Sheldon Lavin: OSI Boss And Award Winning Business Mogul

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Seldon Lavin has been in business since 1970, this is when he started his association with Otto & Sons. This was what OSI LLC was previously known. Born in 1932, this is a sure way that his business skills and expertise have been tried and tested. His business journey started in Chicago when he started Sheldon Lavin and Associates. He is currently the CEO and Chairperson of OSI Group, LLC. OSI group comprises of different firms, OSI industries, OSI group international, and OSI International Foods. They have a firm based in India: Vista Processed Foods.

Sheldon Lavin did his Bachelor of Science in Business at Roosevelt University. His major in finance and accounting was attained from the University of Illinois. This background helped him manage his financial and consulting firm for more than two decades. His current business journey started in Aurora with his history from Chicago. OSI Group specializes in different food processing like poultry, fish, vegetables, and meat. They deal with different clients from restaurant, food distribution, retail, and in the industrial sector. Their clients are distributed in over 61 facilities and over 15 countries on different continents. Sheldon Lavin has a list of philanthropic causes and supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities for more than twenty years.

His business acumen and achievement have earned him several awards. He was awarded in India by the Vision World Academy for the Global Visionary Award. This was because of making OSI a globally recognized and international brand. The award focuses on business visionaries, who turn dreams into reality. They achieve all this because of perseverance and persistence. OSI Group has several sustainability awards that are in the pipeline.

Sheldon Lavin has managed OSI Group to attaining position 136 as per Forbes. All this was gauged by their annual revenue that was up to an estimate of $3 billion. In 2016, OSI Group was ranked number 58 at revenue of around $6 billion, and two years later they scooped position 63. The Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine listed them as number 6 among 160 other Frozen Foods Processors. They were also awarded for the Outstanding Innovation in April 2019 by the Whole Foods Market.

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