrigued in their food. With the many different types of food in the beneful line, owners can mix up what flavors and ingredients they are feeding their dogs. Another great thing about the quality ingredients in Beneful dog foods is dog owners can relax knowing they are feeding their dogs a top quality, wholseome and nutrient packed dog food, and their dogs enjoy every last bit.

Overall, the Purina Beneful line of dog food in a nutritionally balanced, tasty dog food made with wholesome, nutritional ingredients that any dog is sure to love. The foods have many different targeted audiences, such and young puppies, old seniors, overweight dogs, or dogs with bad breath. All the foods promote healthy skin and coats and are very palatable. The foods come in wet or dry form, and are made to look very similar to human food. Purina beneful is a great food to feed to dogs.

Too Poor for Food Stamps

Republican Representative Matt Salmon of Arizona and Senator David Vitter want those who need Supplemental Nutrition Assistance to have the where-with-all to get photo ID’s before receiving their food stamps.

Salmon, Vitter and other Republicans are more concerned about food stamp fraud than hunger in America. Of the 78 billion dollar program, USDA estimates that only 1.3 percent of food stamp benefits are used fraudulently.

As Flavio Maluf has heard, the state of Massachusetts already requires food stamp EBT cards to have the card owner’s photo on the card. Check out Maluf’s blogspot page for more info on him. Unfortunately, many in need of food aid also have a difficult time getting to the grocery store and depend on the assistance of friends or family members who are able to help with the shopping but do not receive food stamps. USDA says Massachusetts is using the I.D requirement to improperly cut benefits.

Food stamp benefits are based on the needs of entire households and all household members are supposed to be able to use the card to insure access to the intended nutrition assistance.

The Struggles in Reaching India as a Direct Marketing Company

India is especially against pyramid schemes, and for good reason. The system is set in place to discourage members from engaging with the product or service. It is not necessarily providing anything to the community and the culture as a whole. It is not healthy to the economy, and is always destined to deconstruct at some point.

But direct sales and marketing always seems to compete against the pyramid scheme distinction. A direct sales company works with products and services and not membership fees. This distinction has led many people to label Qnet, a major direct sales company, as just another large pyramid scheme.

It is this claim that has made their success in India problematic, to say the least. A number of high profile arrests has further muddied the problem. Amway’s India Managing Director has arrested in 2013 for claims that he and his company were duping members in their MLM pyramid scheme.

Qnet is an MLM company, which has a different construct entirely compared to a pyramid scheme. The company was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, but they have had their sights on India for some time. India is already a well known bastion of opportunity. Many citizens are just now beginning to acquire and accumulate modest wealth (very modest). But they are enterining into a middle ground between unabashed poverty and luxury. This has allowed for an open window where new luxury-oriented goods could potentially take hold in the Indian marketplace.

Qnet merges these two big ideas and constructs. Firstly, hey are an MLM marketing company, which is a unique take on traditional sales. They are combating against the anti-ideologies that look at MLM companies as glorified scam artists. Secondly, they work in the area of popular consumer goods. The products thwey offer are not inherently related to survival- they are not needs. But due to the economic climate of India shifting, there is a whole new demand for goods that are not basic needs, but still affordable.

Direct selling companies have made a few waves in India. But the door is still wide open in companies such as Qnet entering the new and unexplored India and truly providing something at a grand and powerful scale.

Brian Williams is twice as honest as any Fox news reporter

As if all newsmen are honest in the era of the 24 hour news cycle, Brian Williams is under assault. The news is also prone to interpretation and a hard partisan slant that falsifies information while they are on air and then cast apologies for the discrepancies in very slight manners. Republicans only watch Fox news and because of this, their viewpoint is no longer a viewpoint as much as it is a parrot for the agenda of that news organization thinks Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG.

However, with Brian Williams of course they are crying foul at his dishonesty and Investor CP has shown this. Fox news is in a constant state of retraction when comes to their facts. One of the latest was that in some European countries there were places that terrorists were allowed to live unfettered while they plan attacks on their host countries. This was heavily reported as false throughout Europe, but Fox broadcast it anyway. The hypocrisy of it ball is outstanding.

