The Kabbalah Center Helps People Study Kabbalah

Background Information On Kabbalah

Kabbalah takes a spiritual and mystical approach to interpreting the Torah. Much of what we know about Kabbalah comes from a work called the Zohar. It was compiled by an ancient Jewish scholar that was named Shimon bar Yochai. He was a leading rabbi and kabbalist or scholar of Kabbalah at the time. What Shimon bar Yochai is most famous is for taking all of the previous commentary and studies of Kabbalah and transfixing them into a single document that came to be known as the Zohar.

Today the Zohar is the main document used when studying in Kabbalah. It is not the only document used in Kabbalah study however. New works and interpretations constantly appear as new scholars provide their own insight and interpretation and have it published. A person who has studied Kabbalah and is an expert in it is called a Rebbe or a kabbalist. This is not to be confused with Rabbi, which is like a priest or pastor in the Christian faith.

If you want to study Kabbalah, then it is best to learn from a Rebbe or someone who has mastered Kabbalah. Rebbe’s often devote their entire lives to the study of Kabbalah. Many Rebbes are also Rabbis but not all Rebbes are Rabbis. The most famous Rebbe or scholar of Kabbalah is the famous Menachem Mendel Schneerson also known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe.


Kabbalah Centre Locations

The Kabbalah Centre was a religious study organization that was founded in 1985 to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah. It’s first study location was in Los Angeles, California. Now the Kabbalah Centre has over 23 locations in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. South America has over 20 study groups and Kabbalah centres across the continent. Study groups and classes are available in both Spanish and Portuguese in South America. You also find a Kabbalah Centre presence in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.


How The Kabbalah Centre Can Help You Study Kabbalah

The primary goal of the Kabbalah Centre and its instructors is to help people understand Kabbalah and use this wisdom to better their lives and become better individuals. As a student, you can join a study center, take a class at a Kabbalah Centre and purchase books published by the Kabbalah Centre. Additionally, if there are no study centers or Kabbalah centers by you, you can always sign up for an online course and study Kabbalah this way.