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Peter Briger is one of the most recognized executives in the financial services industry. He has spent many years working as a top executive for two of the most successful firms in the world. During his career, he has been able to demonstrate important leadership skills as well as use his expertise to help these firms reach their respective goals.

At the beginning of his career in finance, Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs in New York. While he was a member of the firm, Peter was responsible for overseeing departments that manage credit backed assets as well as committees that focus on serving clients in foreign markets. His career at Goldman Sachs culminated when he was named a partner in 1996. Peter spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs before pursuing another opportunity at the firm Fortress Investment Group.

Since 2002, Peter Briger has worked for Fortress Investment Group. As soon as he joined the firm he was named to its management committee. He would also supervise the credit asset management department as well. Within a few years, Peter attained high level executive positions such as CEO and principal. Briger first worked for the firm at its New York office but is now currently managing the firm’s operations from its San Francisco office location.

Today, Peter Briger is in charge of a couple of non profit organizations. He currently serves on the board of directors for an entity that focuses on helping low income families acquire more affordable housing. Briger is also a board member of another organization that helps provide support for charter schools. With his involvement with these organizations, Peter has been able to help make a positive impact on his local community.

Before Peter Briger began his career in the financial sector, he first completed a couple of higher education programs. The first program he completed was a bachelor’s degree while attending Princeton University. He would then attend the University of Pennsylvania to complete a master’s degree in business administration. When he was still attending Princeton University, he was part of the school’s investment club.

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