Brain Foods That Help With ADD According to Daniel Amen

A staggering number of children and adults have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in The United States in recent years. According the the CDC, 11% of children in the age range from 4 to 11 are suffering from this issues and it’s symptoms on a regular basis. What do these numbers mean to the average individual reading through an article? These statistics are in direct proportion to the growing number of fast food chains and hazardous chemicals being injected into our food.

New studies are now showing that elevated levels of unhealthy fats in a persons diet can lead to developmental problems in areas of the brain. These areas are linked to cognitive skills such as attention control, impulse control, mental focus and clarity. In short, obesity in conjunction with bad diet choices are leading to issues such as ADD and depression at more rapid rates than before. The rate of ADD diagnosis has gone up a whopping 3% every year from 1996 to 2006 and averaged at 5% from 2003 to 2011.

Food Choices

Dr. Daniel Amen wants to tackle these issues head on and give us practical solutions to the problems plaguing our lives today. The first step that we need to take is changing our eating habits. Whole foods, fresh fruits, organic vegetables and lean meats need to be at the top of our menu. These brain healthy food choices will give us the nutritional framework in which to build our mind back up again!


The brain is 80% water and needs to frequently be re-hydrated in order to perform optimally and efficiently. As a rule of thumb, divide your current body weight by 2 and try to consume that much water on a daily basis. We know, it’s hard! 

Healthy Fats

The matter that makes up the brain is upwards of 60% fat and needs an abundance of healthy minerals in which to grow. Healthy fats from organic nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and almonds will give you the building blocks in which to create an empowered mind!

Lean Meats

Lean meat contains the protein that our body needs to repair itself. When we give it healthy protein, it’s like sending medics onto the battlefield! Our brain will perform at a higher mental capacity when all of the nutritional requirements are met.

You can read more by Daniel Amen on the Huffington Post or check out one of his many bestselling books.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Adding Up Big Donors

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has a lot going for him should he decide to run for president. For starters, he is the longest serving governor in the state’s history. He left office with Texas in excellent economic condition. His state was largely impervious to the malaise of the Obama economy noted for its falling or stagnant wages, and mostly low-page part-time work being created. On the contrary, Texas continued attracting new businesses and investment. The state has become a center of high-tech employers. In terms of education, it ranks well at the national level. The state is also well run on a fiscal level along with having low taxes.

Additionally, as Lambranho noted, the state is a mecca for wealthy GOP donors all of whom know the governor quite well. This became evident in his announcement on Thursday that his super PAC has secured the support 80 big donors. The former governor certainly aims to build up a Texas-sized super PAC to compete against rivals Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. He also addressed the audience at the annual gala of the American Principle Project. He explained that the nation’s problems can be easily overcome with the right change in leadership, which presumably is his. The former governor still has to beat back the politically motivated charge of abuse of office. He has been unable to get the case dismissed. However, he is largely expected to prevail against the charge.

Vaccinations: Requirement or Damnable?

In recent weeks those who opt out of vaccinating their children on religious grounds have come under tremendous fire. Mississippi and West Virginia are the only two states that do not allow religious exemptions to its vaccination program, with California looking to be the third.

Those that stand on religious grounds as Beltyukov explained,  are usually pointing to the fact that many of our vaccines are grown from aborted babies. Many of these vaccines stem back to fetal cell lines WI-38, MRC-5, HEK-293, and RA273, which come from aborted children. While this is bad enough for many to object to vaccinations on religious grounds, the fact remains that there are ethical options for quite a few of these vaccines, grown from bacteria, chickens, and rabbits. A chart of these vaccines and their alternatives can be found at [url=]Children of God for Life[/url]. These alternative vaccines are just not administered in the United States. Many of them are found in Japan, who is equal to, if not more technologically advanced than the United States.

