Renown Health Expands Its Services to South Reno

The people South Reno have received the news that Renown Health Care facility will be opening a branch in their town. The clinic location will be Summit Mall. The healthcare offers first aid and laboratory services but plans to offer more in the feature. The focus of the facility is not only to give medical service but make the environment ideal for those who seek to use their services. According to the medical director of the facility Dr. McCormack, they plan to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. In fact, they have set up space where the patients and the health caregivers can confer on issues of health. The facility that covers 10,000 square foot has 11 employees, but the plan is to add more in the feature.

About Renown Health

Initially known as Washoe Health services, Renown was founded in 1862 when there was an outbreak of smallpox. The clinic has been dedicated to giving the best service to its patients, and this is evident by the way it has grown. In 1949, it opened a first pediatrics center. In 1963, the hospital established its first heart care facility. It also opened a cancer treatment center in 1970.

In 1984, the hospital transitioned from private care facility to a not-for –profit care center. Being a medical center that is not for profit means that all the earning that the hospital gets are reinvested into programs, equipment, and people so as to be able to serve the community better. It is the local citizens who come up with the best way to use the money that the facility gets. Renown has over 150 community members serving in advisory capacities or the boards. The facility does not have owners or shareholders that they have to satisfy, the primary focus is serving the patient and the community better. Thus, this is the reason that it has established Healing Art program to help the patient with the recovery. The program includes music and art at the bedside, therapy using pets, healing gardens and art performance. The facility strives to ensure that the patients get all the care that they need.

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