Stephen Murray’s Heritage at CCMP Capital

Passing on at just fifty-two when one is in the prime of life as well as “starting” to enjoy hard-earned rewards is not anyone’s wish. Sadly, death denied Steve Murray the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital the chance to experience the best moment of his life. Stephen’s career with CCMP Capital before later mergers with MH Equity and Chemical Venture Partners. By then, CCMP Capital was a small firm.

It was after the merger that there was a further merger with Chase Manhattan Corporation that the company changed its name to Chase Capital Partners on After that, Stephen founded the CCMP Capital, which is closely associated with the J.P. Morgan & Co and became its CEO in 2007.

The creation of Stephen, CCMP Capital, is a private equity firm that focuses on buyouts as well as private equity investments. Therefore, the company boasted a strong foundation under the tutorage of Steve Murray as a founding partner where he spent close to three decades. With articulate investments and deal making skills, he saw the company take a leading position in North America and Europe in consumer, healthcare and industrial investments.

It is from this background that CCMP Capital has maintained a lead in the private equity business with many of its achievements attributed to Steve Murray. Still, under his leadership, the company raised a whopping 3.6 billion dollar fund in 2014 raising its stakes even higher. Raising capital was not the only expertise attributable to Stephen because he also saw its growth as an entirely different entity from J.P. Morgan & Co, which led to the new J.P. Morgan partners.

These accomplishments are anchored on a solid background because Stephen was an accomplished academic on Murray holds an economics degree from Boston College in 1984. In addition, went to Columbia Business School where he attained his master’s degree in business administration in 1989. It is from his long career at CCMP Capital that Stephen is hailed for his positive contributions that led to its success as well as that of its preceding entities. Considering the magnitude of the company today, it is clear that Stephen was a real strategist who believed in the art of the deal.

It is through CCMP Capital’ admirable growth that saw him appointed to serve on boards of major companies such as AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems, and Pinnacle Foods among many others. Steve Murray was also an avid philanthropist. His support for the Boston College as well as Make-A-Wish Foundation among others is undoubted.