Retired Military James Reese Creates TigerSwan

Business Business Leader Business News Businessman Company Company Success Constitutional Expert Education Entrepreneur Entreprenuer Founder Investment Investments Money People Politics Property Company TechCompany Technology What does a veteran do after 20 plus years of service? This was a question James Reese had to ask himself, but he and a partner discovered the answer over a large cup of coffee. James Reese was in the Delta Forces, and he committed a large portion of his life to serve his country. Some of the operations he was involved in were the freedom plans in Iraq and Afghanistan territories. In addition to his military training, James Reese has pursued higher education at the university level.

james reese tigerswan

Many people may not know that after military service, some people have a difficult time finding employment. James Reese collaborated with his contacts  to start TigerSwan. TigerSwan is a company that offers a variety of protection services for groups, businesses, and individuals. The level of protection can be extreme, such as a rescue style operation, or low level, like getting a group of people to a specific location without incident. TigerSwan does not take any of its missions lightly. The company is serious business, but to an outsider, it may seem like action movie stuff. The people that work at TigerSwan are as committed to the industry as James Reese is.

TigerSwan is supported by disabled veterans, which offers help to veterans who want to start small businesses. James Reese qualified for the benefits because of his time served in the Armed Forces, and he is disabled. TigerSwan has used the small business branch to help them achieve baseline goals and to grow. James Reese has grown the protection service from an idea to a full-service operation that works around the globe. TigerSwan is headquartered out of North America.

James Reese uses a crew of veterans, law officers, and civilians to keep TigerSwan running. He prides himself on offering military personnel employment after service and hiring a mix of uniquely talented individuals from all walks of life. TigerSwan employees include administration staff as well as the protection and security team members. Everybody that works for TigerSwan and James Reese is not necessarily linked to the Armed Forces, and this is to their advantage. The healthy mix seems to make TigerSwan a balanced business model.

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