Stream Energy continues making better world through charity

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Dallas-based Stream Energy has made a name for itself in the states where it does business as one of the most innovative and forward-looking energy companies. As one of the foremost promoters of green energy in the United States today, Stream has been able to bring vast amounts of business to many of the nation’s green energy providers, giving them critical infusions of capital and making their business models all the more likely to succeed.

Stream Energy is also one of the first energy companies that is fully modeled on a multi-level-marketing business plan. This gives its distributors an opportunity to make significant extra income as well as giving its customers the option to themselves become distributors. This has allowed many of the company’s customers to effectively enjoy free energy in their homes.

But it is through allowing clients to custom-tailor their energy usage that Stream Energy has earned its stripes as a truly innovative provider. Stream Energy has allowed customers around the country access to green energy sources that they normally might not otherwise have. This has helped to significantly expand the use of clean energy sources throughout the states where Stream Energy does business.

In addition to these socially beneficial activities, Stream has been intimately involved in charitable causes around its hometown of Dallas, Texas. The company recently announced that it will be creating a foundation called the Stream Cares Foundation. The organization will be responsible for handling all of the company’s many philanthropic and charitable pursuits, including its involvement in the Hope Supplies Co., a local provider of school supplies, food items and specialty junkets for area homeless children.

Stream will also continue its charitable efforts across the state. The company has been involved in helping build stronger Texas communities for more than a dozen years. One example was its involvement in the aftermath of the 2016 North Texas tornado outbreak. In that event, Stream employees were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help local residents rebuild after losing everything. Stream itself matched the donations, providing the displaced with more than six-figures to make a fresh start.