The Role of Women in the Home and How Men Came to Appreciate It

In Montclair, New Jersey there was a NY Times article about how the men of this town felt when women left to go and march in Washington, D.C. and New York. It goes without saying that Twitter had a lot of people making comments about the article that looked to celebrate dads that were in a parenting role for a single day.


It did not just happen in New Jersey, but there were men around the world that were wondering what they would do if their wife decided to march together and show the world what it would be like in a world without women.


When this was a story that broke on the news a lot of people instantly thought about all the different jobs that the women have in the business world. They were thinking about the different jobs that women have done and the way that women have changed to work culture.


What many of these people did not do is consider what lots of these women did in the home. There are so many stay-at-home moms that do the work that many people would get paid for if they were working in her own environment as a nanny or maid. Many of these women get up early and go to sleep late because they are taking care of their children and other household duties. Many dads that became the ones that were in charge of getting the kids ready or getting multiple children fed would find themselves in a great predicament. The reason that this was a bit of an alarming situation for many men is that they had never done it before.


This march was very impactful, and it was a day that was felt around the world as women joined together in forces to show their union and make people realize just how valuable they were. This was evident in the business world, but the men and Montclair,New Jersey also recognized this in homes in their little neck of the woods as well. Men that have been taking the jobs of their wives for granted in the home could easily gain more appreciation. This march and time away from their roles would show that women make a big difference.