Pokemon Go Gets the Chores Done

Pokemon Go can’t seem to stay out of the news. This latest app craze has some singing praises while others condemn it as the latest addiction. Hospitals have begun using it as a way to get patients out of their rooms, others are saving kittens while they play, and everyone else is using it because it’s just plain fun. One dad has created a modified game to get his kids to do their chores around the house.

Seth King saw the potential in creating motivation in his kids using the Pokemon Go app as inspiration. He made a chart with different kinds of ‘pokemon’ his kids could catch by doing their daily chores. Creatures such as Mowerlax, who mows the lawn, and Dismanitan who stays in the kitchen, now fill his house.

He’s capitalized on the fun nature of Pokemon Go and found a positive use for it. By appealing to his children’s natural inclination to play games, he’s tapped into a way to get the done around his home.

The creative thinking involved in the development of Pokemon Go is spreading. Once a good idea has come out, others will continue to find ways to adapt and improve upon it. With so many parents looking for ways to get their kids to do their chores without nagging, using something kids love to do as a motivator seems like the perfect solution. Now if Mr. King could only find someone to help him make an app for that.