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Doe Deere who owns Lime Crime cosmetics turned her business into something that inspires people around the world to follow her footsteps. Doe has always been passionate about makeup. In the recent past, her brand has become popular for cruelty-free products and bright hues. Deere has also creates eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes among others. The company’s products are beautiful, colorful, bright, and of high quality. Her business has grown exponentially since she started it in 2004. Young entrepreneurs who want to start businesses can learn a lot from Doe’s ideas, passions, and business mind.


Most businesses are as a result of people’s passion for what they do. Doe encourages people to use their passion to find a viable business idea. Even though passions are not always great business ideas, they can result in some outstanding businesses. She says that people should first look at the market trend and see if the market is good enough for their new business.


According to Doe, people should make a good business plan if their passions fit as business ideas. The first step is to plan every detail of the business to ensure that everything is taken into consideration. Business plans are essential for any type of venture to avoid unnecessary challenges because they help an individual to get everything they need. Most loan issuers and banks look at business plans to determine whether the business will succeed.


Doe says that before you finish preparing your business plan, other factors should be considered. Starting up a business requires money, determination, and time. You should be willing to work for several hours and getting little pay at first. Entrepreneurs should work hard to ensure that they set a strong foundation for their business.


Doe was born in Russia but raised in the U.S, New York. Doe is the founder and chief executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere is passionate about proving that cosmetics are a form of self-expression and freedom as well as concealing imperfections. As the CEO of her company, Doe ensures that all departments of Lime Crime run smoothly on a daily basis. Additionally, she provides guidance where it is needed and works on new products.


To ensure that her ideas come to life, Doe works with her team and nurtures her ideas through challenging times. Before launching a product, it is tested by the team members to ensure that it is fit for everyone. Deere is excited by generation Z because they are fully digital and that they will change online shopping in future.

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