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Imagine that a storm hit your town or city tomorrow that was exponentially worse than what you had imagined. Continue to picture that the storm pelted rain down incredibly quickly and in a short period of time the streets were full of water and these waters were rising. Picture further that these waters continue to rise until they were several feet deep and your home was affected. Walking through the living room that now functions as a pool would be alarming at the very least. During this time it is likely that very little will go through her mind besides survival. Finding a way to a dry safe place would be important as well as ensuring that your family didn’t sustain injury.

Such an event was a reality for thousands of people in Houston Texas has hurricane Harvey hit their city. The floodwaters came quick and hard destroying billions of dollars worth of personal public property. Despite the initial damage and cost of human life, a storm like this can cause even more destruction in the long-term. A big problem during these periods of time is finding enough resources to help those in needs. Federal programs can lead many vallot efforts but sometimes are not enough. During the course of hurricane Harvey, many individuals took to helping their fellow citizens.

During these trying times, many companies will also join the fight to protect and aid those in need. One of these companies is stream energy. Stream energy led the charge to provide relief for citizens of Houston Texas. Stream energy is based in Dallas so the company was moved to help their fellow Texans as quickly as possible. Stream energy put its philanthropy branch to work providing relief. This philanthropy branch of stream energy is called stream cares. By moving quickly, they were able to help many people cope with the initial destruction. Stream energy is a company that focuses on direct selling energy. Stream cares also engages in charitable efforts to help homeless children. These efforts include but are not limited to helping financially or with other needs as well as taking these children to a local water park for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.