Recent Global Events Inspire Increase in New York Real Estate Market

The New York City real estate market is seeing a increase in investors thanks to the recent events across the world. This increase in activity was discussed, and explained, in a recent article published on the Real Estate Weekly website. The article was titled, “NYC Market Benefiting from Overseas Uncertainty.”

The article discussed how world markets are shifting due to the recent political activities that have occurred in Europe, as well as the continuing situations in the Middle East. It went on to describe, in great detail, how these events have turned investors to the United States for lower risk investments. These lower risk investments specifically included NYC properties, like those on Town Real Estate’s website.

There are many reasons why foreign investors like NYC properties according to the article. One of the major reasons is that NYC has the largest employment market in the country. This encourages businesses and individuals to seek out New York as a potential place to live and work. Another reason NYC properties are a great low risk investment is due to the low interest rates that investors can get on fixed rate mortgages. This is true for residential and commercial properties alike.

The city has many competent real estate agents to help any investor find the right property for their investment needs. However, one of the top performing agencies in the city is TOWN Residential. The agency employees dozens of experienced agents and has offices throughout the city.

One main reason why TOWN Residential is a popular choice among investors is because of their expertise. Each agent has his, or her, own special niche in the real estate industry. These niches include new construction, resales, and even commercial properties. Having offices located throughout the city also helps the agency to be knowledgeable of the individual neighborhoods located throughout the city.

The New York real estate market is one of the leading low risk investment options available to investors. This is evident by the multitude of real estate transactions that take place every year. The appeal for NYC properties has greatly increased since Britain announced its’ desire to exit the European Union.