Stock Market Opportunities as Seen by Igor Cornelsen, Brazil’s Renowned Banker

Venturing into t business is a challenging experience. The truth of the matter is that the enterprise is full of uncertainty: Not to mention that one puts their savings at risk. Understanding the rules of trade is essential in learning how the investment vehicle operates.

Igor Cornelsen, a stock market investor and financial expert is nothing short of an established entrepreneur. He is currently an executive at Bainbridge Investments Inc. in the Bahamas, where has been at the leading front in the harnessing efforts towards the realization of the business potential in the stock market through innovation and creativity.

Brazil’s Promising Economy

To Cornelsen, investing is a hobby, and the South Florida resident doesn’t view him on and off business trips to Brazil as a challenge. Perhaps his secret of financial success lies in his market analysis skills. According to him, the secret is the Brazilian economy. It is the fifth-largest national economy, but unfortunately, it is often ignored by the same persons who could have benefited. Littered with 10 of the major financial industry’s key players including HSBC, Banco Bradesco, Unibanco, Santander, Banco J Safra, Caixa Economica Federal, Banrisul and Banco do Brasil, just to mention a number.

When it comes to stock markets, first-time investors ought to learn a lot about the industry. According to Igor Cornelsen, recommends the need to foster warm relationships with the local community within the area you intend to invest. That includes learning more on the regulatory policies that govern the trade in the region.

Igor’s Expanded Portfolio

Besides offering investment strategies in the stock market, Cornelsen also focuses on diversifying his portfolio through insight on effective techniques of taking advantage of damaged stocks and staying aloof of non-performing companies, for higher profitability.

Until joining Bainbridge Investment Group in 2011, he gathered industrial experience and has been able to make himself a household name in most of the renowned financial institutions in Brazil. In his free time, Cornelsen tosses himself in the course for a golfing session. Otherwise, he maintains a keen indulgence in the analysis of stocks, so to buy cheap stocks that in the long run, offer substantial profit margins.


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