Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Discusses Recent “Listening Tour”

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Steve Ritchie, the CEO of the Papa John’s chain of pizza restaurants, has penned a statement reassuring employees and customers that the company has been listening to their needs and feedback, and plans to keep doing so in the future.

This comes in the wake of a recent “listening tour” that he has taken across the country, visiting Papa John’s outlets in cities as diverse as Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit.

The company has had some bad press as of late; according to Steve Ritchie, many of the employees whom he met on the tour talked about “the trust we’ve lost” with customers. Nevertheless he says that he is dedicated to improving these relationships going forward.

Steve Ritchie says that as far as he and the other leaders of the chain are concerned, “P.A.P.A.” has always been a shorthand for “People Are Priority Always.” It is for this reason that he decided to visit the restaurants under his aegis and find out what his workers and customers think about the company these days.

In many cases, Steve Ritchie says that he was heartened to hear from managers who described their workers as an extended family, and to learn about charities and other initiatives that they have supported in their local communities. He also had some difficult conversations, he admits, but remains optimistic about the company’s prospects in winning back people’s hearts and minds.

A major point that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s says that he wants to make is that the company is bigger than any individual; he considers the common workers to be the foundation of their whole operation. At the same time, each of these employees is a representative of their own communities, with whom Papa John’s needs to rebuild trust.

Steve Ritchie sums up by saying that he will do what he can to get the company back on the right track, devoted to the values and customer service that Papa John’s has had since its beginning. Of course, he acknowledges that he will need to keep listening to others in order to achieve this. Here’s the Top Shareholders of Papa John’s.


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