Shea Butter: The “Women’s Gold” of Africa


Shea butter is known around the world as a vital part of many women’s beauty routines. Known for its dermatological and cosmetic healing properties, shea butter can be used in a variety of ways to promote health and beauty.


Despite its popularity, many don’t know where shea butter comes from or how it is created. Shea butter is derived from the nut of a West African tree. This fatty creamy substance is taken from the nuts of the karite nut. Nicknamed butter seeds, this all natural ingredient is known as “women’s gold” throughout Africa. This is because so many women work in the shea butter production industry. In fact, it is illegal to destroy shea trees because of the valuable nature of its nuts.


The fruit of the tree must be crushed and boiled to remove the shea nuts inside. Once they are removed, they are cracked and pounded until the butter can be derived from the inside. This product is then boiled, which allows the fresh shea to rise up to the top. The butter is scooped out and allowed to cool. At no point in the process is any chemicals used, leaving behind only raw shea butter.


This powerful moisturizer is available through a number of quality retailers, such as EuGenia. Meaning the origin of goodness, EuGenia Shea is an all natural, high quality and concetrated shea butter moisturizer.


EuGenia is a small mother and daughter team that is dedicated to helping out society by supporting the female workers in Ghana. In fact, 15 percent of their profits are given to these women to advance their educations and better their lives. Read more about their shea butter offerings in the FAQ on their company page: