Rick Smith Serves Well As CEO Of Securus

There are many people who will find that they need the services provided by Securus, and they will have Rick Smith to thank for the help that he provides. He has asked the company to update itself several times over, and he knows that there are many people who are relying on the services that Securus provides. This article explains how Rick has asked the company to grow, and he is showing that this firm has a way of giving all inmates and their families the best calling services they need.

#1: The Video Calls

The video calls that are offered by the Securus brand are facilitated by the video cameras that have been placed in the jails around the country. These jails have partnered with Rick Smith Securus, and they provide a camera that allows the inmates to see their families and vice versa. Someone who calls may use the video feature on their computer or phone, and they will see a clear picture of the people they love.

#2: Replacing Visitations

There are many visitations that must be done over the phone because the people who want to visit simply cannot get to the jails. There are many people who wish to start a visitation on their phone or computer. These families are free to sit around a phone or tablet as they place their call, and they are using technology that Rick wanted to see as a part of the company’s lineup.

#3: Voice Recognition

There is a voice recognition program that Rick ordered for the company, and he wants to see it put in-use in as many places as possible. He knows that there are a number of people who are hoping to find someone on a phone call because they are searching for criminals, and they will be surprised to find that Securus will search for them. This is a service that helps law enforcement, and it only searches for certain voices without infringing on the privacy of anyone who is making a call.

#4: The Company Is Growing

The company is growing quite a lot under Rick, and it is will continue to grow for many years to come because he has been quite proactive in the way that it grow. They want to have as many partner jails as possible, and Rick wants to show the public that they have options for prison calling that are far better than normal.There are many people using Securus because of the way the company has been constructed, and it helps them find the people they want to talk to in many jails around the country. This is a service that helps all people who need to reach loved ones.

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