The Kabbalah Centre Transforms Your Brain

What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah is ancient Jewish wisdom. One of the leading practitioners of Kabbalah in the past was the Jewish King Solomon. In his time, Solomon was purported to be the wealthiest and wisest man in the world. What made Solomon so wealthy and wise? It was his practice of wisdom and humility before His Creator and other people.

Solomon once wrote an excellent saying that can be applied to most problems in your life. “Fools think their way is right, wise people listen to counsel.” How many times could we be spared from a disastrous mistake simply by an extra dose of humility? What areas of your life are you very sure about? These areas may be areas where you are acting foolishly. Absolute certainty about something is not a human trait. Humans are fallible, and if they think they know something, they probably do not know what they actually should know.

Note that Solomon’s advice does not say, “The wise obey all counsel.” If you try to please everyone you will please no one. Some advice is wrong and misguided. Solomon’s proverb says, “The wise listen to counsel.” After they listen, they examine it carefully against what others have said and what they think. The wise make decisions cautiously and courageously. Doing only the first makes you a coward. Doing only the second makes you a fool.

Make a personal inventory of areas in your life where you are very sure that you are right. It could be a relational disagreement. It could be a financial decision. It could be a career choice. It could be a belief system. Examine that strong feeling carefully. Weigh it against the advice of several people who do not just flatter you. Once you have done this, keep a smidgen of uncertainty in your own mind. This will keep you from becoming overly conceited.

Effective people are confident in what they know, and still willing to improve. Ineffective people are not confident in what they know, or they are overly confident in what they already know. Having a balanced view where you feel secure, and still desire to keep learning is the secret to a happy and long life.

The Kabbalah Centre can walk you through practical wisdom so that you will become one of the few people on this planet who are effective and happy. The Kabbalah Centre likes to see the satisfaction that our students have when they enroll.