Rodrigo Terpins- A Rally Driver to Note

Brazil has seen a number of rally drivers but not many have been like Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael. Coming from a sporting family with a father that excelled in basketball and a brother that shines in rallying, it is only natural that Rodrigo would follow suit. Rodrigo excelled in rally driving early in his life such that at 44 years of age he has a lot of achievements to his name.

The sportsmanship success in his family might have been the driving force that pushed Rodrigo Terpins to work extra hard and become among the best in rallying. This he has managed to do very well with an excellent record for all the off road rally championships that he has participated in throughout Brazil. His success in the industry has become somewhat a routine as opposed to luck that most other rally drivers count on. He does most of his rallying in a team known as the Tea Bull Sertoes rally team which he formed together with his brother Michael Terpins when he was just beginning his rallying career.

The two brothers have been racing T-Rex whose manufacturing was specifically done for them. The MEM motorsport organization was behind these special cars for the brothers. For Rodrigo, the T1 prototype is another passionate category that he participates in. This is in fact why he continues to be an active participant in rallying despite his given success.

Rodrigo and Michael have together completed over 22 championships in the team with coverage of 2600km through 2 different states. The two have been tested to be physically and mentally capable of handling all levels of rallying championships. The team of two brothers had an impressive performance after being ranked the eighth team to compete the terrain among the thirty eight competitors. Check out Institucional to see more.

Rodrigo was disappointed for not being a participant in the Cuesta off road championship that just ended. The 44 year old has vowed not to be out of the next championship and is hopeful that he will team up with the brother to emerge winners. Rodrigo seems to be satisfied with his career life and is currently just working n balancing it with his family engagements. Visit his Facebook page to see more.

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