Graham Edwards - Telereal Chief Executive Smiling in Suit

Telereal is charting waters and Graham Edwards is at the Helm

Property Company

Telereal Trillium, a Commercial Property Management & Investment company, headquartered in central London and ran by the incomparable, Chief Executive, Graham Edwards, is the largest privately owned property company in the UK. Trillium is an organization with tremendous reach and power. Owning and managing a £6bn portfolio(upwards of 8,000 properties)and houses 1% of the United Kingdom’s workforce. As a King’s College and Cambridge graduate, Graham has utilized his extraordinaire abilities for a number of high profile organizations over the years. Holding the title of CEO at Telereal circa 2001, the first deal Edwards constructed established a culture around unseen value through partnerships. The £2.38 billion transaction transferred majority of British Telecomholdings(now known as BT) UK estates, acquiring an estimated 6,700 properties, after combining forces with Trillium. Graham structured a 30 year strategic partnership with flexibility, allowing BT properties to gradually become vacant over time, which allows BT to reduce their estate size by more than 30%. Fast forward to 2009 when Edwards brokered the powerhouse acquisition of Trillium establishing the company as the leader in property investment resulting in an combined business with annual revenues of £1 billion. With such an extensive knowledge of investing, no wonder Graham Edwards Telereal focus on long term relationships with the company’s largest clients, determination and commitment to working on facilities management contracts, and exploration of capital transactions, has lead him to continued success. Such a balanced approach has been a recurrent theme for Edwards as demonstrated through Telereal Trillium’s Donation Match to charities. Staff participation rates in charitable efforts are matched by the company. Through such donations, the charities are strongly impacted and the employees are satisfied knowing contributions are being made to organizations of their own choice. It’s the focus on relationships and “Telereal Trillium is committed…”. Edwards and employees are breaking ground and impacting lives. This forward thinking strategy has made Graham the topic of reflection.