The Stream Cares Foundation: The Philanthropic Arm Of Stream Energy

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The corporate leadership and employees of Stream Energy have been involved in philanthropic activities for over a decade. Now, according to an article on Patch, the company has created the charitable arm called the Stream Cares Foundation. The company and their employees had played a significant role in helping the communities throughout Texas ravished by Hurricane Harvey to recover and rebuild. They had also been supporting down on their luck veterans and the homeless in Dallas for a number of years. The company has also had a long relationship with Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Stream Energy is known nationally for marketing their energy services through direct-selling. Using this unique method, the company is able to keep the cost of their services down. The money they saved on marketing enabled them to offer wireless, electricity, gas, protection and home services at affordable prices. They also used a portion of their profits to help the less fortunate. Stream Energy’s focus is on becoming an integral part of the communities in which they do business. The company is seen as much more than just an energy company. They are also a valuable community resource.

One of the grassroots organizations with which Stream Energy works to help communities in and around Dallas, Texas is the Hope Supply Company. Together they work to provide the homeless with clothing, school supplies, diapers and anything else they need. Stream Energy has also paid for more than 1,000 homeless children to visit waterparks in the Dallas area as part of the Splash for Hope events the Hope Supply Company organized. These free events provided a rare opportunity for the homeless children to have some fun. For many of them that was the only time they had been to a waterpark.

With the creation of the Stream Cares Foundation, the company can both offer affordable energy services and help needy people nationwide enjoy a better quality of life. This new foundation will help Stream Energy to identify and plan strategic ways for the company and its associates to give back to the community.