Severe Storms Batter Central Jersey Again

Sea Bright New jersey is no stranger to coastal flooding. They took a huge hit when Hurricane Sandy battered the Jersey Shore, and today a nor’easter is causing its share of trouble for local residents. As high tide hit in the middle of the night, the water rose quickly and flooded out many main roads. Today residents of central Jersey are waking to see severe storms batter the Jersey Shore again.


In addition to the flooding, these strong storm system brought with it dangerous winds that took down power lines and left many without electricity. The Jersey Shore has seen its share of destruction with coastal storms, and the frequency seems to be picking up. The Hurricane Sandy from year ago may have brought central Jersey to its knees, and each subsequent storm of any size just seems to compound issues in those weakened areas.


Roads flooded quickly, especially Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, where several drivers were caught off-guard and their vehicles came to stops right in the middle of the roads. The rising waters seemed to push these cars like toys from one side of the road to the other, making it a very dangerous situation for other drivers with bigger vehicles. Tow trucks have been dispatched to clear the roads to avoid a dangerous situation.


Manasquan Inlet and Brielle Road also saw their share of flooding. The beaches continued to take a pounding over the last two days, and major beach erosion has destroyed efforts to replenish the sand over the past few years. In hours, the storm erased years of replenish efforts, especially in Avon New Jersey. This storm that began in the south and resulted in dozens of deaths in Georgia, finally arrived with a bang in New Jersey and pummeled the coat with torrential downpours and hurricane force winds that have not let up for two days.


The storm arrived just in time for high tides, and most coastal towns were immediately under water again. State officials have warned residents to steer clear of the roadways no matter how much water appears to be in their path. Strong winds can knock power lines into standing water and turn a dangerous situation into a deadly situation in the blink of an eye.