Ricardo Tosto, a Great Lawyer in the Brazilian Legal System

The Brazilian legal system was started in 1988 and is composed of two different courts: the specialized courts, which are controlled by the Federal Government, and ordinary courts. The specialized courts have three different areas as well. These areas are electoral courts, military courts, and ordinary courts. Within these areas there are two more, the Supreme Court and Superior Court. Their job is to take care of the laws, make sure that the Federal Constitution are upheld, and violations to the nation are taken care of.

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in the Brazilian system, advocating for large companies in the nation, internationally, as well as for the government, politicians, and pro brono for Non-Governmental Organizations. This recognition allowed him to create one of the largest law firms in Brazil. The company is known for their ability to help these high profile people get through cases in a manner that keeps them dignified. In addition to helping start a law office that was one of the first to focus on mass action models, Rosto trains many of the associates that work at his company.

A banking client of Leite, Tosto, and Barros stated that Tosto shows “dedication and qualifying techniques”. Ricardo Tosto has been working in the industry for twenty-two years and is recommended by LACCA, the Latin American Association of Corporate Law, the International Law Association (ILA), and the Brazilian Bar Association. He helped found Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research (IBEDEP). He graduated from Universidade Presbeteriana Mackenzie and his post graduate was from FAAP. Tosto is seen both in Brazil and internationally as one of the great lawyer of his time.

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