The Kabbalah Centre is Spreading Universal Wisdom

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has become a favorite place of spiritual healing for many Hollywood celebrities. Madonna is currently the most famous outspoken advocate of the practice of Kabbalah and has brought the teachings to the attention of many people. Unknown by most people, the history of Kabbalah in the Hollywood community goes back all the way to 1922. Many of Hollywood’s royalty of the past were well-known supporters of the Jewish mysticism and more information click here.

The late Sammy Davis, the late Elizabeth Taylor and the late Marilyn Monroe were all followers of Kabbalah. Sammy Davis once told Time Magazine that he wanted to be a part of a 5,000-year-old history and belong to something that was more than just materialistic. The teachings of Kabbalah ultimately led to Sammy Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe all converting to Judaism. One of the central precepts of Kabbalah is that we are all on earth to help other people and this concept has guided many people to the teachings and what Kabbalah Centre knows.

There is currently a debate going on inside the Kabbalah Centre. On one the side of the debate, there are those that want to spread the ancient wisdom to as many people as possible, believing that it can help in seeking spiritual stability in an often chaotic and confusing world. On the other side of the argument are many Orthodox Jews who feel that the Kabbalah Centre should follow the strictest interpretation of Jewish doctrine. In traditional Judaism, Kabbalah is only to be studied by devout Jews that are over the age of 40.

Even with this ongoing internal debate about who should be allowed to learn this ancient wisdom, the Kabbalah Centre is open to teaching people of any faith and background. There is no prerequisite of knowledge of Jewish text to begin learning Kabbalah. Its view is that all religious belief systems are parts of universal wisdom. With this idea in mind, the Kabbalah Centre believes it is not an alternative to any specific religion but a supplement to it. How each person finds their own relationship with the essence of God is each one’s journey and “Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing”.