The Success of Mr. SahmAdrangi and His Great Personality

Mr. SahmAdrangi is a successful businessman who serves in a stock investment company. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management firm which raised $100 million over a short period. This was achieved through investors betting against stock dealing companies. Kerrisdale is a firm worth $10 billion thanks to businessman Mr. Adrangi who through his marvelous skills has always made sure the company performs and makes good returns.Mr. SahmAdrangi is a degree holder in Bachelor of Arts Economics from Yale University. Before establishing Kerrisdale Capital management firm, he worked in many places doing different kinds of jobs. He has served in firms such as Longacre Fund management as an Analyst, Restructuring Investment Banking group –Chanin capital partners, and Leverage Finance investment Bank-Deutsche Bank.Mr. Adrangi commenced working as an analyst in the renowned Deutsche Bank Group. He was in charge of the structuring of non-investment grade bank debt. He then moved to serve at a private investment company, a multi-million dollar debt Hedge Fund known as Longacre Management which is approximately worth $1.2 billion. Mr. Adrangi’s work was to research and analyze the credit fund and equity fund.

Mr. Adrangi also worked at the Restructuring Group at Chanin capital partners where his main work was to advise creditors and to represent bank debt holders, bondholders, and other creditors of distress. Kerrisdale Capital firm is located in New York City, and it focuses on long-term investment companies. The company buys securities and later sells them at a profitable amount of money. Kerrisdale shares ideas with large investment communities through its website. The firm is the leading proponents of the emerging activism.Mr. Adrangi through his experience in the previous jobs he attained incredible skills which have enabled him to achieve bigger dreams in his life. This is evident by his establishing a great investment company known as Kerrisdale Capital Investment Company. He has always ensured the company is self-supportive as well as the creation of good profits. His support to entire investment community creates a good image of the company to the world as well as generosity as portrayed through his personality.