Shervin Pishevar Depicts a Shift of Tremendous Magnitude

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According to Shervin Pishevar, one of the most highly renowned entrepreneurs in the world, the United States is on the precipice of a tectonic shift regarding its economy. Over the years, he has garnered a remarkable reputation in the world of entrepreneurship, due to his ability to utilize forward-thought in his investments, consistently striking gold on many of his long shots. This record of success has given the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One a valid platform that is often taken into consideration by many of the investment world’s foremost players. He often utilizes social media, in particular, Twitter, to discuss his feelings regarding many of the worlds most divisive economic topics, and, after ending his two-month break from the public eye, took to the platform to do just that. Shervin Pishevar’s 50-tweet tirade is being deemed a tweetstorm for the rapid-fire nature of the posts, as well as the repercussions that they might invoke.

The stock market has been experiencing a number of issues for the majority of 2018, reversing many of its initial gains, and there has been the widespread talk of a market reversal, due to inflation, corporate tax cuts, credit deficits, and growing interest rates. While it has experienced a number of negative events, President Donald Trump and a number of reputable public figures have publicly supported the stock market. In one of Shervin Pishevar’s posts, he discussed what he believes will be a 6000 point drop for the Dow Jones in the near future. This post couldn’t have come at a more convenient time, as the market would go on to lose over 1000 points the following day, making Shervin Pishevar’s predictions once again seem to be on the right track. With the rise of stateless digital currencies, including Bitcoin, which he believes will eventually reverse course and become profitable once again, the traditional banking and governing institutions are in jeopardy of losing their footing. He is describing the current circumstances as a tectonic shift that will affect the whole of the United States.