The Sharing Economy and Sergey Petrossov Go Together


The sharing economy is here to stay. The public issuance of stock by the ride-hailing company, Lyft, has not only helped to show that the sharing economy is real, but it has also helped to formalize the sector in more ways than one. Lyft went public in the latter half of March and is likely to bring about more interested individuals to the sharing economy.

Companies such as Rakuten, GM, AHZ, and other people have also been able to realize the significant value in the ride-share economy, but so has Sergey Petrossov, who sees the value of adding sharing economy components in old industries.

Sergey Petrossov and Private Flights

See, Sergey Petrossov realized that were opportunities within the private flight industry after he had a chance encounter with the owner of a private jet. He, of course, had the opportunity to step into one and experience the joy of a private flight but realized that it could be better.

This insight led Sergey Petrossov to other opportunities which led him down a different career path. He was always an entrepreneur but now he could get involved in some interesting aspects of the private jet industry. He dipped his toes in the water by learning, consulting, and working with companies in the space and then he came up with his solution and went to market.

Sergey has been able to build JetSmarter into the success that it is with his ability to secure investments from some of the largest and more well-known investors in the world, including Jay Z and the Saudi Royal family.

It is Sergey’s hope that in just a few years, JetSmarter will be a viable alternative to commercial airline flights, especially for those who frequently fly first-class or business-class. The way he sees it, why would anyone choose to spend time in the airport and suffer through all that comes with that: security lines, over-priced foods and goods, and the boarding process, when they can pay a similar price for a private jet experience? They wouldn’t, and that’s what sets JetSmarter apart.

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