Prominent Entrepreneur Mike Baur Boosting Startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur is the co-founder and Managing Partner of leading accelerator firm Swiss Startup Factory (SSFU). The company, which was founded in 2014, helps startups start strongly and grow quickly through a three-month program that SSUF call ‘the accelerator program.’ Investors are provided with financial facilities and taken through training and mentoring process to prepare them to make smart investment choices and run successful businesses. SSFU also links the new investors, who mostly comprise of the youth, with a vast network of other investor and entrepreneurs to give them exposure in the business industry. In case the startups need office space, Swiss Startup Factory provides it. This support aims at giving the startup the needed boost for the investment to take off and expand within a short time. Moreover, the firm wants to help startups become global institutions that approach business differently from existing models and rules. In a hugely competitive business environment, SSFU is meeting an urgent need. The popularity of the firm’s services is so high that in under three years since its establishment, SSUF has become the largest independently funded early stage ICT Startup Accelerator.

Baur’s passion for supporting startups has always been clear. During a career spanning over twenty years in the banking industry, he has founded companies to help startups or led institutions that support such programs. Besides his current position at Swiss Startup Factory, he serves as Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest., another firm dedicated to assisting startups in Switzerland. The company targets entrepreneurs in the High-Tech industry and helps them to succeed by facilitating value-added events for them. His company, Swiss Startup Association, is actively involved in sensitizing the public and the government about the economic environment for startups in Switzerland. Besides creating awareness, Swiss Startup Association strives to build favorable business conditions by agitating for improved legal, regulatory conditions for new investments.

Before working in his firms, Baur held executive positions in leading financial organizations. He was Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg; a firm that specializes in empowering student investors to bring new technologies to the industry. Earlier, he had served in various leadership roles at UBS for over seventeen years.

Mike Baur is a graduate of The University of Rochester New York, where he attained a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The banking veteran also has an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.