Ted Bauman and How He Generates the Strong Investment Insights

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Ted Bauman is a successful investment specialist who passes his insights through his excellent writing skills. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013 and became the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. He writes on the following topics: low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues, privacy and asset protection. Based in Atlanta, Ted Bauman leverages comprehensive research abilities and vast knowledge to give the best financial and investment advice to his ever-growing audience. He has a proven track record of successful investing that dates more than 25 years back.

Ted Bauman scrutinizes pieces of information to predict trends and some performance aspects of companies in his specialty markets accurately. Recently, he recommended PayPal has the one of the most viable investment opportunities. He encouraged investors to purchase stock in PayPal some time last year. He analyzed the prospects of share prices to continue increasing and he believes the company which has millions of users across the world is in the rebound phase, making the most investment sense to bargain investors. This is just among his many insights which he has recommended to his followers. His career in finance and investment was groomed when still in South Africa where he went to the University of Cape Town for his postgraduate degrees in Economics and History.

Ted Bauman moved to South Africa as a young boy from Maryland’s eastern shore. After completing university in South Africa, Mr. Bauman served in prestigious positions in the nonprofit sector. He hold an executive role at Slum Dwellers Internationals, a non-profit organization that has helped more than 14 million people around 35 countries.

Ted Bauman complements his vast knowledge and extensive experience with highly productive habits to achieve the most in what he does. A typical day for Bauman involves waking up early in the morning, taking her daughter to school and getting into office to work. He finds the morning hours as the most productive hours in his day. When it comes to cultivating his ideas, his exceptional writing skills comes in handy. He is able to express his thoughts vividly on paper leveraging excellent writing skills and narrative skills.



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