The Rich and the Famous Use This Parenting Lesson to Empower Their Children

Different people have a different way of parenting, but it has been seen that there is a particular parenting lesson that rich and famous people commonly use to empower their kids. Amongst these rich and famous people include the likes of Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, and Warren Buffett. Even though these people have achieved a lot during their life and inspired millions of others in the field of finance, technology, peace, and social welfare, it is quite sure that it is their children who would be carrying forward their family traditions and legacy. And, it is primarily because of the parenting styles of their parents.

One of the first parenting mantras that all these three parents use is to teach their kids to value who they are. Michelle Obama says that she learned from her parents that the kids love to express themselves and that they should be given the space to do so without restrictions. Also, she mentioned that the parents must provide the due importance to the kids when they express themselves and share their opinions. It should not be taken for granted as giving the importance to the voice of the kids makes them a good and competitive orator.

Warren Buffet said that he doesn’t hope to live his life through his children, which he believes many people are trying these days. He said that he has allowed his children to follow their passion and dreams and there is no pressure whatsoever to follow any specific footsteps of the parents. He meant that the path to fulfillment is unique for each and each parent must ensure that the kids of today’s generation have the liberty to do what they want as long as it is constructive and positive.

Bill Gate and his wife Melinda Gates believe that the family traditions and values of staying together, going to family trips along and ensuring equality between boys and girls have helped their children to be independent and built on principles that govern successful people.