The Benefits To Using Bumble To Find A Date

Bumble is a revolutionary new dating application that changes how communication is done by men and women through online dating. In order for two people to have a conversation, they must first swipe each other and establish a connection. This means that they must both show that they are interested in one another’s profiles first. Then, and only then, can a conversation be initiated between the man and the woman.

Another important differentiation is that Bumble only allows the woman of the two interested parties to start the conversation. If you are a guy and both you and the woman swiped each other than you cannot start the conversation. You must wait for the woman to message you in order to be able to respond and have a conversation with that woman. Men do have the option to extend one connection for a day, each day, to boost their chances of a woman in their connection “hive” message them that they are interested in.

The biggest benefit of Bumble is that it prevents women from being swamped by often times rude and inappropriate content as well as spam from men. This is a problem that in inherent to almost all online dating sites and applications. By only allowing women to start conversation and initiate the first point of contact, Bumble effectively solves this issue. The benefit to men from Bumble is that only women who are truly interested in them will ever send them a message. This means that men are much more likely to establish a real connection. So both parties are more likely to get into a meaningful relationship through Bumble.


A Quick Snapshot Of Whitney Wolfe

The founder and chief executive officer of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe. Mrs. Wolfe also previously helped to co-found the dating application Tinder. At Tinder, Whitney Wolfe helped to build up Tinder into one of the most popular dating apps and helped make it viral.

Whitney Wolfe hails from Salt Lake City, Utah and presently resides in Austin, Texas. She has previously worked for Hatch Labs and served as vice president of marketing at Tinder before starting her own dating application called Bumble that was focused on putting women in greater control of the dating process. Mrs. Wolfe is currently considered to be one of the top women in technology and business that is under 30 years old according to Forbes Magazine and Business Insider.