The Unique History of the Kabbalah Centre

The word Kabbalah means “to receive.” It explains how life and the universe work together using an ancient wisdom. Kabbalah teaches how our lives can receive more fulfillment. The Kabbalah Centre is a place that teaches this wisdom in order to obtain better life in a better world.

The Kabbalah Centre is non-profit that makes Kabbalah meaningful to everyday life. Back in 1922, the very first modern master kabbalist was Rav Yehuda Ashlag. He is the one who founded the roots of today’s Kabbalah Centre. His student, Raav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein was passed the leadership mantle and enlightenment sources, who then passed the torch of wisdom to Rav Berg. The Kabbalah Centre then began.

Kabbalah, which is also called the Veiled Wisdom, actually started thousands of years ago by receiving the hidden knowledge of God. This includes God’s plans for the unseen as well as the seen universe. It is still often described as Jewish mysticism or secret wisdom. It began as knowledge being handed down orally as tradition to chosen people as from Adam to Abraham to Moses. At first, the knowledge was only reserved for married men over the age of 40. These men had to be Jewish law scholars.

Younger men had to learn from a kabbalist, however, this was met with deterrents. Women, children and unlearned men wouldn’t have been formally trained in this wisdom.

The study became even harder to obtain in the 18th century. Only rabbis and chosen kabbalists had access to unsupervised writings. The study was also being kept as handwritten to keep it out of the unlearned hands. Reasons for this secrecy were because the writings were about God that had not been written in the Torah.

Moving ahead into the 20th century, Rav Berg had married. When this first marriage was dissolved, he met Karen Mulchin. Karen had a background in astrology, meditation and the mystical sphere and wanted Rav Berg to teach her Kabbalah. They married in 1971. He taught her Kabbalah and she in turn taught him about people. In the late 1980s The Kabbalah Centre was continually growing. There are several such this religion Centres around the world today.

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