Soros And Friends United Against Trump

Recovering After A Major Loss
The electoral college victory of Donald Trump has stirred the nation. Defying most expectations Trump is now the president elect of the United States, but many of the power players on the left are unhappy. George Soros, one of the greatest contributors to Democratic campaigns, is planning a resistance effort to the future Trump administration. In particular Soros and his friends are forming the Democratic Alliance with the intention of preventing the president elect from carrying out his planned policy. In particular Soros is focused on ensuring the “First 100 Days” plan goes belly up.

Defending Their Legacy
The core goal of Soros’ resistance to Trump is the defense of the gains progressives have made over the years. The Democratic Alliance will seek out specific ways progressives can regain political seats and prevent portions of Trump’s agenda. Given Trump’s decision to make evangelical conservative Mike Pence his running mate and recent statements he has made in interviews there is much at stake. Trump has recently made statements on Investopedia suggest he may appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade and Mike Pence has assured the public the Trump administration will pursue an anti-LGBT agenda.

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Making It Happen
George Soros certainly has his work cut out for him. In January Republicans will have a strong grip on the American federal government. All three branches are controlled by Republicans and many state level governments are controlled by Republicans as well. Despite the uphill battle Soros remains optimistic for good reason. Although Hillary Clinton lost the electoral college she won the popular vote by a wide margin. He hopes to use this as a springing point for the Democratic Alliance and their defense of progressive gains. In time America will see whether or not this strategy succeeds.

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