The Role of Keith Mann in the Growth and Development of Dynamic Search Partners


With over 15 years in executive search services industry, Keith Mann has gained experience and capability to run a search firm. He worked for Dynamic Executive Search as the Managing Director. During his tenure, Keith managed to recruit various global financial service companies. He served the position for ten years before starting Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of DSP.

About Dynamic Search Partners

Dynamic Search Services was established to provide exclusive services to alternative investment firms. Keith has served as the head of the company since its establishment. He is in charge of overall company strategy. He also helps the company’s clients in hiring marketing, investment, and internal strategy teams and building new platforms to help in company growth. DSP serves over 200 clients annually. Usually, these customers are from USA and Europe. Keith has played a great role in the growth and expansion of the company.

How Dynamic Search Partners Came To Existence

By having a clear understanding of industry, Keith Mann was able to see that there was a need for executive search service in the industry. There was no other company offering such a service; it was an opportunity that Keith was willing to strike. Keith grew up in New York where he got chances to interact with lots of executives. Additionally, he was able to learn from them and get to know what they needed and what they did not. The founding of DSP is down to these and more reasons.


In an interview with, Keith Mann stated that one of the things that have led to the rapid growth of their company is the application of technology in all fields. The use of technology has helped create better relations with customers. It also saves the company lot of time. In the past, the company growth was slow, and since they embraced technology, things have turned out to be different. They have had more time to find solutions for investment than before, and they have time to deal with problems rather than just for working.