So the major question we should all be asking is, why are pharmaceutical companies like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline blaming religious objections to vaccines for outbreaks, when they have stopped producing ethical alternatives?

Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Rod Rohrich M.D.

Some moms just need to treat themselves and feel young again. This is where plastic surgery becomes an option. If you are considering transforming your life with cosmetic surgery, it is extremely important to consider a reputable surgeon.

Dr Rod Rohrich M.D. is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who is based in Dallas, Texas. He performs plastic surgery to repair and restore injuries to children and adults on their hands and faces. He also does restorative plastic surgery as well. He is currently working on projects on various new cosmetic procedures, new discoveries and techniques in breast implant surgery, and advancements in working with skin aging.
Dr. Rod Rohrich attended college at North Dakota State University and received his Bachelors of Arts degree. He then went on to attend North Dakota School of Medicine where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He then went on to attend Baylor School of Medicine and received his degree almost 40 years ago. He then did his residency in 1979 at the University of Michigan Hospital in Regular Surgery and was there for three years. He then continued on to do his residency in Plastic Surgery there in 1982 for three years, and was there until 1985. He also did a pediatric fellowship in Plastic Surgery for 6 months at Oxford. After that, he left and went on to Massachusetts General Hospital. He then did his fellowship for his specialty in hand surgery in 1985 and was there a year and did a fellowship for hand plastic surgery at Harvard Medical School in 1985.

He is associated with several hospitals in Dallas, but especially does great work for Children’s Medical Center located in Dallas. He is also a Professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr Rod Rohrich is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
He is licensed with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is certified in Plastic Surgery and hand surgery. He is currently licensed to work in the states of Florida and Texas. He has also been awarded the America’s Top Doctors, Castle Connolly every year since 2002. He was nominated and appointed to the Who’s Who Among Executive and Professionals in 2011and was voted best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, Texas, and was voted to the International Association of Healthcare Professionals in 2011. His huge dedication to teaching in the area of plastic surgery has won him one of the biggest awards given in this area which is the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award. He has won this award twice

His office is located on Inwood Drive, right off of I35-Stemmons Freeway. Dr Rod Rohrich also speaks many languages, but is most fluent in German.

Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch was born in 1959, and became Occidental College President in July 2009. He has an extensive educational background, having attended both Stanford and Harvard, earning a Ph.D in the History of American Civilization from Harvard. In addition he was a teacher in the English department at the University of Wisconsin/Madison for several years, as well as the dean of the Eugene Lang College at New School in New York City.

Undoubtedly his Hollywood connections helped as well; his step grandfather is actor Alan Ladd, and his father John Patrick Veitch, was Columbia Pictures president of world wide production, overseeing the production of more than 300 films. One of President Veitch’s most cherished memories growing up was seeing his father at a movie set, observing how movies are made.

A really cool fact is that U.S president Barack Obama was a student, from 1979 to 1981. Dr. Veitch is the first President who’s a Los Angeles native, as in the past it was a common practice for the school to hire from outside the region.

His long time success has been marked by Dr. Veitch’s pragmatism and his ability to reach consensus in various issues with the Board of Trustees. This is a marked contrast to the 3 previous school Presidents, all of whom had constant clashes with the Board and were not able to reach agreements.  Dr. Veitch’s leadership style inspires confidence and trust.

One of his core beliefs is that the school should take advantage of the educational opportunities the city of Los Angeles features, as well as having a great working relation with the city. This is something he actively worked on alongside former mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s administration, and with current mayor Eric Garcetti as well.

While at the University of Wisconsin/Madison, in 1997 he wrote a controversial book about writer Nathaniel West and his negative portrayal of Hollywood in general – The Politics Of Representation In The 1930s. Alongside his wife Sarah and their three children Dr. Veitch lives at the Presidential House on campus.

Dr. Veitch over the years has demonstrated the positive influence a school can have on its surrounding community and the educational experiences a school can provide its citizens. Here’s to continued success!