Toyo Setal Practices Transparency towards Local Environmental Agencies Protecting Endangered Wildlife

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Transparency and Openness

Toyo Setal has a complete understanding of its sustainability practices from a practical and implementation point of view. It sees the entire scope of its projects as part of the integrated sustainability of the natural resources it will come into contact during the deployment of its engineering projects. The main concern Toyo Setal practices are its transparency to the local authority, which monitors local resources, and it seeks to work collaboratively with professional organizations and trained volunteers to make the eco-system protected from any adverse condition which could be possible while working within licensed and designated areas under its care. For example, when its large industrial machinery and traffic make noise and raise the fuel emissions in the local environment, it quickly reduces these emissions to safeguard the local eco-system.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability, as understood by Toyo Setal, is the interaction with the local environment without interfering with the eco-system, which has been licensed under its care during temporary operations or periodic visits to the protected areas. The company seeks to remain open at all times to improve its sustainable practices. All endangered plants, animals, and trees are carefully identified, tagged, and removed or re-planted to place them in a safe environment.

Endangered Species Programs

• Reduce Environmental Mishaps
• Mitigate Fatalities or harm to natural resources
• Tagging the Endangered…
• Periodic Re-appraisal of natural resources
• Re-Planting effected forests or shrubery

Educational Integration

• Educate and Train Local Sustainability Support
• Rescue Endangered Fauna
• Relocating Endangerment Flora
• Tagging endangered resources
• Removing small and large protected animals
• Transplanting endangered Aceraceae

Toyo Setal Company

Toyo Setal is an engineering company located in Brazil and works primarily in engineering, deployments of construction, and oil reserves. While its work is primarily engineering, it has excellent care for practicing sustainability in all the areas it comes into contact with. The company works alongside local professional groups, licensed agents, government officials, and institutional governed officials to implement properly all protective measures to protect local SCO-systems and their registered endangered species.

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