Sawyer Howitt, Business Owners VS. Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt is the 17 year old project manager for the Meriwether Group who successfully helps businesses establish their expansion goals.

Despite his youth, he is very capable at giving advice about operational and financial matters for large organizations. To date, he has been quite successful at advising several philanthropic organizations.

He recently offered an explanation of why he felt there was a difference between business owners and entrepreneurs. He laid out his views in a simple format. Based on the different reasons people have for starting a business, their problem solving methodologies, the spirit with which they operate and their willingness to take action they may better qualify to be called a business owner versus an entrepreneur.


Purpose for Starting a Business

You should consider yourself a business owner if you began your business simply to make money. If your purpose was simply to fulfill a need and you weren’t remotely motivated by the passion for the activities you perform each day. Entrepreneur on the other hand wake up each day bursting with desire to accomplish a goal, a finished product that they’ve been developing or a new service that delivers for its users. Their passion far outweighs their desire to generate money. They would do it even if it didn’t generate money. They do it for personal gratification and benefit from its fulfilling a need of the public, for which they a willing to pay.

Problem Solving for a Business Owner vs. an Entrepreneur

Business owners are more likely to get stuck with the same returns year after year, because they don’t know how to correct the problem. An entrepreneur will employ others who are better suited to solve the problem and seek advice from other successful entrepreneurs. Business owners settle into a comfortable performance zone and entrepreneurs are never satisfied. They always want more.

The Spirit of the Leader

Business owners tend to be cocky. To be successful, it’s important to believe in yourself, but generally, they don’t appreciate listening to advice from others. Entrepreneurs understand they don’t know everything and that many people are more expert in specific areas than they. According to, entrepreneurs hire the experts and then stand aside and allow them to work.

Take Action

Entrepreneurs take action immediately upon receiving the results from their research. They don’t allow the idea to be presented by some other organization first. There the first to present their product, while the business owner may wait to see if some other person is successful before they risk promoting the product or service.