The Rise of Victoria Doramus

Business Entrepreneur

Victoria Doramus is a well renowned digital and print media professional with the art of creative expression. She has a background in advertising, communication, and media. She has the urge of going beyond her marketing and advertising career and gets her self-involved in charity toward the women and animals right.

Her interest in media developed when he joined the University of Colorado Boulder, where she pursued a degree in journalism and mass communication. Here she developed an academic interest in advertising writing and copyright writing. After completing her university studies, Victoria Doramus joined Southebys institute of arts, where she undertook a program in history and development of the ancient western world from old Greek beginning contemporary art.

According to Medium, after completing her studies, Victoria worked with different companies which helped her to gain experience. These companies are Mindshare, Stila cosmetics, Trendera and creative work agencies. She also worked for Peter Burge as an assistant producer and film director. In 2006 Victoria Doramus joined Mindshare, where he worked until 2007.

It is in Trendera brand where she first mixed communication and marketing experience, which made her be actively involved in marketing roles and later became the brand image builder. Victoria Dormas also worked with other companies such as Hurlingham post as an author. She was also a freelancer where she contributed to research and helped in printing various books.

Her experience of working with different companies help her gain that expertise in identifying trends that will impact the market and also report on modern market trends.

In 2006 she developed the passion of becoming self-employed and contributing to various charity work. These include involvement in Women Prison association to gear up women rights and also help in supporting girls’ education. Victoria (@iamvictorialynn) is also involved with best for friend animals’ society.

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