Susan McGalla is a Scion of Women Empowerment

According to the United Nations of Women, investing in women sets a major platform towards gender equality, the eradication of poverty as well as inclusive economic growth. In the current century, women make a constructive contribution to economies. As business professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs, and employees, women are known to commit to their responsibilities wholly. One impending factor to the economic success of women has been working in a male –dominated world. That is why Susan McGalla is highly regarded for her enormous input in transforming the world of women through empowerment in different fields.


McGalla’s success story can be described as Rome was not built in one day. Faced with the quest to pursue high-level education and advanced career, McGalla defied all odds in a male-dominated world. She put herself through higher education by ensuring that she achieved the best. As a scholar and high-ranking career woman, McGalla is proud to be a motivational speaker for women. She has helped women to achieve higher education given her history in career and education. Having grown up with brothers, she was raised to be a go getter.


Susan’s career began at the Joseph Horne Company. From 1986 to 1994, she worked for various marketing as well as managerial firms. After 1994, McGalla joined the American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer. Her responsibilities bordered the management of the units. With her strong academic credentials, she was trusted with the lead position of presidency. As the flag bearer of the company, McGalla oversaw different projects like the establishment of 77kids brands.


In 2009, McGalla left the American Eagle to practice private consultancy in retail and financial investment in different industries. Her excellent performance at work oversaw her appointment as a board of director for HFF Inc. In 2011, McGalla later joined Wet Seal Inc as the head cheerleader. As she served at Wet Seal, Susan was pregnant with her first baby. She put in the effort to incorporate different projects as the chief executive officer. McGalla left Wet Seal to establish P3 Executive Consulting where she serves as the founder as well as the director of the business strategy.


McGalla is a lead consultant in Pittsburg. She strives to maintain excellent customer care in different projects. Her concerns include initiating executive projects in marketing as well as corporate fashion campaigns. In her talks, she cheers women by encouraging them to advance their studies and career. As a role model for the young and older generation, she has set the pace for performance.

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