Shervin Pishevar in “Twitter Heat”

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Shervin Pishevar, an early investor in the successful Uber company, has gone on a twitter rant that lasted almost a day, or twenty-one hours to be more exact. His thoughts consisting of about fifty tweets are mostly predictions he believes will befall the US and companies and/or industries in the near future, say, within a year or two.

The market will drop 6,000 points, according to Shervin Pishevar, in the months following his prediction, and he goes on to tell us why, going on to claim that the market has already given up all gains from 2018, and will do the same with that of 2017’s, and that bonds are not as reliable as we all might think, touching upon it’s unpredictable nature. Though, this is a bold claim, seeing that bonds are considered more “low-risk” than other investments.

Then, he takes a dinner break.

He returns and continues to “inform” the public. Inflation is a growing threat that will spread as stock markets crash and underemployment becomes the norm. Shervin Pishevar also takes a bite into Bitcoin, believing it will continue to crash but stabilize in the low to mid thousands. And gold prices will rise too, rest assured. Bitcoin’s surge in value has made it a relevant form of currency, a necessary piece in the nation’s total economic puzzle set, and like gold, its health will affect the health of the overall economy, which is why such a prediction matters, especially when it’s coming from a successful investor.

Shervin Pishevar also takes a shot at Silicon Valley, pointing to other zones of innovation and their rise against the technological hub of California. He makes a strong point in saying that SV is no longer a “physical place”. Investment and innovation has turned that idea into a movement that, like he says, is bord(er)less.