PodcastOne Founder and Broadcasting Guru: Norman Pattiz


PodcastOne announced a new podcast that will go deep into the world of angels, alien encounters, demons, monsters, and all things paranormal. The podcast titled Beyond the Darkness will air on the WWE legend; Chris Jericho’s podcast network which broadcasts under PodcastOne.


Beyond the darkness will broadcast mind blowing conversations from personal experiences and leading researchers that will review and analyze everything from the great beyond. The show will be hosted by the renowned author and radio host, David Schrader and Tim Dennis who is in radio production and also doubles as an awesome host.


The hosts, Dave and Tim, are celebrities in the paranormal broadcast world. The choice to have them host the show was profound as they already have a huge following that believes and hang on every word they say regarding paranormal activities. This already provides leverage for the show in the widely followed Jericho Network.


PodcastOne.com, iTunes, and the Podcast one application will air all new episodes every Monday. The WWE star expressed his excitement in incorporating the new podcast to the Jericho Network.


Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne, praised Chris Jericho for working hard and diversifying his network beyond wrestling. Norman identified Chris Jericho as one of the valuable gems of the PodcastOne Network.


Norman Pattiz has achieved the highest level of excellence in the broadcasting industry. He previously founded Westwood One, a company committed to production and distribution of top notch programs. During his tenure, Westwood One was known to have the widest radio coverage of entertainment, news, and sports in the industry.


Norman then founded Courtside Entertainment Group before moving on to Podcast one. From its inception, PodcastOne has featured a large number of well-known brands and personalities. Norman has a policy of strategically implementing all the ideas, and he attributes this to his success.


Norman was selected to serve as a governor on the Broadcasting Board of USA by President Clinton in the year 2000. President Bush reappointed him in 2002.


Norman Pattiz has received several awards to honor his four decades of broadcasting excellence. He was awarded the Broadcaster of the year numerous times and has also received the Distinguished Education Service Award.


In 2009, Norman was recognized for the tremendous contributions he has made in the industry by being drafted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. The Library of American Broadcasting awarded Norman Pattiz the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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