The Value of Family According To One Central New Jersey Couple

Robert Markowitz’s family history does not include aging gracefully. His father of sixty plus years old, died at a tennis court, in the same year that he would often ride bicycles from Rye to Martha’s Vineyard in New York. Robert adopted his family’s tradition of an active family life and currently has to find clever ways to escape his daughter’s playful wrestles. He writes that Kate, his teenage daughter, jabs and pokes at him as an invitation to get him out of his cocoon. Though contrasting with Robert’s playful parenting style, Kate’s mother is a thorough parent who will go above and beyond to ensure her child has a smoother time growing up. Robert refers to her as the family’s psychotherapist because of the amount of information she has figured out about every family member. According to his wife, Kate enjoys attacking his father’s quiet times with games and tickles so as to get his attention when he is distant.


A close family unit is not a blessing every person enjoys. Unlike Kate, unavoidable circumstances may leave one with the sole option of having to be an adopted child. However, countless people express their gratitude for finding an amazing family with whom they share life. According to studies, couples who consider adoption so as to become parents often turn out to be loving, committed and stable parents to these lucky children. They are excited about having a family after exhausting all other options of trying to birth children without success.


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in eight married couples battle infertility. Lindy and Thomas are a Mormon couple living in Central Jersey who went against their religious beliefs when they could not conceive. They sought the help of a sperm donor after learning that Thomas was barren. After several failed attempts at vitro fertilization and one miscarriage, they opted to check out the biggest adoption website which is more affordable in comparison to seeking out the services of an adoption agent. After screening two women, the couple finally adopted a son, Grayson, and are currently looking to adopt a second child. Couples or an individual must receive a background check and home inspection clearance to qualify for adoption. Despite the emotional turmoil that stems from the process, Lindy and Thomas are happy with their decision new found family.